So you're wrestling with the idea of how much you should spend on your groomsmen gifts. We've been through it ourselves and realize a wedding costs a small fortune. By the time you've gotten around to buying groomsmen gifts, nausea typically accompanies the accumulating price tag. With any luck, your fiance has traditional parents that are picking up the tab.

When most grooms ask us how much they should spend on groomsmen gifts, they’re looking for a hard and fast rule of thumb. While there are some standard guidelines, unfortunately, there isn’t a quick and easy answer or magic formula.  We can offer you data above, but no two groom scenarios are necessarily identical.  Typically, what you spend on your groomsmen is all up to your budget constraints and/or the amount you’ve asked your groomsmen to spend to participate in your big day (we’ll get into the specifics of these in a moment).

Groomsmen Gift Statistics (based on over 8,000 customers last year)

  • Average spend on total groomsmen gifts = $209
  • Average spend on Best Men = $55
  • Average spend on single groomsmen = $36
  • Average number of Groomsmen = 6.7
  • Average spend peak months July/Aug = $219
  • Average spend off months Dec/Jan = $186

In our not-so-humble opinions, it’s not about the price of the gift as much as coming up with great ideas for your groomsmen gift and how much thought you put into personalizing your groomsmen gifts.  The best groomsmen gift you can give your men is a day of good hanging out and honoring them with a unique "thank you".    

Don’t get us wrong — that doesn't mean it’s okay to skip on the idea of groomsmen gifts altogether or that it’s excusable to pass out cheap, crappy gifts to your best buddies (especially if they’ve spent a small fortune on tux or suit rentals, your bachelor party, etc.) They’ll notice, and they’ll definitely feel slighted.

On average, most grooms spend anywhere from $30 to $40 per groomsman.  In fact, we cranked through the numbers of all the products we sold in the last year, and the average spend on a groomsmen gifts was exactly $35.83.  With that being said, we expect that number to be slightly higher per gift because sometimes a groom will only buy part of the groomsmen gift with us.  If you are interested in spending about $35 a groomsmen, the Buddy's Buddy and Combat Cooler below are two great options:



Guidelines That Will Help You Figure Out How Much to Spend on Groomsmen Gifts

Use Your Wedding Budget as a Guideline

 If you’re hosting a wedding that’s on the lower end of the spending scale and you haven’t asked your friends to fork over an arm and a leg to stand by your side, then it’s perfectly acceptable to purchase affordable groomsmen gifts that hover around the $25 price point. On the other hand, if you’re going all out and throwing a ritzy wedding bash, it’s more appropriate to hand our more expensive gifts to the groomsmen. The best advice here: use your judgment, purchase each groomsman a gift that’s similar in price (showing favoritism isn’t okay), and choose gifts that you know each guy will appreciate and enjoy. 

 Spend 10-25% of What Your Groomsmen Spent

Again, this isn't a strict rule, but it is a nice and easy guideline to use when determining what’s an appropriate amount to spend on the groomsmen. Here’s how it works: If your asked your friend to spend a total of $300 on buying stuff for your wedding, you purchase him a gift that’s costs anywhere from 10-25% of what he spent. In this case, a groomsmen gift priced somewhere between $30-$75. The more your groomsmen spends, the more you spend, so it’s a more fair way to give gifts that are proportional to the time and money that they put into your day.  But, let’s reiterate this once again — use your best judgment and select gifts that a meaningful and personalized to each groomsman.

So, with all that being said, lets get on to finding some cool groomsmen gifts for your fellas. If you are looking to see what are our most popular selling gifts, check out our best sellers page.  

Curious to see what the average spend looks like from the state you reside?  We dissected average spend per state and the results at the top are somewhat surprising.  Who would have the marital high rollers come from none other than West Virginia.   The full list below:

West Virginia $248
Louisiana $246
Mississippi $240
New Jersey $240
District Of Columbia $231
Rhode Island $228
Pennsylvania $228
New York $225
Illinois $222
Wisconsin $219
Minnesota $219
Texas $216
Massachusetts $214
Maryland $213
Nebraska $212
Connecticut $212
Virginia $210
South Carolina $209
Missouri $209
Michigan $209
Iowa $208
Alabama $207
Indiana $206
California $206
Ohio $205
Alaska $205
Kentucky $203
North Carolina $203
New Mexico $203
Delaware $202
Kansas $197
Georgia $197
Florida $196
Oregon $196
Oklahoma $196
Hawaii $194
Colorado $193
Arizona $191
Tennessee $191
Arkansas $190
Washington $184
Nevada $183
South Dakota $181
Vermont $179
New Hampshire $178
Maine $176
Montana $172
Idaho $171
Utah $168
North Dakota $164
Wyoming $154

15 Great Ways to Propose to your Groomsmen

Great Ways To Propose To Your Groomsmen

She said yes, so there’s nothing left to worry about, right?  Well, that’s not necessarily the case.  Just when you thought you could finally take a deep breath and relax for a moment, it’s time to move on to your next job as groom.  In your head, I‘m sure you’ve already finalized who you plan on asking to be in your wedding party, but now comes the hard part…HOW?

To be honest, asking your buddies to be an integral part of your big day seems like an easy task.  Just simply ask them, right?  Well, you can go that route, but where’s the fun in that?  Asking your best friends and family members should be something special, not far off from when you asked your wife to marry you.  I know, I know, we’re not talking about getting down on one knee, but we are thinking thoughtful and unique.  We put together a list of some creative ideas to inspire you.  Feel free to use the ones that fit your personality, and even spice them up a bit to your liking. 

For years brides have come up with cool and unique ideas to ask their bridesmaids to be a part of their wedding crew.  It seems each year the lead lady of the wedding tries to top last year’s popular idea, as the days of simply sending a “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” card are long past.  It’s time to take this pastime to the guys.  Fellas, we won’t leave you hanging out to dry!  Let’s brainstorm some exciting ways to ask your buddies to be in your wedding party.

