1. Cool Groomsmen Gifts 2017

Here at Groovy we have come to realize a few things over our 5 years of doing this – guys don’t want to think too hard about groomsmen gift ideas.  We’ve had five good years of diagnosing our customers, understanding them, “getting” them.  We’ve taken on thousands of chats and phone calls, we’ve dug into the psyches of a man scrambling to find an assortment that will satisfy his Brosephs.   We’ve had over 15,000 orders, and while all customers are certainly unique, they all also having some very common over-arching themes.  We know their tendencies, their needs, their flaws, their anxieties.   Our sample size says so and we’ve paid close attention.  Over time, we’ve designed our system to adhere to these common attributes so we can best smother all  the fears and  give them what they need to make their posse smile on that big day. 

In all of this, we’ve learned what men want, the ideas they’re looking for.  That can be summed up in one easy phrase – “functionable and relevant, with a twist”.  When we first kicked out our ecommerce site, our goal was to spin out some gift ideas that were out of the box, a little wild, a little crazy, totally unique.  We looked at the other sites and options and realized they were full of a bunch of stuff that looked like it was made in some factory in China, stock and disingenuous.   Our first instinct was to swing to the opposite end of the spectrum.  As with all things in life, it’s about balance and finding the perfect middle ground. 

With all of our observation, we’ve concluded a few important gifting standards:

  • Guys want things that they’re going to use. They’re simple folk, with simple needs.  They want to look good, have fun with each other and carry out the primal necessities in life like cutting and fixing.  They want practical.
  • Just like a den or a man cave, guys want stuff that really feels like their own. Hence, they love personalization.
  • Guys also like gifts that have a slightly cool spin to the standard functionality. They don’t want some gizmo that will confuse them, but one that will make them feel unique and special when they’re using it.  We say slight, because if you go too far in this direction and the gift becomes more ridiculous for the moment than functional in the long term, it’s going to find a box in the basement quick. 

Call us the psychologists of groomsmen gift buying.  We’ve gotten into your skulls, we’ve listened, we’ve learned, we’ve applied.  With the many learned tendencies of men, here after a record breaking 2016, we are posing to you the 7 gift ideas that will make your men the happiest.  And with that, make you happy, because there isn’t much more rewarding, other than a happy bride, than seeing the men your closest to beaming on wedding weekend. 

With that, here is our 7fecta of what we think captures our loveable tagline, “functional and relevant with a twist”.  Our 2017 gifts that can’t go wrong: 

  • To the 9’s Tri Pack – this little diddy strikes a few major variables. First, man does it work for the day of.  Most guys don’t have any of these items, so you arm your man with a collection he can put into action on that weekend.  It will dress up his attire, make him shine and also give him some sentimental personalized gifts that will last a lifetime.  Metal never goes bad.  
  • Your Buddy’s Buddies – fun name right? But beyond that, it hits on a couple cords that bring diversity into your gift.  These two gifts are as different as it gets, but also as functional as it gets.   Most guys drink and most guys like a tool that can help them in a pinch.  There is something about the contrast here that works, just like sweet and sour.   Most great recipes have contrasting energies, just like Your Buddy’s Buddies captures in a gift. 
  • Personalized Groomsmen Socks - yes, socks.  They’re in, they’re useful and every guy could use a splash at the ankles to flavor up that monkey suit.  What you don’t find often is socks that are personalized because they’re hard to come by.  These guys will add a little dazzle above the shoe line, stay hidden most of the time, but when that pant line rises, the self expression is out to party.  Give your guy a non overbearing way to accessorize while also something he’ll have for a long time. 
  • Personalized Whiskey Cubes – these 6 sided drinking wonderments have hit the streets under the radar, but when you’re guy gets a load of them, he’ll never go back.  The art to drinking is keeping the drink intact.  That means no getting warm, no watering down.  On that note, these little suckers will be an instrumental component to all future cocktails.  They keep it cool with no water down and when you put some initials on them, your man’s sip will never feel the same. 
  • A Cool Cooler – with the rage we see these days around craft beer, a cool @ss cooler is going to find its way to any guy’s hoppy heart. This will give your man a way to mix up his batch to tote to the next get together in a way that doesn’t skunk it up.  It’s going to be used time and time again, especially if detailed out with his name.  He’s going to unzip with pride.  Check out the Combat Cooler
  • No Ordinary Flask – this gift can be seen as a little cliché’, but if done right, it breaks that mold and becomes a prideful piece of a man’s drinking forte. Listen, any man wants some vessel to sneak away with for anticipated drinking.  It’s a need, there’s no question about it.  Now the trick is doing it with a little creativity and cool presentation.  Check out Flask it in a Casket for a version that gets the twist down to a T. 
  • A Really Cool Travel Bag – maybe the most functional of them all, you’ll usually find your guys still toting around some plastic version they bought a local pharmacy when they were in college. This is a life upgrade situation, a transition in their journey that gives them a chance to stop feeling like a kid and more like a man.  Hook up your dude with one he’ll have for a lifetime, it won’t go unappreciated.  We love Ace of Case, it’s great quality and present like a rock star. 

