18 Unique Destination Wedding Groomsmen Gifts

by Tobey Bajda January 26, 2024

Are you planning a destination wedding and searching for the classy groomsmen gifts? Look no further! We've compiled a list of 18 unique and thoughtful gift ideas that will show your respect to your best groomsmen on your unique day. 

These personalized gifts will not only serve as a token of your gratitude, but also as a reminder of the memories shared during your wedding festivities. From quality leather goods to elegant glassware, we have something for every groomsman in your wedding party. 

So whether you're getting married on a tropical beach or in a romantic European city, these gifts are sure to make a lasting impression. Get ready to say "I do" to the unique groomsmen gifts for your wedding!

1. Custom Koozies

Custom Koozies

Custom Koozies, the classic groomsmen gift that every guy can appreciate! Constructed from quality stainless steel with a powder-coated finish, these koozies are both heat and cold-resistant. 

Thanks to the double-walled vacuum insulation, your best buds can carry their favorite beverages at the perfect temperature all day. What makes these gifts even more special is the option to choose the color, design, and to personalize them with laser engraving.

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2. Combat Cooler

Combat Cooler

Our Combat Cooler is a best groomsmen gift idea that screams both utility and design. Available in a variety of colors, this 600D polyester cooler with PEVA heat-sealed insulation can comfortably carry 12 bottles or 18 cans of your favorite beverages. It features an attached bottle opener and extra front pocket storage, making it a handy accessory. 

To add a unique touch, you can customize it with your groomsman's initials. It's a symbol of your shared friendship and the exciting adventures in town to come.

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3. Traveling Breeze

Traveling Breeze

The Traveling Breeze passport holder is an awesome gift idea for groomsmen who love to trip around the globe. This classic leather piece fits standard sized passports, up to 8 credit cards, and has an extra sleeve for cash or receipts. Its waxed and burnished edges give a premium finish that your groomsmen will surely love. 

The best part is that each can be customized with a design of your choice, adding a unique touch to this thoughtful gift. Make each friend feel special with this unique groomsmen gift that adds a touch of style to their travel stuff.

4. Hanging Travel Kit

Hanging Travel Kit

Hanging Travel Kit is another unique and practical gift idea for your groomsmen. Designed with a sturdy hanging hook, these kits are made from durable cotton canvas with a mesh polyester interior for easy cleaning. They feature both interior and exterior pockets, perfect for organizing toiletries for the big day. 

Adding to their charm, these travel kits can be personalized with the groomsman's initials, and you can even select the lettering style and thread color.

5. Water Bottle

Water Bottle

Hydration is crucial, especially during wedding celebrations. Consider gifting your groomsmen with a sleek, matte black Water Bottle. It's 32oz, big enough to quench their thirst and perfect for stashing in a bag. With a secure screw-on lid and easy flip top, it makes staying hydrated convenient. 

You can customize it with their names, making it a standout amongst other gifts. It's a practical idea that your buddies will appreciate long after the reception, each time they reach for their favorite beverage.

6. Travels Cigar Case

Travels Cigar Case

For the discerning groomsmen who appreciate a good cigar, consider the Travels Cigar Case. Crafted from faux leather and stainless steel, this classic gift idea comes complete with a cutter and lighter. What's more, this sophisticated case can be personalized for each groomsman, adding that extra unique touch. 

It's an ideal accessory for the reception and can conveniently fit in a bag. These leather-bound gifts elevate the typical groom's gift game to a new, distinguished level.

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7. Bachelor Party Hats

Bachelor Party Hats

No bachelor party is complete without some fun stuff. Enter the Bachelor Party Hats - a playful gift idea that offers a retro fit with woven rope. These hats are made of 100% lightweight cotton twill and feature a structured, five-panel, mid-profile design. 

But the fun doesn't stop there! You can further amp up these gifts by adding a picture or personalizing each with your groomsmen's names. This customized gift idea adds an extra layer of personalization and guarantees to bring a smile to your buddies' faces.

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8. Groom's Gang Beanie

Groom's Gang Beanie

Groom's Gang Beanie is an excellent gift idea to keep your best men warm, especially if you're having a winter wedding. This 100% acrylic beanie, topped with a pom pom, showcases quality and service. 

Customizable with "Groom's Gang" embroidery, these beanies will foster unity among your unique wedding party.

9. Engraved Bottle Opener

Engraved Bottle Opener

An Engraved Bottle Opener makes a cool groomsmen gift for your wedding day. This quality bottle opener features a stainless steel end and a leatherette handle, which can be laser engraved for a personalized touch. 

Choose a color that matches your wedding theme to add an extra dash of design.

10. Groomsmen Flasks

Groomsmen Flasks

Stepping away from the traditional gift ideas, these steel Groomsmen Flasks make the perfect groomsman gift. These quality flasks can be personalized with the role, name, and date of the wedding. 