Ideas For Proposing To Your Groomsmen       

We understand weddings are costly, so we’re not recommending you spend a small fortune on gifts for your groomsmen.  Rather, we focused our attention on finding token gift ideas that will be sure to make great keepsakes for your boys.  Gifts that won’t break the bank, but will be invaluable to your best men as time goes on.  As we all know, you can’t put a price on memories.    


 1. Beer Label

Gather your guy crew for an event at your house or maybe a tailgate at a local sporting event and pass out some ice cold brews.  These personalized beer labels will let each of them know how important they are to you and ask them to be a crucial part of your wedding day.  Guys love their brew, so hand one of these customized beers to your buddy and let him know that he's worth his wedding role.    



Will You Be My Groomsman Flask

2. Caricature Flask

How could anyone possibly say no to being your groomsman when you’ve gifted something like this personalized flask?  It doesn't get much cooler than throwing your groomsman’s caricature on a flask.  Face on a Flask is a custom drawn caricature of your intended groomsman printed on a traditional 7 ounce stainless steel flask.  This is the perfect way to ask the important guys in your life to be by your side for the big day.   



Will You Be My Groomsman Super Hero Shirts

3. Super Hero Shirts

A super way to ask your boys to have your back at the altar is to send each of them a super hero undershirt.  Think long and hard about each of their “abilities” and assign them to the super hero they most identify.  Attach a note describing how they’ve used their powers to enhance your life, and “Pow!” you’ve just saved the day!  Personalize the back of these shirts with their last name or wedding title and they’re sure to be a hit.    



4.  Singing Telegram

I'd love to see your friend's face when he answers the door to a singing gorilla, or better yet, a scantily clad woman singing him a proposal!  Whether you send the service to his home or the office, this idea is sure to make an impression.  Put your boys on the spot and embarrass them a bit with this hilarious groomsman proposal plan.    



Best Man Speech Guide

5. Best Man Speech Book

What better way to ask your lifelong friend to be your best man than gifting this book.  “Making the Best Man’s Speech” is a guide to knowing what to say and when to say it.  Delivering the message in front of a large crowd is not an easy task, so make sure your lead man is prepped by studying this manual.  After reading this book, your trusty sidekick will be ready to deliver a best man speech for the ages - full of wit, sparkle, and humor.



Will you Be My Groomsman Socks

6. Groomsman Socks

Here’s a unique gift that’ll literally knock the socks off of your groomsmen!  These personalized groomsman socks add a fun and personal touch to wedding fashion.  Gift these to your wedding party and everyone will be on the same page.  Socks are an obligatory gift for men on all occasions, but these wedding socks are perfect for this once in a lifetime event and will look amazing in those wedding pictures.  A nice addition to your man’s wardrobe collection, these socks also say thanks for being my groomsman and gives the guys some attention at the wedding.      



7.  Sporting Event or Concert

I know earlier we downplayed the whole jumbotron idea, but assembling your guy gang for your favorite concert or to root on your local sports team is a great way for male bonding.  So grab some tickets and bring the most critical men in your life together for an event and it's a fun and easy way to pop the question to all of them at once.



8. Shot Glasses

Presenting your best man and groomsmen with these personalized shot glasses would be an ideal way to ask them to be an essential part of your big day.  Once they receive these tall shooters you can all toast your bachelorhood one last time before tying the knot.  Tuxedo on the front, question on the back - just like the songs at your wedding, you can customize these shot glasses with the colors and fonts that best suit your style.



Will Your Be My Groomsman Flask Label

9. Flask Label

A bottle by itself is the most pedestrian of gifts, but slap on a label that personalizes the flask like it’s only meant for your groomsmen and shazaam, you have gift magic!  The BroLabel is the perfect way to ask your buddy that important question.  Treat your favorite guys to a bottle of their favorite sauce, but with a message they can’t ignore.  This flask is going to find a special spot in their man cave bar and be used for years to come.



Will You Be My Groomsman Flowers

10. Flowers at the Office

Let’s add a little humor to the mix.  Imagine the look of surprise and embarrassment on your friends’ faces when they receive flowers at the office with an accompanied note asking them to be your groomsman.  After the initial shock wears away, your pal and his coworkers will have a good laugh.  Typically men don’t receive flowers at the job site, so this way of asking will come as a complete surprise and be quite the gag.  There’s nothing in writing saying you have to keep this process by the books or formal.  Have a little fun with how you ask and your buddies will appreciate it.   



Will You Be My Groomsman Cigar Ring

11. Cigar Labels

Gather your man group for an outing on the links and gift a cigar for the day.  The message will be as clear as the greens on an approach shot when they read the personalized label wrapping their stogie.  Pick your favorite colors, and label them according to their names and wedding titles.  This is a gift that will turn heads and get the boys revved up for the big day. 



Will You Be My Groomsman Beer Mug

12. Beer Mugs

Do you hang with a real beer drinking crowd?  If so, these personalized beer mugs will do the trick.  Invite your boys over and slide these 16 ounce steins across your man cave bar to each of them.  Their smiles will be enough for you to know “They’re in!”  What’s better than having a drink with the boys?  Celebrate your big news with an ice cold beverage from one of these bad boys.  



Will You Be My Groomsman Gift Idea


13. Oktoberfest Set

 Perhaps the easiest way to ask for groomsmen is with a personalized gift from Man Crates.  With the Oktoberfest Stein case you can add a note to let your guys know they’ve made the cut.  This set is certainly worth gifting as it comes with both drink and snack.  Personalize the large Oktoberfest Stein to your liking, along with the themed coaster and bottle opener.  The Deutschland Delicacies includes kraut, a variety of sausage, mustard, and pretzels.  This unique gift set will be sure to get a “Yes!”   