There you have it gentleman – years of customers and us diving into their consumer brains has given us the chance to know how the common groom to be thinks.  We have tons of data to support it, we understand the position and we want to do what we need to make it easy on you.   If you don’t want to think too hard, know your budget, take a close look at this collection of ideas to make a smart choice.  You cannot go wrong, your men are going to say thank you with a big ol’ smile here in 2017.  


How Much To Spend on Groomsmen Gifts

So you're wrestling with the idea of how much you should spend on your groomsmen gifts. We've been through it ourselves and realize a wedding costs a small fortune. By the time you've gotten around to buying groomsmen gifts, nausea typically accompanies the accumulating price tag. With any luck, your fiance has traditional parents that are picking up the tab.

When most grooms ask us how much they should spend on groomsmen gifts, they’re looking for a hard and fast rule of thumb. While there are some standard guidelines, unfortunately, there isn’t a quick and easy answer or magic formula.  We can offer you data above, but no two groom scenarios are necessarily identical.  Typically, what you spend on your groomsmen is all up to your budget constraints and/or the amount you’ve asked your groomsmen to spend to participate in your big day (we’ll get into the specifics of these in a moment).

2016 Statistics (based on over 8,000 customers last year)

  • Average spend on total groomsmen gifts = $209
  • Average spend on Best Men = $55
  • Average spend on single groomsmen = $36
  • Average number of Groomsmen = 6.7
  • Average spend peak months July/Aug = $219
  • Average spend off months Dec/Jan = $186

In our not-so-humble opinions, it’s not about the price of the gift as much as coming up with great ideas for your groomsmen gift and how much thought you put into personalizing your groomsmen gifts.  The best groomsmen gift you can give your men is a day of good hanging out and honoring them with a unique "thank you".    

Don’t get us wrong — that doesn't mean it’s okay to skip on the idea of groomsmen gifts altogether or that it’s excusable to pass out cheap, crappy gifts to your best buddies (especially if they’ve spent a small fortune on tux or suit rentals, your bachelor party, etc.) They’ll notice, and they’ll definitely feel slighted.

On average, most grooms spend anywhere from $30 to $40 per groomsman.  In fact, we cranked through the numbers of all the products we sold in the last year, and the average spend on a groomsmen gifts was exactly $35.83.  With that being said, we expect that number to be slightly higher per gift because sometimes a groom will only buy part of the groomsmen gift with us.  If you are interested in spending about $35 a groomsmen, the Buddy's Buddy and Combat Cooler below are two great options:



Guidelines That Will Help You Figure Out How Much to Spend on Groomsmen Gifts


Use Your Wedding Budget as a Guideline

 If you’re hosting a wedding that’s on the lower end of the spending scale and you haven’t asked your friends to fork over an arm and a leg to stand by your side, then it’s perfectly acceptable to purchase affordable groomsmen gifts that hover around the $25 price point. On the other hand, if you’re going all out and throwing a ritzy wedding bash, it’s more appropriate to hand our more expensive gifts to the groomsmen. The best advice here: use your judgment, purchase each groomsman a gift that’s similar in price (showing favoritism isn’t okay), and choose gifts that you know each guy will appreciate and enjoy. 

