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  • 13 Bridal Party Entrance Ideas That Will Make Your Day More Special

    by Athisham Ulhaq November 14, 2022

    Your bridal party entrance ideas can set the tone for your wedding day.

    If you want to make your big day even more special and memorable, take some time to brainstorm fun entrance ideas with your bridesmaids and other wedding party members.

    The following are 13 of the best bridal party entrance ideas we have found through our research, along with some tips on incorporating them into your big day.


    1. Have Everyone Arrived in Style

    The bride and groom will be excited to see their friends and family on their big day, but they also want to get to know the bride.

    The best way to make this happen is by having everyone arrive in style. Whether it is an elegant limo, a funny bridal party walk, or a fun golf cart, think outside the box regarding these wedding party entrance ideas!

    2. Put Together a Fun Dance Routine

    Creating a fun dance floor routine with your bridal party is a great way to make your grand entrance even more memorable.

    It will help everyone know their place in the procession, and it can be a lot of fun! It is also an excellent way for everyone to become friends and have some laughs before walking down the aisle.

    Here are some wedding party entrance ideas for dances that you can use as inspiration:

    1. Soul Train Line Dance.
    2. Electric Slide Dance.
    3. The Chicken Dance.
    4. The Gangnam Style Dance.
    5. The Cupid Shuffle.


      3. Create a Photo Moment

      It is one of my personal favorite wedding party entrance ideas because it provides just enough pomp and circumstance for everyone in attendance to know that the bride has arrived.

      These grand entrance ideas also allow everyone to take photos that will last forever.

      So, if you have been trying to think of ways to include your friends and family in your big day, this is an awesome way to do so.


      4. Come in from Both Sides

      The bride is the center of attention so she should be seen first. This can be achieved by having her walk in from both sides of the aisle.

      The bridesmaids can also enter from both sides, but this is optional for these wedding reception entrance ideas.

      If you are looking to have a more dramatic grand entrance, have your groom and best man enter from one side of the aisle while you and your maid or matron of honor come in from the other side.

      Once everyone is in place, the ceremony can begin.


      5. Use Sparkle/Light Sticks

      There are many things you can do to set the mood for fun entrance and get your guests excited for your wedding party.

      One fun idea is to have sparkle sticks lining the way where your bridal party will be walking in.

      These sparkle/light sticks will make a stunning entrance, not to mention that they're a great photo opportunity too!


      6. Incorporate Photo Booth Props

      A photo booth is a great way to get your guests excited and add some variety to your wedding reception. One way to make your photo booth even more exciting is by incorporating props!

      There are so many possibilities, but here are 5 of our favorite ideas:

      • In addition to the usual Say Cheese sign, create a scene or setting that corresponds with the theme of your wedding party.
      • Add hats, wigs, masks, sunglasses, anything that can be used for fun photos!
      • Have an assistant hand out fun props like boas and feather headbands for guests to wear. These accessories will not only provide entertainment for everyone involved, but they will also tie into the décor.
      • An interesting prop idea is to have a couple of pictures from your engagement session enlarged and framed as part of the fun entrance set-up.
      • Encourage guests to dress up too! Even if it is just wearing their Sunday best, people love seeing themselves in costume at weddings.


      7. Introduce Each Member of the Bridal Party

      Introducing each member of the bridal party will wow your guests and set the tone for an unforgettable wedding ceremony.

      The bride's father should be introduced first, followed by the groom's mother.

      Afterwards, each member of the wedding party should be introduced in order, starting with the maid or matron of honor and proceeding to members in descending order according to their roles in the ceremony processional or introductions during a reception.


      8. The Parents

      The bride's parents will walk in first, often before the ceremony starts. They will go over to the groom's parents and congratulate them on their soon-to-be son or daughter-in-law.

      They will then walk down the aisle and take their seats on the bride's side of the church.

      The bride's mother will sit next to her, while her father sits on the other side of his future daughter-in-law.

      If the bride is not being escorted by her father, she walks up the aisle with her mother on one arm and any female family member who she wants to be at her side during the ceremony with the other.

      She has two more attendants waiting at the end of the aisle, but she can also include anyone from her immediate family, like an older sister or cousin.

      The person walking with the bride always wears a dress that contrasts with the color scheme of the wedding party, so they are easy to spot when they enter.


      9. Get Creative with Your Music

      If you are hosting an epic wedding party and have been planning every detail, the music is fun and one of the most essential wedding reception entrance ideas.

      You want to pick a song to get people dancing and set the mood for a good time.

      Music sets the tone for your party, and most of us think about our wedding day in terms of wedding entrance songs, music, and dancing.

      Perhaps you want a grand entrance song for your bridal party that fits their personalities or provides some symbolism.

      Another thing to consider is who you will ask to DJ for a dance floor.

      If you are not interested in hiring someone, you can also consider Spotify for all your music needs! It has a wide variety of music selections and affordable pricing options.


      10. Let the Kids Lead the Way

      Guests are always wowed when the bride and her bridesmaids enter together.

      Not only is it a beautiful sight to see, but it also shows how much love and support is given to the bride on her big day.

      But what about those little ones? Giving them their fun entrance will allow them to be just as involved in the ceremony as everyone else.

      Letting your children walk you down the aisle is a beautiful and special entrance idea.

      Not only will it be a very touching moment for you and your guests, but it will also show how far you have come as a couple. It will also allow your guests to see how important they are in your lives.

      This way, even though they cannot be with their mother on her big day, they can still make a grand entrance that is just as unique.

      It is a great time to showcase these young ones at a wedding reception!


      11. Incorporate a Theme

      When it comes to bridal party entrances, each member of your bridal party should feel like they are a part of the wedding party.

      This means coming up with wedding entrance ideas that will wow your guests and get them excited for the big event.

      One of the most popular ways to do this is by incorporating a theme into your grand entrance.


      12. Get Creative with Your Entrance

      For a more intimate wedding, have them enter from the church or the reception hall to create a memorable entrance.

      You can also have them come in while they sing and dance.

      If you want to break the rules of an ordinary wedding party's entrance, do something as unique as having your bridesmaids arrive on a horse-drawn carriage or try coming down the aisle in a convertible.

      You could put on an elaborate firework show and music for an extravagant affair, with your bridal party riding in on horses!

      Have them come in on a sledge if you are having a winter wedding.

      Whatever creative wedding party entrance idea you decide to go with for your entrance is sure to be one that will wow your guests.


      13. Bonus Tips!

      A bridal party entrance can be a great way to add some unique elements to your wedding day.

      Here are ten wedding party entrance ideas to make your bridal party entrance memorable:

      1. A brightly colored car decorated with ribbons and the theme of the wedding party.
      2. The bride's father (or whoever is giving her away) walks down the aisle, opening the way for the bride and her attendants to enter.
      3. All your attendant dresses match in color or have some theme, such as flowers, jewels, or peacocks, that they all have in common.
      4. Have one of your friends give you away by walking out ahead of time and then turning around when she reaches the end of the aisle, so she is on either side.
      5. Create a processional where everyone stands at the back with music playing until the bride enters, and they all start walking forward.
      6. Play an instrumental version of Here Comes The Bride.
      7. All entrances happen on cue; when someone arrives, everyone claps while walking in.
      8. Have each member arrive separately before coming together at one spot, greeting each other before heading off to their seats.
      9. Each person comes in alone but has an escort standing next to them at an appointed time; this could be done with parents or other loved ones if necessary.
      10. Arrive on horseback!


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