Will You Be My Groomsman Wine Label          

14. Wine Label

Here’s a cool way to ask your groomsmen to be part of your wedding day.  Invite them all over for the next big game and pass out their favorite wine adorning these high quality custom wine label.  You can design your label from scratch or modify one of their labels from an extensive online menu.  These durable labels are 100% waterproof and have an adhesive backing that will stick to anything.  A perfect way to pop a question!



Will You Be My Groomsman Cuff Links

15. Cuff Links

What better way to ask your loved ones to be your groomsmen or best man than with this box and cuffs.  This is a heartfelt thank you to be worn the day of the event and then cherished for years to come.  These Personalized Silver Oval Cuff Links will add that subtle touch to the men's formal wear on the day of your wedding, and they serve as a wonderful gift that can be used in the future for other special events.  So ask your men in style with these traditional wedding cuff links that are silver plated and feature a non-tarnish finish.


Listen, you can mail the question in a card or make an announcement on the jumbotron, but with the gifts above you’re sending your best friends home with keepsake memories that will last a lifetime.  Whatever your style (and theirs), think of a clever way to get them all together to let them know how much they meant to you.  The men you choose to be your groomsmen have been with you through it all, so it’s OK to invest some time into how you’re going to ask them to be in your wedding party.  With these gifts, you can’t possibly go wrong and you’ll be sure to get the answer you’re looking for.  So pick something out, personalize it, and check another task off your wedding to-do list. 

50 Epic Groomsmen Pics that Truly Celebrate Best Bros

Photos from the most kick butt, creme de la creme wedding vendors, our marital best friends, the photographers.

 50 Epic Groomsmen Photos

The wedding day is one of the most memorable occasions in anyone’s life. We pour our hearts into it, we want everyone to be amazed and we focus on the smallest of details to ensure everything is perfect. Yet as important as an event it is in each of our lives, wedding days come and go, and they do so fairly quickly. Flowers dispose, the music ends, but one thing lives on to bring those amazing memories back to life, the pictures.  

We at Groovy Groomsmen Gifts want to celebrate the pictures that bring those spectacular memories to life. We want to highlight the bonds between grooms and their best bros; the laughs they share, the jokes they exchange and the fun they have before the groom walks down the aisle.

Here, we bring you some of our favorite shots captured by vendors who are ever present during the wedding day, our best buddy of vendors, the photographer.

The groomsmen showing some love a little more than the groom could take! Credits to Sam Hurd Photography for this cute shot.

Boys will always be boys! The groom takes one more crazy drink with the boys before tying the knot as shown in this image by Wasio Photography.

This fun shot by Henry Chen of Aevitas Weddings shows the more humorous portrait of the groom, Brady, with his guys touching his head. Aevitas Weddings is a wedding photography studio based in Southern CA with a decade and 400+ weddings of experience.

Taking a breather. The male entourage remains dapper with classic cigars as captured by Rob Spring Photography.

The dashing male entourage checks themselves out in these candid shots by onelove photography. Dressing up couldn't be any more fun!

Superstar for a day! The groomsmen couldn't hide their excitement and take a snap of the handsome groom in this mirror photography by Jeff Hatcher Photography.

Who says only girls can do a duckface selfie? Angel Navarro Photography captures the groomsmen cheekily taking a groufie.

It's been a long day but the night has just begun for the groom and his men! This image by Tracy Autem shows us the right way to celebrate your buddy's big day.

The groom and his men look extra masculine in their charro suits. The locale was well suited in this vivid photo by Matt Montalvo.

The boys, both small and big, show a lot of teamwork and a bit of brawns in this feel-good shot by Cassie Claire. From suit to sunglasses to hairstyle, this group is all about collaboration.

This photo, captured by Emma Cleary Photo and Video, a boutique wedding photography studio based in NYC, shows the groom and his groomsmen looking dashing in the middle of the Big Apple.

Jumping for joy! Hendrick Moy, an award-winning wedding photographer based in NY and NJ, captures the groom and his men not being shy about their excitement.

Erica Camille Productions creates a good balance of serious and wacky with a dramatic black and white photo capturing animated expressions of the male entourage.

No one does jump shots better than a bunch of comical groomsmen! This shot by Fatchett showcases well-balanced scenery of nature and skyscrapers.

Showing off the fun and quirky socks they were sporting, the groom and his groomsmen looked entertained by what could be an inside joke incorporated in their outfits. Pat Furey Blog was there to capture the moment.

The groom with his male entourage takes a quick groufie with Nicholas Purcell Studio being there to capture it.

Cheers to mixed emotions! Kaysha Weiner captures the groom party having some quick drink in their matching flasks.

The groomsmen assist the groom in this candid photo by Parker J Photo. Whatever they were whispering sure made the groom take a deep breath on his big day.

The groom and his groomsmen in neat suits, pastel ties, and cool specs. Markow Photography chose the perfect scenery for this delightful shot.

All hail the king! This wacky photo, taken by Matthew Delamater of Emily Delamater Photography, captures the male entourage's playful side against the stunning nature backdrop.

Jenna Bechtholt is celebrated for capturing intimate wedding shots while highlighting the event detail and styling.

The adorable ring bearers join the groom and groomsmen in this light-hearted shot by Sean Lara. The matching Chuck Taylors and the Batman capes are enough to tell us how fun this bunch is.

The groom and his crew were all smiles while marching together in this image by The Youngrens. Assuring looks from your buddies will surely make any groom feel more relaxed on his wedding day.

Lin and Jirsa excellently maneuvers a theatrical twist to your wedding photos. You'd be convinced these groomsmen are actually aiming to fly with the aid of an umbrella!

A mesmerizing shot by Tim Halberg which captures the groom party in their traditional formal kilt attire. The filtered sky adds another layer of emotion in this powerful photo.

In good hands! The groomsmen lift the groom to show full support when he says 'I do' in this tongue-in-cheek photo by Trecreative.

Nothing but support! The groom is surrounded by his smiling men in this shot by Andrena Photo.

The groom and his party in a romantic woodland wedding. This shot outside a rustic cottage was taken by Gina and Ryan.