 Spend 10-25% of What Your Groomsmen Spent

Again, this isn't a strict rule, but it is a nice and easy guideline to use when determining what’s an appropriate amount to spend on the groomsmen. Here’s how it works: If your asked your friend to spend a total of $300 on buying stuff for your wedding, you purchase him a gift that’s costs anywhere from 10-25% of what he spent. In this case, a groomsmen gift priced somewhere between $30-$75. The more your groomsmen spends, the more you spend, so it’s a more fair way to give gifts that are proportional to the time and money that they put into your day.  But, let’s reiterate this once again — use your best judgment and select gifts that a meaningful and personalized to each groomsman.

So, with all that being said, lets get on to finding some cool groomsmen gifts for your fellas. If you are looking to see what are our most popular selling gifts, check out our best sellers page.  


Bride and Groom Differences

The wedding planning hysteria is a blitz of marital details not many men can truly anticipate. Most men often don’t think about what it means until they’re in it. Let’s be real, guys don’t lay in bed as 12-year-old dreaming about what they are going to look like in their rented tux. Almost like a tornado the weather man never saw coming, wedding planning scoops you up, spits you out and leaves you a confused mess barely able to muster a coherent sentence. We like to call it totally matrimonus vertigous. It leaves wallets baron, checking accounts crying, brains straight up pastrami. While the big day itself is eagerly awaited, the legwork that goes into it can often feel like boot camp at Quantico.  

There are fascinating differences as to how the male system process this point in time versus how the females does. For the ladies, the intricacies of wedding planning lend well to their strengths. The frills, the details, picking colors, shopping, yes, SHOPPING.   For the men, who’s attention spans are often not much more than the standard Chihuahua and generally more fiscally aware, it batters at their core, beats at their billfold and makes their gray matter swell. Yes, they acquire full blown matrimonus vertigous. It requires a special kind of Zen to make it through unscathed, one not ordinary Sherpa can channel.   

Yes, the wedding planning experiences are vastly different for men and women. One truly comfortable, the other like a fish out of water, then thrown into an oven while still alive. With that, we have discovered some specific areas of the process that really tickle the genders in all the right and wrong places.   

Pinterest – Oooolala, how the ladies love them some Pinterest. It’s polarization perfection as what is sugar to a lady, is brussel sprouts to a man. To some respects, it’s almost as if this is a Social Medium designed by Athena herself, oozing of lady luxury online. It’s frilly pictures, it’s recipe sharing, it’s likeness to a wonderful online scrap book. To men, it’s like garlic to a vampire, it confuses them, it makes them crave a football game, it makes them want a cat nap. Pinterest is that wedding place where ladies can Pin their dreams together, giggling amongst themselves as they make their wedding vision happen pin by pin. For men, they click around a few times, lost and confused, their minds thwarted into a catatonic state. Yes, Pinterest is the worldwide webs symbol of how the differences in wedding planning are so fast between the genders.For one it is perfectly customized to how their brain cells operate, for the other, it maliciously pokes at each brain cell, pin by pin.      

Ability to Tolerate the Mom’s -  Ah, the Mother In Law, often the perfect accomplice to your morphing bridezilla. Yes, her intent is entirely genuine. She wants to see her little girl have that dream wedding they talked about while walking through the aisle picking up pop tarts.  In this case, the wedding dream becomes as much a part of hers as the future bride. She wants the best for her little girl, but unfortunately that can become something that men fear more than war. The Mom in Law and Son in Law relationship is an interesting dynamic. She is often the gatekeeper to her princess’ happiness, the key to the gate during wedding planning often rusty and bent. This is a time to navigate wisely, pull the right levers, prove your worthiness. One misstep or errant button pushed and you just might see a Soviet missile launched.   

Choosing the Wedding Party  Such a delicate process as it often requires thinking through your entire life span, ensuring you consider all those important to you along the way. That said, there are always some politics one has to weed through to maintain proper balance in the selection process. The end goal is a balanced party, females and males offsetting, and this is often where the trickery lies. New friends, old friends, cousins, sister in laws, the daughter of the boss you are trying to schmooze for a promotion who has no friends. Yes, there are many variables to consider.  The ladies tend to be thoughtful, applying comprehensive recognition to all considerations within their social circumference.  The man, they often focus on who they’ve been drunk with the most. Often, this leads to conversation around how much one end despises the others sibling, pairing that person off with a degenerate on the other side of the party.   Yet when it’s all said and done, it’s all about the darn pictures, they must look amazing.   

