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From ideas on how to propose to your groomsmen to how much you should spend on your groomsmen gifts, we have all the information you need to be the best groom ever.

Wedding Gifts for Parents

19 Heartfelt Wedding Gifts for Parents to Cherish Forever

Finding the perfect wedding gifts for parents and in-laws can be tricky, but it doesn't have to be! This is why, We've rounded up the 19 parent wedding gifts to cherish!
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Best Bachelor Party Destinations

25 Epic Bachelor Party Destinations for the Ultimate Send-Off

Planning the perfect bachelor party can be stressful, this list of the best bachelor party destinations will give you ideas without breaking the bank!
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Titanium Wedding Bands for Men

17 Fashionable Titanium Wedding Bands for Men in 2023

We visited over 50 weddings and surveyed grooms on their favorite styles to curate a list of 17 best titanium wedding bands for men in 2023. Check them out!
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One-year anniversary gifts and ideas for her

Romantic One-Year Anniversary Gifts and Ideas for Her

Congratulations on reaching your one-year anniversary! We'll share some romantic first wedding anniversary gifts and ideas to make your big day even more unique.

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Groomsmen Gift Etiquette

Gift-Giving Guidelines for Groomsmen: Mastering the Etiquette

Groomsmen gift etiquette is an important consideration for any groom-to-be. To help you decide, here are the top rules for giving the perfect groomsmen gifts!

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Should I Propose Before or After Dinner?

Dinner and a Proposal: Should You Pop the Question Before or After the Meal?

Should I propose before or after dinner? While there is no right or wrong answer, this blog will provide you with insight into the pros and cons of both options to help you make the best decision.
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Groomsmen Suits

23 Trendy Groomsmen Suits for a Modern Wedding

Groomsmen Suits are essential to a wedding, and choosing the perfect style for your special day is key. To help you decide, check out these 23 best ones!

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Tips on Picking Groomsmen Attire

9 Tips on Picking Groomsmen Attire That Won't Break the Bank

Groomsmen should look their best when they walk down the aisle. Here are 9 tips on picking groomsmen attire for your wedding that won't break the bank!

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Best Man Speech

Nail Your Best Man Speech with these Secrets!

Are you overwhelmed by delivering the Best-man Speech at a wedding? Don't worry. You're not alone! Check out these secrets for nailing your Best-man Speech!

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Engagement Gifts

17 Thoughtful Engagement Gifts to Delight the Happy Couple

Engagement Gifts are a meaningful and heartfelt way to celebrate the love and commitment of a newly engaged couple. Check out our best list to delight them!
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Best Wedding Gifts for Newlyweds

Thoughtful Wedding Gifts That Will Make the Newlyweds Feel Special

The wedding gifts for newlyweds are an excellent way to show your love and support as they embark on their new life together. Check out these best gifts!
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Unique Wedding Gifts

17 Unique Wedding Gifts for the Bride and Groom

Are you looking for some unique wedding gifts for the bride and groom? Whether for anniversary, or to show your appreciation, we've got a list for you!
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Wedding Gifts for Husband on Wedding Day

41 Thoughtful Wedding Gifts for Your Husband

If you are planning to marry your long-time partner, this guide will look at some of the best wedding gifts for husband on wedding day! Check them out!

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Bachelor Party Ideas

25 Bachelor Party Ideas to Make the Last Night of Freedom Epic

Bachelor Party Ideas can make or break a successful night out before a groom's big day. We'll provide 25 Ideas that will help create the memorable night.
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Wedding First Dance

How to Nail Your Wedding First Dance: Tips for Grooms

Are you looking for Wedding First Dance Tips to make your special day more memorable? Look no further! Here are 10 tips to make a dance unforgettable!
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Bachelor Party Games

15 Epic Bachelor Party Games to Make the Night Unforgettable

Alright fellas, it's time to get serious. You're planning a bachelor party, and let's be real, just hanging out won't cut it. You need some games to spice things up and really make the night unforgettable. We're not talking about a friendly game of cards or Yahtzee. No, we're talking about games that will have you rolling on the floor laughing or questioning your entire existence.

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Groom Speech Tips

11 Tips for Writing an Engaging Groom Speech

Writing a groom speech is a great way to share your story and express gratitude. In this post, we will share eleven tips for writing a memorable speech!
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Wedding Day Tips for the Groom

The Groom's Survival Guide: 13 Tips for Navigating Your Wedding Day

To ensure you look your absolute best on your wedding day, here are thirteen Wedding Day Tips for the Groom that will make you look even more handsome!
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Golf Bachelor Party Destinations

13 Golf Bachelor Party Destinations to Make Your Last Swing Count

Are you looking for the perfect golf bachelor party destination for your last swing? Check out these best bachelor party destinations for your groom-to-be!
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Best Man Gifts

17 Best Man Gifts for the Upcoming Wedding Season

Best Man Gifts you give to the groom's right-hand man are a way to show your appreciation for everything he has done. Check out these best friend gifts!