Right behind you! The groomsmen follow the groom in this relaxed capture by Clique Photography.

Ever so candid, this image by Viera Photographics shows the unguarded moments of the groom party before the ceremony. What could have cracked these boys up?

Looks a lot of fun being around this group! The groom shares a jump shot with the groomsmen in time for photographer Rob Greer to snap it.

Now this looks like a real celebration! Wedding Documentary documents how the groom and his men look enthusiastic, in their bright traditional outfits, for his special day.

Genuine smile from the groom as he is being surrounded by his crew in this captivating image from Next Exit Photography.

Taking time to smell the flowers, the male entourage does their own version of this famous life advice as captured by True Photography. Of course, a few stretches here and there always calms the nerve!

In dark spectacles and with a flashy car behind them, the groom and his entourage are nothing short of suave. This stylish shot is by Embrace Life Photography.

Keeping his cool, the groom enjoys a game of billiards with his groomsmen in-between preparation as seen in this shot by Judy and Gavin.

The groom and his groomsmen display their colorful bright socks in the middle of a scenic garden in this lively shot by Cameron Ingalls.

Not all heroes wear capes... others wear suits. The groom and his men whimsically show off their superhero shirts in this photo by Bauman Photographers.

Either these guys are pensively looking into the horizon or amused with the thought of their friend getting married! Either way, this vibrant shot by Bergreen Photography allows a showcase of the refreshing landscape.

Bruce Berg Photography

This black and white shot by Bruce Berg shows the groom and his groomsmen carrying personalized baseball bats.

Fresh and easy on the eyes, this picture by Jenny DeMarco channels the camaraderie of the groom's team.

This raw and authentic image shows the groom goofing around with his groomsmen. Credits to Joseph West Photography for this well-balanced shot of serious and comedic.

Look at that satisfied smirk on the groom's face! His groomsmen all look happy for him too in this captured moment by Cory Ryan.

Edmonson Weddings

Line and light. This striking image by Edmonson Weddings shows the groom and his male entourage in their impressive outfits.

Cheers! Between getting ready, the male entourage finds time to toast for one man's special day, in this well-captured photo by Day 7 Photography.

Did somebody say open bar? Jonathan Ivy Photo captures the groomsmen chilling out with some drinks because that's undeniably one of the best things about weddings.

Caroline Studios

The male entourage sports traditional kilt attires, loud and proud, in this dramatic dusk shot by Caroline Studios.

The boys strip off their alter egos and display their superhero versions in this photo by Monica Salazar. What a way to add a little fun to your average wedding attires!

Alex M Photography

Even in their grey formal suit, these men can show their hilarious side in this shot by Alex M Photography.

Taking a leap of faith? It's much easier when you do it with your best buddies as evident in this witty photo by Paisley Layne Photography.

K and S Photography nails the reflection photography technique in this creative shot. This one shows the groom and his groomsmen looking calm in their coordinated ensemble.

Road trip to love! Catherine Guidry documents the groom and his groomsmen thrilled and smiling inside a stylish, vintage coach.

The image, featuring the groom and groomsmen in famous British bicycles, was taken in March last year near The Guildhall in London by Alison Jenkins Photography. In this beautiful wedding, the couple were married in the church at the Guild Hall and then had the reception in the crypt of the Guild Hall.

Brightly printed socks make a smart contrast to the groom and groomsmen's poker faces. This fun outdoor shot is from Manny Avila Photography.

Looking sharp on your wedding day is so much easier when you have your groomsmen assisting you, whether heartily or humorously. Credits to Affinity Photography and Lydia Brewer for this sly capture.

George Street Photo

This is a classic shot of the groom with his groomsmen smiling approvingly in the background captured by George Street Photo and Video.

Photographer Ryan Brenizer plays with lighting in this shot, which highlights the groom's facial expression. He is looking determined and excited to conquer the day with his smirking groomsmen surrounding him.

The men enjoy some downtime together in this shot by Thompson Photography Group. The shiny pairs of shoes and well-tailored trousers pretty much tell us how good looking these ones are.

With drinks in hand, the groomsmen share a laugh, most likely about an embarrassing story of the groom, in this candid and raw shot by Sarah Tew Photography.

In this shot by Bruce Plotkin, the male entourage arrives in style, looking slick in their identical suits.

This line-up sure knows how to have fun! Therese Photo documents the fun-loving side of the groom and his groomsmen in the breathtaking outdoors.

Jeremy Chou captures the groom and his crew looking dazzling and eager for the day.

Gifts For Your Best Man - Do You Get Him Something Extra?

Arranging your wedding party is no easy task.  If you’re like a lot of guys, either book end becomes really tough as it comes to who you leave on or off, and for the sake of this piece, who you anoint best man.  I mean, what an honor it is to be crowned king of your posse.  For some of us, the decision is a slam dunk.  We either have one brother or that guy in our life that essentially feels like a brother.  For others, it’s a battle of how not to piss off those guys that feel like they should win dibs of best man.     

Best Man Gifts - What to Get

For those guys who have their no brainer, the Bert to your Ernie, the Robin to Batman or the Ren to your Stimpy, the next question becomes even trickier.  Do you hook that best man up with something a little extra sexy, or is that rubbing salt into the wound of the other groomsmen?   The answer can often be predicated on how far apart this one hombre stands out from the pack.  If he’s that guy that knows the skeletons in the closet and is there for you when your team doesn’t make the playoffs, then the decision can be easy. 

Now if you want to show your best man that he means something a little extra to you, one really cool way of doing so without making the other guys feel like total jabroni’s is by tossing on a small, yet meaningful tweak on that best man gift.  That could be anything from a slightly styled up or colored watch in compared to the others.  It could be knife with a couple more bells and whistles.   Maybe the group won’t feel quite as Rambo as the best man, but they should still appreciate the sentiment.  The message here is, if you have a best man that you feel means something a little more to you and you feel confident the other guys totally get it, then do something a little extra to personalize him as such.  Most guys won’t take it personal, wolfpacks get it.   And it will make them work that much harder to be someone else’s bestie. 