Selecting the Appetizers  This decision-making process can easily be called Empress versus the Cave Man. For the ladies, they want those Hors Devours that feel like bow ties and stars, making sure they also fall into the edible spectrum for their great grandmother’s gastro issues.  For the man, he just wants meat. Give him bacon, give him scallops, give him protein and fat. Allow this moment to satisfy
his and his posse’s primal urges in the grandest of fashion. It’s an opportunity for he and his Vikings to drink and slather morsels of fatty flesh on a stage they’ll see seldom going forward, before it’s back to bad wings at Applebee’s. Ideally, the perfect appetizer balance comes together where you avoid great grandma’s diarrhea to flare up, while your meatheads are also satisfied.     


The Bachelor/Bachelorette Party  Between feather boas and phallic drinking bottles, lap dances and jaegar bombs, there is not an event within the wedding planning phase that strikes further separation in style. Both represent the last crazy day of singledom, a celebration of craziness to signal farewell to Tinder. The repercussions of a female event usually just a hangover, the repercussions of a man is anywhere between getting a prostitute pregnant to losing a tooth. It’s an event that often leads to the end of the wedding planning phase and a strong possibility of firing that Tinder account back up.   

There you have it, our view of how one of the most stressful phases in a human’s social lifespan feels to both the man and woman. While it’s clear that the woman is built for success in this tender moment of time, let’s not discredit the man.He who isn’t necessarily the best at planning, details and restraint, but who’s laissez-faire attitude helps keep focus on what actually matters, which is each other.  


In a sea of static groomsmen gifts, it requires something special to stand out. On that night when you have the unique experience to honor your men, you want to get it right.  We’ve recognized an awesome gift that checks off every box of manly gift magic, and it’s the group caricature. The caricature is personal, its unifying, it’s creative, it’s going to pull that streak of brotherhood out in your men, something all of us love to feel. A good caricature artist and a phenomenal theme is something that will sit as a staple in any man cave. A great group caricature is a story to be a told, a center piece to your next house party.  

The theme is key, finding that story that pulls all your guys together, turns your group into a team and builds a weekend wolf pack that all your guys will remember. Sometimes it’s easy, your guys come from a core that brought you together in the first place. In other instances, it may take a bit more creativity. Below is a current list of themes that we’ve found really hit the mark in pumping up your guys. 

Game of Thrones


It’s a show that’s full of rich characters and is just flat out AWESOME.  It’s captivated men everywhere and every guy is excited to sit on the Iron Throne, hang with a fire breather or put his arm around Tyrion. Bring your guys together to slay Westeros as a unit and squeeze them into the gear of the character that they symbolize best. 


 Whether it started as a kid with underoos or grabbed your buddy through comic books, every guy loves him some super heroes. With the movie frenzy that’s been ripping through Hollywood, they’re as hot as ever. The assortment is so deep, you can have a ton of fun mixing and matching your groomsmen against their best fit – making a conversation that will run through the night. 

Sports Team

Maybe the most connecting of all the themes, especially if your groomsmen is passionate about one team or one sport.Throw some jerseys or helmets on with an awesome stadium in the background and you've got yourself man-cave gold. 

Golf Course


A past time that most men seem to revel in, it’s that sacred sport that gives us guy time away from it all, in natures landscape. Throw your men in some great golf gear, put them in their truest form as a slicer, hacker or out of control golf cart. Whatever the set up, golf is a theme that brings groomsmen together. 

 Movie Theme


If your groomsmen have a movie that they feel like they once lived, or just love to quote, throwing this unique theme together may be a great idea for your posse. Whether it’s an Old School feel or a Goodfellas vibe, pulling it all into a favorite movie is sure to draw a great laugh and a great wall hanging.   


Put your guys at a poker table or ripping at the slot machines fully adorned in their stylish Vegas garb and you have caricature magic. Whether it’s in the casinos, at the pool or in the club, if Vegas is the thing your groomsmen love to do, it makes for a rock star, creative theme. 


For those that do it, it’s a passion like none other.  And man does it have detail specific to the sport. With rifles and camouflage, in a tree stand or with a duck call, hunting is a bonding of brethren like none other. In the same family is fishing, but anything that passionately gets men up in the wee hours to get together is a theme worth exploring. 



New on the scene but drawing a ton of passion, UFC is a cool theme that can really rock the group caricature. Throw all your groomsmen in a cage bloodied together, passed out or in a headlock and you have a theme that is going to be great conversation for a long time. 