Keeping in line with your wedding theme, each flask can be filled with the groomsman's favorite bottle of spirit for a future toast.

11. Toiletry Bag

Toiletry Bag

Gift your closest friends a 100% genuine cowhide leather Toiletry Bag, an emblem of quality and durability. This gift idea not only oozes sophistication but is also incredibly practical. 

Choose a thread color that matches your wedding theme and customize each bag with your groomsmen's initials.

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12. Groomsman Tumbler

Groomsman Tumbler

Groomsman Tumbler is a great gift for your wedding party. This 20-fluid ounce stainless steel tumbler is a practical yet stylish groomsman gift. 

You can choose from a range of designs and colors to suit each groomsman's taste, and even personalize it for that extra special touch. Not only does it make an ideal groomsman gift, but it can also serve as memorable wedding favors.

13. Personalized Cufflink And Tie Bar Set

Personalized Cufflink And Tie Bar Set

Raise the style bar with Personalized Cufflink and Tie Bar Set, a perfect gift for your best buddies. These quality gifts, measuring 1.5 inches for the tie bar and 3/4 inches for the cuff links, are the epitome of class. 

Personalize it with your groomsmen's initials to add a touch of elegance. This unique groomsmen gift will surely help your unique wedding party stand out on your wedding day.

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14. Personalized Lighter

Personalized Lighter

Light up your big day with a Personalized Lighter. This unique gift is made from quality leather and can be personalized with the name and initial of your groomsmen. It's the ideal groomsmen gift that combines style and practicality. 

Each lighter comes in a gift tin, adding to its elegance. You can even request special engraving for your best man. This gift idea will certainly spark joy on your wedding day.

15. Classy Sunglasses

Classy Sunglasses

Nothing elevates a guy's style quite like a pair of Classy Sunglasses. Sebring Wood Grain Plastic Sunglasses with UV400 protection, serve both design and function. 

Imagine your best man and closest friends donning these sunglasses for wedding photos! Beyond the wedding day, these shades can be a stylish staple for your guys' everyday wear. Of course, these classy sunglasses make for fantastic gift ideas and can double as wedding favors too.

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16. Pop And Stand Versa Cooler

Pop And Stand Versa Cooler

Our Pop And Stand Versa Cooler, weighing a mere 3 pounds 10 ounces, is a terrific gift idea for your sports-loving groomsmen. 

Choose a color that matches your wedding theme, then personalize it with your best buddy's name or initials. Of course, this cooler's main function is to keep your guys' favorite beverages chilled during your festivities. 

It's a fun and practical token of your respect that your best friends are sure to love.

17. Bro'Ster Holster

Bro'Ster Holster

Every guy appreciates a classic. A Bro'Ster Holster, crafted from 100% veg tanned 8-9 oz leather, is the perfect blend of rugged elegance and functionality. This gift idea can be personalized and engraved, making each one unique for your groomsmen.

The guys can choose the color, turning this into an interactive part of your ceremony. This service elevates the idea of traditional gift ideas to a new level.

18. Custom Watch

Custom Watch

If your groomsman is a sports fan, or simply appreciates a classic accessory, a Custom Watch might just be the perfect gift. These watches are made from real sandalwood and genuine leather, and each is unique as your best buddy. Just like the Bro'Ster Holster, they can be personalized with a name, role, and date, and come packaged for gifting in a box. 

This timeless piece of groomsmen gift ideas will surely be appreciated by the guys, turning the groom's best buddies into the most stylish men at the wedding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What kind of gift is expected at a destination wedding?

A1: At a destination wedding, it is customary to choose gifts that align with the location or offer practical utility for the couple during their travels. Consider thoughtful and portable items, such as personalized travel accessories or gift cards for experiences at the destination.

Q2: Is it traditional to give groomsmen gifts?

A2: Yes, it is traditional to give groomsmen gifts as a token of appreciation for their support and involvement in the wedding. These gifts are typically presented at the rehearsal dinner or on the wedding day, expressing gratitude for the groomsmen's commitment and friendship.

Q3: Are groomsmen expected to give a wedding gift?

A3: While groomsmen are not traditionally expected to give a wedding gift, it is a thoughtful gesture if they choose to do so. Groomsmen often contribute to wedding-related expenses, such as their attire or bachelor party, and giving a gift can be an additional way to express their support and well-wishes for the couple.

Q4: How much do guys spend on groomsmen gifts?

A4: The amount spent on groomsmen gifts can vary widely based on individual preferences and budgets. On average, guys may spend anywhere from $30 to $100 or more per groomsmen gift, depending on factors like personal relationships, the nature of the gift, and the overall budget for the wedding. It's essential to choose gifts that reflect appreciation and thoughtfulness rather than focusing solely on the monetary value.


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