Best Man and Groomsmen Gifts

One other idea is to simply give that best man a little something extra on the side.  Keep it consistent with the main groomsmen gift, but bolt on a little diddy that lets him know he’s the man.  It can be a pair of socks to wear on the big day, maybe a tie bar that pulls his digs together.  Rather than wrack that brain trying to figure out the perfect distinct best man gift that separates, keep it equitable and tack something small on. 

We wanted to know what most future grooms do so we polled 1000 of our customers recently to find out what they did, and here is what we are seeing:

Did you purchase a gift for your best man that was a bit more special then for the other groomsmen? 

  • - 54% of grooms bought their best man the same gift that they got their groomsmen
  • - 29% of grooms bought their best man something different then what they bought their groomsmen
  • - 17% of grooms got their best man the same gift as their groomsmen but added an extra gift on top of it


By and large, most guys keep it equitable.   There is no playing gift favorites in over half of this large sample size.  Close to a third do something a little special for their best men by amping up their gift to the best man. 

If you’re going to go for it, just make sure you do it tastefully, prop up that bestie but don’t overlook how you appreciate the rest of your groomsman crew.  Keep it sentimental across the board when you’re handing out gifts at rehearsal dinner. 

Now wedding day weekend isn’t all about giving when it comes to your best man, it can also be about receiving.  Does your best man owe you a little something for being nominated the best man of your life?  This is another one of those gray zones as it comes to wedding etiquette.   Does the Best Man give the groom something?  Now being a best man is often expensive enough.   There can be travel, a tux, a hotel, a separate wedding gift.   We hit the polls with our guys once again to see if they received a gift from their Best Man.  Here are the results:

Should the Best Man get the Groom a Gift?

  • - 54% of Best Men did not get the groom a gift
  • - 31% of Best Men got the couple that was getting married a gift
  • - 15% of Best Men got the groom a gift

As you can see, in most cases, no gift was given by the best man.  So don't sweat it best man, it’s not something that should be expected on top of everything else you’re sinking in.   Just be there for your groom, throw out a kick butt speech and you’ll nail it.  Anything more than that and it’s gravy. 

** Be sure to check out our collection of cool groomsmen gifts.  **

30 of Best Groomsmen Gift Ideas, by the Type of Shopper You Are

From cool to practical, cheap to unique, the range of groomsmen gift ideas is vast.  Without some direction to online shopping, especially in a space guys don’t play in much, it can get confusing easily.  We’re here to help with a catalog of cool and unique groomsmen gifts based on what’s important to you. 

We at Groovy Groomsmen Gifts realize that no two groomsmen gift shoppers are alike.  Depending on who you are, who your men are and what your budget looks like, the gift buying approach can vary considerably.   Let us help you position properly by giving you the best assortment of cool, unique and affordable groomsmen gift ideas, by genre’. 

Wedding planning can be a blur.  Guys simply aren’t naturally adept to shredding through it all, so ensuring you have some confident fun during groomsmen gifting is important to your sanity and to punctuate your wedding as a positive experience.  Rehearsal dinner and the gift ceremony is meant to be an enjoyable bonding moment between you and those closest to you. 

Honoring your wedding party properly with the right gift can be a challenge.  Men just don’t shop for other men often, especially with so much riding on it.  You want it to be personal, but in the budget.  You want it unique enough, but not so much that it ends up in a box somewhere collecting dust.  At Groovy, we put a lot of emphasis on getting to know our customers and finding the gifts that make them feel confident. 

To help you nail rehearsal dinner, we’ve canvased the market, searched high and low, to ensure you can pinpoint the right gift for your men.  Whether you’re looking for unique, cheap or practical, here is our list of the top personalized and coolest gifts by category. 

In this article:


  • Get him something he wants, but wouldn’t get himself. 
  • There is this unique facet of guys, when it comes to items they enjoy shopping for themselves, they want the control of buying it themselves.  Guys know what they like, so stay away from gifts that you know are often in their personal repertoire of target shopping.  If you do decide to play in that space, let’s say a watch, then do it with personalization.  Most guys don’t personalize gifts for themselves. 
  • Don’t go overboard on off-the-wall. 
  • We have this saying at Groovy, “practical with a twist make for a perfect gift”.  Men have a tendency to want to overplay the creativity with their pals when it comes to groomsmen gifting. While that formula can get a laugh during rehearsal dinner and the ensuing  crooked smile, you want the meaning in your gift to last. This should be a memento and keepsake that keeps the memories alive, not something that is brought home to collect dust.  
  • If they can use it on wedding day, you’ve struck gold.
  • What gets the groomsmen gift vibes flowing faster than a really cool gift they can actually use during wedding day?   Guys can be pretty raw on style and short on accessories, so whether it’s some fun socks, a cool tie bar or an awesome cigar holder, if they can brandish it that weekend, you know it’s working. 
  • Keep it personal. 
  • This is the most basic principal of successful groomsmen gifting.  The reality is that most men don’t have a lot of items that are truly personal to them and just like primitive man innately likes marking his own territory, today’s man enjoys gear that is truly authentic to himself.  We like seeing our name or initials on useful items, it’s meaningful, memorable and personal.  The best groomsmen gifts aren’t those you can buy on Amazon.  Whether it’s engraved or embroidered, customized or tailored, go heavy on the personalization because it makes a major difference. 
  • Know your budget and spend. 
  • One thing we’ve noticed is that groomsmen gifting always happens towards the back end of the wedding planning process, when the flowers and music have stretched the account. Men have this tendency to procrastinate and rush, as not always the best of planners.  Connect with the future bride as early as possible and allocate out enough for to make it meaningful.  We have the data, the average gift is $36, the average party size is close to 7 people on either side.  Your total spend on wedding party gifts can be a decent chunk of change, but money well spent given who these people are.   Get in front of it, communicate with your significant other and ensure the finances support something you’ll be proud handing to a party of people that are meant to be important to you. 