Sock it to Em’ With Some Groomsmen Socks

Whether you are on a budget, looking to tack on an extra or just want to do something fun to put a little splash in your groomsmen party’s otherwise standard garb, groomsmen socks have become a massive hit of late. There are few places from head to toe where one can pop a little self-expression while maintaining some element of class outside of the ankles. Let’s face it, for the sake of pictures and satisfying those sweet grandmas in the audience, you have to keep the presentation tight and inside the lines. But those ankles, those precious ankles, they allow you to let loose and put some personalization on your party.



The sock spectrum has widened, it has ranged from superheroes best representing your groomsmen, to a rainbow arsenal of argyles. The options are endless, but you can generally fit them into some general buckets of awesomeness. With the cost minimal when you compare it against all the other wedding nonsensical price tags, it’s often a no brainer not to kick a pair over to your grooviest groomsmen.

Uniform Fun

If your legion of groomsmen are military or former teammates, nothing says comradery like dressing them up in something cool that brings them all together. When the ankles are connected by cool consistency, your posse comes together as one troop. Ladies love a men in uniform, so your groomsmen will bring those warm and fuzzies to the crowd that screams togetherness.


Marvel has really kicked their superhero series into overdrive over the last few years and that has translated to a variety of fun ways adorn. From T-shirts to cuff links, the superhero fad is at its peak, and guys love superheroes. Just like the underoos of yesteryear, we all seem to have a favorite and that one that represents us best. Your group will get a kick out of finding out which villain beater they get matched up with.

Argyle Arsenal

If the suits are neutral, sometimes it’s just a little color that pops some fun on at ankle height. Bring some starburst to those monkey suits by brightening their tootsies up like peacocks and giving each groomsman a personal way to differentiate. They’ll appreciate the thought and enjoy some vibrancy.

Random Splash

Sometimes no order whatsoever is needed. Groomsman socks are a subtle way to self-express. With so many varieties out there today, you can find anything from skulls and crossbones to sharks. Make it random, find some fun and toss your groomsmen some random socks.

Sports Team

When the frenetic fanaticism of your home town team is a glue that bonds your groomsmen, look no further than the team socks. Pop that Yankees insignia on those socks, or any team your groomsmen lust after and talk about and you’ll have a proud posse’ that will be kicking heels together on the dance floor.


Personalized Labels

These might take a little more work, but they can often lead to a lot of fun. Whether it’s who they are to you in the wedding party or a fun little way of way of describing your groomsmen, customizing the socks can be a way to add humor or sentimentalism.


The best part about these tootsie toasters is that they’ll be sitting in that sock draw for years to come and if done well, used with a smile. Gifting your groomsmen with socks, we said it once, we’ll say it again, a no brainer groomsmen gift that every guy will love.


The wedding budget, it is undoubtedly big ticket and an industry immune to the economy. As the wedding bills mount, a guy is often left figuring out what to scrape together for his groomsmen, a piece of the planning often left on back burner. It’s a budget that can dry up quickly and stress out any guy who has a hand in funding his own. If you’re one of the lucky ones, the in laws are going about the traditional route and financing the bash. These days, we see it less and less. 

Hopefully you managed your budget wisely and don’t have to open a new card. Better yet have the kind of backing that lets you go bananas. For many guys, the groomsmen gift juncture is one where they’re looking to be cost conscious, yet really wanting to make their guys feel awesome. It’s hard to put a price tag on honoring your men. Here over 10000 groomsmen gifts order later, here is what we can tell you:


Average spend on a set of groomsmen gifts = $194
Average number of Groomsmen = 5.9
Average spend peak months July/Aug = $204
Average spend off months Dec/Jan = $172

As you might think, off season weddings are often for those that are budget conscious and corresponding spend on groomsmen gift parallels. Conversely, the summer wedding blitz tends to have a heavier overall price tag and guys also spend more.

What we do know is this – honoring your guys is a highly underrated part of the overall event. These should be people that will be with you for life, many times have already been with you for most of your life. Choosing them to be part of your honorary entourage is one way of saying that, blessing them with a sentimental gesture that specific to them is another way to do the same in the kind of moment that doesn’t come along often in the world of bromance. Shop wisely, budget smart, get your guys something that really celebrates them as individuals and what they mean to you.