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Embroidered Hats

17 Embroidered Hats to Add a Bit of Style to Your Look

Embroidered hats are a great way to add style to your look. This blog post will look at 17 custom hats that can give you a unique and fashionable look.
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Four-Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

17 Four-Year Anniversary Gifts for Her That She'll Love

Whether you are looking for something special, or meaningful, this list of four-year anniversary gifts for her has something for everyone. Check them out!
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Navy-Blue Groomsmen Suits

15 Dapper Navy-Blue Groomsmen Suits That Will Make You Say I Do

We have compiled 15 dapper and most stylish Navy-Blue Groomsmen Suits to make your groomsmen look sharp and feel great on your special day. Read more!
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Five Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

17 Unique Five Year Anniversary Gifts for Her That Show You Care

From classic jewelry to modern keepsakes, here are 17 amazing five-year anniversary gifts for her that will make her feel extra special. Check them out!
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3-Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

3-Year Anniversary Gifts for Her: 17 Ideas to Make Her Day Special

It is time to celebrate your 3-year milestone! We have put together a 3-year anniversary gifts for her that will make this fun day even more special. 

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Men's Promise Rings

17 Stunning Men's Promise Rings That Will Leave You Speechless

Men's promise rings are one of the most popular ways to show you are ready to commit to your significant other and pop the big question. Check them out!
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Men's Wedding Bands

27 Men's Wedding Bands For the Cool & Classy Guy

Deciding which men's wedding band to wear can be challenging, as there are many styles to choose from. To help you, here are 27 of the best rings to buy!

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Two-Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

17 Two-Year Anniversary Gifts for Her That Will Knock Her Socks Off

The two-year anniversary is a milestone that deserves a little something special. Here are 17 anniversary gifts for her that will knock her socks off!
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Bachelor Party Decorations

23+ Stag Worthy Bachelor Party Decorations To Make It More Fun

If you want to throw a memorable event that your friends will talk about for years, it is essential to choose these right bachelor party decorations!
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Bridal Party Entrance Ideas

13 Bridal Party Entrance Ideas That Will Make Your Day More Special

Your bridal party entrance ideas can set the tone for your entire wedding day. If you want to make your day even more special, then must read these ideas!
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Silver Wedding Bands

17 Sleek Silver Wedding Bands for the Stylish Groom

Silver wedding bands offer an alternative that may be just what you need to set your style apart. These 17 silver wedding bands will make him stylish.

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Best Wedding Tuxedos

27 Best Wedding Tuxedos for the Dapper Groom in 2023

There are many best wedding tuxedos that will not only look great on you, but also be comfortable at the same time. Here are 27 of the best ones!

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Groomsmen Suspenders

25+ Groomsmen Suspenders: The Ultimate Wedding Day Accessory

Groomsmen suspenders are the perfect gift because they make your guys look like studs. Check out these 25+ suspenders your groomsmen will love!

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Unique Gold Wedding Bands

18 Unique Gold Wedding Bands for Grooms with Style

Shopping for unique wedding bands is difficult, especially if you are looking at men's rings. Most of the time, very few options stand out from the crowd as being different or unique. However, I have found some fantastic, 18 unique gold wedding bands for men! browse here!
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Best Groomsmen Gifts

76 of the Best Groomsmen Gifts in 2022

You've found the girl, you've proposed to her.  You determined your groomsmen and proposed to them too.  Now let's tackle one of the groom's next critical assignments; finding the best groomsmen gifts for the men you picked to lead the way as you charge toward the goal line on your big day. We have scoured the internet to find the best groomsmen gifts of the year, and we put them all into one blog post for you.  
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Ring Bearer Proposal Gifts

14 Best Ring Bearer Proposal Gifts in 2022

You've been looking forward to choosing that person who will carry the rings to seal the vow with your beloved. You have him in mind all along and you would like to make asking him to be your ring bearer to be a special moment, something he would have a hard time forgetting for a long time. Let your asking come with a gift or a gift set that that will make him remember your thoughtfulness. Keep in mind that it has to be a gift that a little man will enjoy unless of course you are having a grown up man as your ring bearer. 
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Tactical Groomsmen Gifts

17 Best Tactical Groomsmen Gifts

They are the tactical guys in your life. And what can be a more appropriate gift for these special buddies of yours than a tactical gift.  Add a new pistol to his handgun collection or a new knife to his everyday carry. He is always ready for the unexpected and prefers a blackwashed steel anything over leather goods and likely prefers a tomahawk instead of a steak knife. From surviving family gathe
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Luxury Groomsmen GIfts

17 Luxury Groomsmen Gifts

With so many gifts that can suit a man’s taste, very few would make it to their list of gifts that are considered luxurious. Luxurious gifts mean something expensive, extravagant even lavish. But more than that, luxurious gifts means intentionally giving them the best gifts that make them comfortable. Choose a truly luxurious gift that is extravagant yet provides that comfort in terms of style or experience. After all, your best buddies deserve the best gift for making your life less stressful while preparing for the best day pf your life. 
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Groomsmen Proposal Gifts