Personalized Groomsmen Gifts

This tongue twister cannot be overstated – personalized presents present perfect presents.  Engraving or monogramming a groomsmen gift is an instant stroke of gift genius that will always bring originality.  There are so many ways to go;  you can go nickname, initials, dates, favorite quotes or just their place in the wedding party.  When it comes to the best groomsmen gift ideas, it’s almost a no brainer to go the personalization route if there is any guessing going on.  These are the kind of gifts that speak to you putting thought and effort into how you honor your best men. 

Moscow Mule Mugs: The Mules are in boys, and there is something us men love about copper.  These steins are 100 percent pure copper and can be engraved with a special saying or monogram.   If you’re looking for a visual, the shop will work with you to custom image your copper delights.

Alchemade - Engraved Copper Mule Mug, $39

Personalized Razor:  Sometimes the best personalization happen when it’s on something a guy uses every single day.  If you’re looking for personalization in its most practical form, then throw it on a razor for a solid gift. 

Wild West Jewelry -  $69.99 30-06 Nickel Commemorative Police Officers Bullet Engraved Personalized Razor

BBQ All Tool Set: Turn your man into a grilling ninja with a comprehensive set that will get him to the patio regularly.  No burger will be flipped in error, no steak unloved. 

Texas Irons -  $59.95 for a five piece set of high quality BBQ ware

Suit Accessory Set:  For your groomsmen that like to jazz up their ensemble with subtle touches of classic personalization and style, then grace them with a trio that will put just the right touch of personalization on their up and down. 

To the 9's Tri Pack - $39.99 for a tie bar, cuff links and money clip all engraved, and in a box

Decanter: The centerpiece of any man cave tends to be an iconic decanter.   If you want to store the Rye right, it takes the right container.  For those guys that like their spirits in classic form, a great glass decanter makes a great gift.  This classic look with monogram will grace any bar with style.   

Etsy -   $45.99 classic rectangular decanter

Wallet:  Every guy seems to need an upgrade on his beef eater of a wallet.  Guys love to hang on to their old pieces, help him evolve with an efficient and stylish upgrade. 

Swanky Badger - $34.99 for amazing leather and personlization


Unique Groomsmen Gifts

When riding the highway of unique groomsmen gifts, the traffic can sometimes be bumper to bumper.  There are a lot of cars out on that road, but most of them ending up looking a lot alike.  To find that auto with a steering wheel that feels perfect in the hands of your man, yet not having to spend on a custom made Porsche, can be tough.  If you’re looking for a list of groomsmen gifts that really hit the mark on being creative and unique, then this list below will help.  You pals won’t be disappointed. 

Craft Beer Club:  Set your guy up on the open road to becoming a craft brew aficionado by evolving his pallet on a monthly basis.  The beer landscape has become crazy confusing with all the wide varieties out there.  Get your guy adjusted to the evolution of beer with a new monthly taste.  

Craft Beer Club  - 12 beers in a year, $42 dollars and free shipping.  That’s less than 4 bucks an amazing beer. 

The Memories of an Experience:  Wise men will often tell you that material items do not lead to happiness, but memories will.  Forget the tangible goods, give your groomsmen the kind of gift that will bond for a lifetime.  Whether your guys dig a super cool sporting event or sky diving, consider the possibilities of doing something that will heighten his senses and bring the bros together.   Check out Groupon  or Living Social for really cool package deals. 

Super Hero Wearable Sleeping Bags:   Every dude loves super heroes, and if your men like the outdoors, give them something that is functional and beyond their wildest dreams.  Give your caped crusader the ability get cozy in something colorful and will keep him warm on the camp ground. 

Amazon - $59.99 for a bag that will make him want to go horizontal. 

Mixalogy Kit: When it comes to pouring the perfect cocktail, it is a tricky science.  One part over and your beautiful concoction can turn into swamp water.   Give your guy the guidance to live out his dream of being Tom Cruise in Cocktail. 

Mixology Monthly - $60 dollars for a box of the perfect cocktail ingredients to your doorstep

Affordable Groomsmen Gifts

Let’s face it, weddings are not cheap.  While you may be fortunate enough to have saved properly or have outside support, the price tag can be a tough pill to swallow.  Wedding costs continue to rise and the industry has found all sorts of fancy ways to lure you and your future bride to spending more money.  While there are ways to get resourceful with Do It Yourself ideas, the reality is that most of us don’t have that kind of time.  If you’re looking for some of the best gifts that won’t make the bank account bleed, check out this set of affordable groomsmen gifts. 

Fun Socks: Squeeze your mans tootsies into a set of colorful socks that will put a splash on his get up.  There are a few places a guy can really go creative without going overboard, but the ankles work well that way.  Even better, toss in some personalization.   The coolest thing about this groomsmen gift – the fact they can often be worn the day of. 

Groovy  - $12.99 gets you a pair of colorful snazzy argyles


Alcohol Vape: Who needs the hangover and calories of drinking when you can take it in gas form?  If you want to keep your guys feeling lethargic, and trim, maybe you introduce them to a gadget that will minimize their intake, while producing the same buzz.

Amazon - $19.99 gets you the cleanest buzz you’re gonna find

Bottle Throttle’s:  Nothing puts more snap in your man’s cap than a .50 caliber bullet opener.  If your guys like putting a little punch in opening their suds, then this will be taken advantage often during wedding weekend. 

Bottle Throttle  - $20 gets you a .50 caliber


Wireless Charging Pad: Let’s face it, our phones are always running out of juice, making us panic.  We can’t live without those things.  Then we’re running around looking for an outlet.   We have relief, cheap. 