Discovering the 12 Coolest Groomsmen Gift Ideas of 2017

12 Cool Groomsmen Gift Ideas

In a sea of sheer stuff on the internet these days, the staff here at Groovy Groomsmen Gifts likes to see ourselves as the Christopher Columbus of webploration.  We have long ago discovered groomsmen gift giving is not a flat world and with our pirate telescopes in hand, we’ve ventured far and wide to seek about what we view as the the most super cool groomsmen gifts ideas in the land.  

We’ve looked big box, we’ve looked boutique shops, no remote island has gone un-scoured for possible treasures.  Ultimately, we’ve kept to our view that the best groomsmen gifts tend to embody two if not more of our 5 Groomsmen Gift Commandments:

  1. They must be unique, but not at the sacrifice of usefulness.  
  2. They must have the ability to draw out the personality of men as individuals.
  3. They must include cool manly materials, such as leather, wood and metal.  
  4. They must be fun to open.
  5. They must have the ability to be personalized.  

With that said, let’s take a look at what we see as our top 12 groomsmen gift ideas for 2016.     

1.  Mancrates

What can we say, these guys master Commandment number 4 and fully knock the ball off the cover on number 3.  Their slant pulls out the testosterone in men, grabbing at their primal selves during the opening process.  At the core of us guys, we are survivalists.  We want to use our primitive self to kill and eat.  While there isn’t much killing with a man crate, there is prying open, hearing wood and nails crackle as natural aggression is used to get to that pack of tasty beef jerky.  The options of crate kill are endless, the consistency is in their amazing packaging.  


2.  Scorzie
Simply genius, pure genius.  Whomever on the scorzie team dreamt up this gallant gizmo should be awarded some level of Dude Nobel Peace Prize.  We sit back and imagine how it happened and we envision something so manly romantic, one might even call it romanlytic.  Likely a quartet of chums in one’s backyard, flipping bean bags into cornholes, all players a couple IPA’s deep.  One then spills his beer into the lush bluegrass, causing panic amongst the brotherhood.  Upon replenishing and resuming the match, they all look at themselves confused and wondering what the hell the score was.   Tis you have it, the magic of the Scorzie, no beer spilled, no score forgotten.  


3.  Golf Club Toppers
This sport, why does it hypnotize us men?  We pound this silly little ball around a giant green plot of land with a club looking for tiny holes to put it in.  It sounds ridiculous.  The reality is that it is AMAZING.  Legend has it, GOLF is simply an acronym for Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden.  So while there is an LPGA tour and you might see a lady or two frolicking around the course, the golf course is a holy natural locker room for us men to find time to be men.  It is a place where we can vent our frustrations to each other via the mental combustion of the slice, suck on cigars and dream of the 19th hole.  There is an art and a code to the sport and within the golf culture, we love to personalize the crap out of everything.  Hence, the golf topper, a groomsmen gift designed to make every club feel like your own personal beating stick.  

4.  Personalized Growler Case
A cottage industry come full circle, the advent of craft beer has evolved to such a level that men are possessed.  Intoxicated by hops and barley, we mission ourselves to find that next delicious IPA or Imperial Stout.  It’s an industry gone wild, and while possibly a bit saturated, it’s not going anywhere.  Bottom line, men have enjoyed drinking since alcohol was discovered and the vast microbrews simply accentuate our love for it.  With that has come a variety of doo dads and cultural items of enhancement in how we take advantage of it.  One is the growler, a majestic carrier of our favorite brews.  And while we have seen many different types of cool growlers out there, we haven’t seen many ways of protecting and keeping our growlers chilled.  Meet the personalized growler carrier.  


5.  Personalized Key Chain Figure
Little cousin to the Bobblehead doll, this key chain figure gives your guy a hysterical way of embellishing in himself within an item that is a constant in his life, his keys.  While we tend to shun over-bulkifying our key chain from that of the standard janitor set, this little treasure makes it worth it.  No longer will he have a hard time spotting his keys at the valet or confusing it with another’s.  Every guy will enjoy revving up his hot rod when he twists that key along with a little version of himself.  