16 Great Groomsmen Proposal Gifts

You are with your groomsmen day in and day out. But this time it's will totally be a new season you'll be facing in your life. Getting married and having all your best buddies standing right next to you would make your special day even more unforgettable. Propose to your groomsmen and ask them to be part of your wedding party with gifts that say how much you value their friendship and how it would be an honor to have their presence on your wedding day. 
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Groom Groomsmen Wedding Day Pictures

Wedding Studs: How to Make The Groom and Groomsmen Look Great In Wedding Pictures

While a wedding may seem all about the bride, the groom and groomsmen plays a big role. As a result, they will need to pose for their fair share of pictures as well. Unfortunately, many aren’t the best at posing or taking great photos, much to the chagrin of their new bride.
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Best Gift For Ushers

23 Best Gifts for the Ushers at Your Wedding

Groomsmen and ushers come in all shapes, sizes … and ages. And sometimes someone that is under 21 years old makes their way into your wedding party, and makes finding the right gift a little more difficult.

So consider the following groomsmen gifts for the younger members of your wedding party. You’ll find that they are far more appropriate — and far more appreciated by the recipient.

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Nerdtastic!  Gift Ideas for Your Geeky Groomsmen

Nerdtastic! Gift Ideas for Your Geeky Groomsmen

Do you have friends that are geeky, nerdy or love playing games? If yes, you should find gifts that help them celebrate their own style of nerdiness. Read on to learn about groomsmen gift ideas for any kind of nerd, geek or gamer. First, you'll need to discover what type of nerds you're buying for. There's no greater offense than buying Star Trek swag for a team of Star Wars fanatics. 
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17 of the Coolest Groomsmen Gifts Out There

17 of the Coolest Groomsmen Gifts Out There

Your groomsmen have managed to stay cool whatever situation they find themselves in. They are always fun to be with, and exude a great personality and confidence. Your groomsmen never fail to catch the interest and influence of the people around them. There's no better way to thank these cool men with equally cool groomsmen gifts.  
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Caricature Top Groomsmen Gift Idea

What Makes a Good Groomsmen Gift?

They are undeniably your best buddies. And there's nothing you want more than for each of them standing beside you as you exchange "I do's" with the love of your life. While they have done their part of supporting and giving time and resources to make your wedding the best one, make sure you do yours by preparing awesome and unforgettable thank you gifts for your groomsmen. Make it a gift they will always remember your friendship and wedding by.   
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How Much Should You Spend on Groomsmen Gifts?

How Much Should You Spend on Groomsmen Gifts?

We’ve crunched the numbers for you to give you some basic clues on what to expect for weddings in each state. All these and more with a few added recommendations on what to give your groomsmen: how many and how much to spend on groomsmen gifts. The results may surprise you.  Weddings are not cheap. Nothing of great value ever is. A large chunk of the price tag depends on location. 
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Groomsmen Gifts - The Ultimate Guide

Groomsmen Gifts - The Ultimate Guide

You’ve got the girl, you’ve got the wedding planned, and you’ve got the groomsmen to stand by your side. The only thing left to do besides saying “I do”, is to find a great way to thank the gentleman in your party for their commitment to making your big day the best it can be.  While your “thank you” doesn’t need to be anything extravagant, a simple groomsmen gift is a great token...
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When To Give Groomsmen Gifts

When Do You Give Groomsmen Gifts?

You’ve identified them and all of them gave a resounding yes to be one of your groomsmen. There’s no way you can hide your excitement standing alongside these men on your wedding day. They are your best buddies. The ones who have been there whatever season you may be going through. They’ve been your number one encourager and critic too. They are the reason why you believe there are friends who stick closer than a brother. 

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Groomsmen Duties

Bros Before Wedding Woes: A Basic Guide to Groomsmen Duties

A groomsman recently made the news after a photo taken during the wedding caught him not-so-discretely checking out the bride.  Talk about a party foul! Even a rookie groomsman would be sure not to get caught in the act. Whether you're a seasoned groomsman or it's your first time, it's always a good idea to brush up on groomsmen responsibilities. There's much more to being a groomsman than being a hype man at your pal's reception.

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21 of the Best Groomsman Gifts in 2019

21 of the Best Groomsman Gifts in 2019

The best groomsmen gifts are classy, yet adventurous. You want your groomsmen to enjoy your gift, and get the most out of it. That's why it's better to go big or go home. We understand that picking out a gift for a groom can be tricky. Don't let your gift-finding become a headache. Here are our top nine most epic groomsmen gifts for your wedding.

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How Much To Spend on Groomsmen Gifts

How Much Should I Spend on Groomsmen Gifts? What Our Data Tells Us

So you're wrestling with the idea of how much you should spend on your groomsmen gifts. We've been through it ourselves and realize a wedding costs a small fortune. By the time you've gotten around to buying groomsmen gifts, nausea typically accompanies the accumulating price tag. With any luck, your fiance has traditional parents that are picking up the tab.
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