Amazon - $19.99 get you a wireless Samsung gizmo that will keep your life charged

Cool Groomsmen Gifts

If you want to make a real splash during rehearsal dinner, then gift your groomsmen with an item that has a little edge, forms to their personal tastes and has a progressive twist.  It can be a hobby, an interest or something they’re a fan of.  This can often be a tool, sports related or a genius booze based gift. 

Whiskey Stones: For that guy that likes his whiskey pure, not watered down, but enjoys the chill, look no further.  These little cubes will make his cocktail dance with a confidence that the cool won’t dilute. 

Stone Cold Whiskey Stones -  $29.99 for a 6 pack of engraved stones

Whether it’s tailgating or camping, giving your guy a way to take a load off in unison with keeping his brews cold, is a cannot miss.  Treat your guy to a piece that will stay in his trunk. 

Kohls - $44.95 for this do it all seat

Sports Crate:  Get all your guys favorite fan memorabilia in a crate.  This is a collection that will satisfy his die hard pride for the upcoming season and beyond. 

Subscription - $39.99 for the basic package of goods

Instant Ice Coffee Maker: Any early birds in your grew who prefer the caffeine of highs to any others?  Give them the opportunity to make their own chilled coffee with a contraption that pulls it all together. 

William Sonoma - Zoku for $29.95





  1. Cool Groomsmen Gifts 2017

Here at Groovy we have come to realize a few things over our 5 years of doing this – guys don’t want to think too hard about groomsmen gift ideas.  We’ve had five good years of diagnosing our customers, understanding them, “getting” them.  We’ve taken on thousands of chats and phone calls, we’ve dug into the psyches of a man scrambling to find an assortment that will satisfy his Brosephs.   We’ve had over 15,000 orders, and while all customers are certainly unique, they all also having some very common over-arching themes.  We know their tendencies, their needs, their flaws, their anxieties.   Our sample size says so and we’ve paid close attention.  Over time, we’ve designed our system to adhere to these common attributes so we can best smother all  the fears and  give them what they need to make their posse smile on that big day. 

In all of this, we’ve learned what men want, the ideas they’re looking for.  That can be summed up in one easy phrase – “functionable and relevant, with a twist”.  When we first kicked out our ecommerce site, our goal was to spin out some gift ideas that were out of the box, a little wild, a little crazy, totally unique.  We looked at the other sites and options and realized they were full of a bunch of stuff that looked like it was made in some factory in China, stock and disingenuous.   Our first instinct was to swing to the opposite end of the spectrum.  As with all things in life, it’s about balance and finding the perfect middle ground. 

With all of our observation, we’ve concluded a few important gifting standards:

  • Guys want things that they’re going to use. They’re simple folk, with simple needs.  They want to look good, have fun with each other and carry out the primal necessities in life like cutting and fixing.  They want practical.
  • Just like a den or a man cave, guys want stuff that really feels like their own. Hence, they love personalization.
  • Guys also like gifts that have a slightly cool spin to the standard functionality. They don’t want some gizmo that will confuse them, but one that will make them feel unique and special when they’re using it.  We say slight, because if you go too far in this direction and the gift becomes more ridiculous for the moment than functional in the long term, it’s going to find a box in the basement quick. 

Call us the psychologists of groomsmen gift buying.  We’ve gotten into your skulls, we’ve listened, we’ve learned, we’ve applied.  With the many learned tendencies of men, here after a record breaking 2016, we are posing to you the 7 gift ideas that will make your men the happiest.  And with that, make you happy, because there isn’t much more rewarding, other than a happy bride, than seeing the men your closest to beaming on wedding weekend. 

With that, here is our 7fecta of what we think captures our loveable tagline, “functional and relevant with a twist”.  Our 2017 gifts that can’t go wrong: 

  • To the 9’s Tri Pack – this little diddy strikes a few major variables. First, man does it work for the day of.  Most guys don’t have any of these items, so you arm your man with a collection he can put into action on that weekend.  It will dress up his attire, make him shine and also give him some sentimental personalized gifts that will last a lifetime.  Metal never goes bad.  
  • Your Buddy’s Buddies – fun name right? But beyond that, it hits on a couple cords that bring diversity into your gift.  These two gifts are as different as it gets, but also as functional as it gets.   Most guys drink and most guys like a tool that can help them in a pinch.  There is something about the contrast here that works, just like sweet and sour.   Most great recipes have contrasting energies, just like Your Buddy’s Buddies captures in a gift. 
  • Personalized Groomsmen Socks - yes, socks.  They’re in, they’re useful and every guy could use a splash at the ankles to flavor up that monkey suit.  What you don’t find often is socks that are personalized because they’re hard to come by.  These guys will add a little dazzle above the shoe line, stay hidden most of the time, but when that pant line rises, the self expression is out to party.  Give your guy a non overbearing way to accessorize while also something he’ll have for a long time. 
  • Personalized Whiskey Cubes – these 6 sided drinking wonderments have hit the streets under the radar, but when you’re guy gets a load of them, he’ll never go back.  The art to drinking is keeping the drink intact.  That means no getting warm, no watering down.  On that note, these little suckers will be an instrumental component to all future cocktails.  They keep it cool with no water down and when you put some initials on them, your man’s sip will never feel the same. 
  • A Cool Cooler – with the rage we see these days around craft beer, a cool @ss cooler is going to find its way to any guy’s hoppy heart. This will give your man a way to mix up his batch to tote to the next get together in a way that doesn’t skunk it up.  It’s going to be used time and time again, especially if detailed out with his name.  He’s going to unzip with pride.  Check out the Combat Cooler
  • No Ordinary Flask – this gift can be seen as a little cliché’, but if done right, it breaks that mold and becomes a prideful piece of a man’s drinking forte. Listen, any man wants some vessel to sneak away with for anticipated drinking.  It’s a need, there’s no question about it.  Now the trick is doing it with a little creativity and cool presentation.  Check out Flask it in a Casket for a version that gets the twist down to a T. 
  • A Really Cool Travel Bag – maybe the most functional of them all, you’ll usually find your guys still toting around some plastic version they bought a local pharmacy when they were in college. This is a life upgrade situation, a transition in their journey that gives them a chance to stop feeling like a kid and more like a man.  Hook up your dude with one he’ll have for a lifetime, it won’t go unappreciated.  We love Ace of Case, it’s great quality and present like a rock star. 