6.  The Really, Really Nice Travel Bag
For those guys in their 20’s getting married, there sits opportunity amongst your demographic as it comes to groomsmen gift giving.  That opportunity is affording that group of pals who don’t want to graduate from their Kappa Sigma mindset to finally become classy gents.  Within that window of helping them along, is a perfect starting point as it comes to groomsmen gifts, the toiletry bag.  For some reason, it’s an item that anoints a man’s belongings to taking it the next level.  It’s a catalyst to grow up a bit, a slight and immensely appreciated suggestion that we are at the next phase of life.  No longer will you be called by your nickname of Bender Ben, but we will call you by your professional name of Benjamin.   If you’re going to give one, you do it right and you do it with a toiletry bag that really gives him something that will make a statement.  It’s something he’ll cherish and use and given the quality, will only get better with age.  

7.  Personalized Pillows
Yeah, these are hysterical.  While a little on the ridiculous side, what groomsman isn’t going to find a giant pillow of his face on his couch as anything but awesome?  They’ll be conversation pieces, something to cheer up on bad days and a fluffy friend to cuddle with when watching a romcom alone.  Who can sap up those embarrassing mushy tears better than your own face?   Assured to grab a laugh on wedding eve, these guys are cheap enough to tandem with another groomsmen gift.   If the basis of you and your pack is debauchery and laughter, then you have found groomsmen gift gold.  


8.  Personalized Noble Painting
Our 2016 winner for straight originality, these guys have struck comedic perfection as it comes to an out of the box groomsman gift.  A man cave mantel piece to the utmost, we are so absolutely stunned by the pure eccentricity that our gift giving brains haven’t fully bent around it.   That in itself is enough to join our tops list.   What man cannot see himself ordained as royalty, taking his regal rights to down ale at oak tables, lead men to battle and cascade through medieval brothels (Our lust for Game of Thrones may have taken that one a little too far).  All said, if you can pony up and your group is a gauntlet of cheery old laugh hards, then what a groomsmen gift!
9.  Personalized Sandals
This summer time stocking stuffer just has a frolicking fun way about it.  If you have a summer beach style wedding t’ed up, then this goody sits as a no brainer as it’s not going to kill your wallet while also leaving whatever beach you’re at muddled with hysterical footprints.  No need to go Hansel & Gretal when tracking anyone down if you have these around, just follow the footprints.  Personally, we think nicknames of some funny significance might be apropos with these flippers.  Team them up with a cool pair of sunglasses and you could have a summer time two pack that makes a splash.  


10.  Personalized Suspenders
Not sure if you fellas have noticed, but there’s a style movement going on out there amongst us men.  That movement is grabbing at the old saying that all cool styles circle back around.  It’s a style that dates back to times when men were of character, dashing and with class, taking what was given them and pruning as a canvas.  It was a day when men wore mustaches, top hats, monocles and bow ties.  It was a day when men accessorized themselves with ample detailed works of fashion.  One amazing representation of that as a gift today is a handsome set of leather suspenders, personalized of course.  Rock these things during any dressy event and your torso will glow and you shed the suit jacket.  Ladies be warned.  


11. The Mighty Bobblehead
Flick it, slap it, watch it bounce, it’s the bobblehead doll.  It’s a part of minor league baseball souvenir lore, it’s a choice trinket across all of sports.  It adorns desks, it sits amongst sporting memorabilia, it makes men happy.  It has a place in our hearts.   But why should it be left at that when there is an opportunity to transcend well beyond?   Just as Doctor Evil had Mini Me, your men can have mini versions of themselves that they look at adoringly.  It will have a spot near his computer monitor, he’ll likely have conversations with it, it will be his sounding board.  This is not just a clay doll with a giant head that looks like you, it is a best friend.  


12. Personalized Tap
We caveat that this gem may only be useful if your guy has a man cave with bar or a kegorator, or at least aspires to in short time.  If so, darn it, this groomsmen gift glows.  A prize that he will grip proudly, give him the sensation of running his own basement pub, a part of his lifelong home pour experience.  Taking site of the beautiful beer craze that has swept men off their drunken feet across the world, a personalized tap is the cherry on the hoppy cake.  

There you have it gentleman.  We have combed the web, we’ve taken some items that fall within the “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix” category, we’ve discovered unfathomable interesting treasures.  Choose wisely, take your time, honor your groomsmen with a gift that shows them you give a $#!+.  These are guys that should be with you for a long time, so should the groomsmen gift you give them on a momentous weekend in your life.  

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