There you have it gentleman – years of customers and us diving into their consumer brains has given us the chance to know how the common groom to be thinks.  We have tons of data to support it, we understand the position and we want to do what we need to make it easy on you.   If you don’t want to think too hard, know your budget, take a close look at this collection of ideas to make a smart choice.  You cannot go wrong, your men are going to say thank you with a big ol’ smile here in 2017.  


Bride and Groom Differences

The wedding planning hysteria is a blitz of marital details not many men can truly anticipate. Most men often don’t think about what it means until they’re in it. Let’s be real, guys don’t lay in bed as 12-year-old dreaming about what they are going to look like in their rented tux. Almost like a tornado the weather man never saw coming, wedding planning scoops you up, spits you out and leaves you a confused mess barely able to muster a coherent sentence. We like to call it totally matrimonus vertigous. It leaves wallets baron, checking accounts crying, brains straight up pastrami. While the big day itself is eagerly awaited, the legwork that goes into it can often feel like boot camp at Quantico.  

There are fascinating differences as to how the male system process this point in time versus how the females does. For the ladies, the intricacies of wedding planning lend well to their strengths. The frills, the details, picking colors, shopping, yes, SHOPPING.   For the men, who’s attention spans are often not much more than the standard Chihuahua and generally more fiscally aware, it batters at their core, beats at their billfold and makes their gray matter swell. Yes, they acquire full blown matrimonus vertigous. It requires a special kind of Zen to make it through unscathed, one not ordinary Sherpa can channel.   

Yes, the wedding planning experiences are vastly different for men and women. One truly comfortable, the other like a fish out of water, then thrown into an oven while still alive. With that, we have discovered some specific areas of the process that really tickle the genders in all the right and wrong places.   

Pinterest – Oooolala, how the ladies love them some Pinterest. It’s polarization perfection as what is sugar to a lady, is brussel sprouts to a man. To some respects, it’s almost as if this is a Social Medium designed by Athena herself, oozing of lady luxury online. It’s frilly pictures, it’s recipe sharing, it’s likeness to a wonderful online scrap book. To men, it’s like garlic to a vampire, it confuses them, it makes them crave a football game, it makes them want a cat nap. Pinterest is that wedding place where ladies can Pin their dreams together, giggling amongst themselves as they make their wedding vision happen pin by pin. For men, they click around a few times, lost and confused, their minds thwarted into a catatonic state. Yes, Pinterest is the worldwide webs symbol of how the differences in wedding planning are so fast between the genders.For one it is perfectly customized to how their brain cells operate, for the other, it maliciously pokes at each brain cell, pin by pin.      

Ability to Tolerate the Mom’s -  Ah, the Mother In Law, often the perfect accomplice to your morphing bridezilla. Yes, her intent is entirely genuine. She wants to see her little girl have that dream wedding they talked about while walking through the aisle picking up pop tarts.  In this case, the wedding dream becomes as much a part of hers as the future bride. She wants the best for her little girl, but unfortunately that can become something that men fear more than war. The Mom in Law and Son in Law relationship is an interesting dynamic. She is often the gatekeeper to her princess’ happiness, the key to the gate during wedding planning often rusty and bent. This is a time to navigate wisely, pull the right levers, prove your worthiness. One misstep or errant button pushed and you just might see a Soviet missile launched.   

Choosing the Wedding Party  Such a delicate process as it often requires thinking through your entire life span, ensuring you consider all those important to you along the way. That said, there are always some politics one has to weed through to maintain proper balance in the selection process. The end goal is a balanced party, females and males offsetting, and this is often where the trickery lies. New friends, old friends, cousins, sister in laws, the daughter of the boss you are trying to schmooze for a promotion who has no friends. Yes, there are many variables to consider.  The ladies tend to be thoughtful, applying comprehensive recognition to all considerations within their social circumference.  The man, they often focus on who they’ve been drunk with the most. Often, this leads to conversation around how much one end despises the others sibling, pairing that person off with a degenerate on the other side of the party.   Yet when it’s all said and done, it’s all about the darn pictures, they must look amazing.   

Selecting the Appetizers  This decision-making process can easily be called Empress versus the Cave Man. For the ladies, they want those Hors Devours that feel like bow ties and stars, making sure they also fall into the edible spectrum for their great grandmother’s gastro issues.  For the man, he just wants meat. Give him bacon, give him scallops, give him protein and fat. Allow this moment to satisfy
his and his posse’s primal urges in the grandest of fashion. It’s an opportunity for he and his Vikings to drink and slather morsels of fatty flesh on a stage they’ll see seldom going forward, before it’s back to bad wings at Applebee’s. Ideally, the perfect appetizer balance comes together where you avoid great grandma’s diarrhea to flare up, while your meatheads are also satisfied.     


The Bachelor/Bachelorette Party  Between feather boas and phallic drinking bottles, lap dances and jaegar bombs, there is not an event within the wedding planning phase that strikes further separation in style. Both represent the last crazy day of singledom, a celebration of craziness to signal farewell to Tinder. The repercussions of a female event usually just a hangover, the repercussions of a man is anywhere between getting a prostitute pregnant to losing a tooth. It’s an event that often leads to the end of the wedding planning phase and a strong possibility of firing that Tinder account back up.   

There you have it, our view of how one of the most stressful phases in a human’s social lifespan feels to both the man and woman. While it’s clear that the woman is built for success in this tender moment of time, let’s not discredit the man.He who isn’t necessarily the best at planning, details and restraint, but who’s laissez-faire attitude helps keep focus on what actually matters, which is each other.  

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