15 Fun Bachelor Party Decorations

by Eds Alvarez April 18, 2022

The summer is here, which also means that bachelor party season is here.  A bachelor party won't be a party without decorations that really rock! Let his bachelor party be filled with unforgettable items that will forever haunt him on his last night of being a bachelor. Whether those are balloons, confetti, party cups, straws, banners and the like, his weekend will definitely stand out with the right bachelor party gifts and decorations in place. You can even goa s far as the vase and souvenirs that will truly make a memorable night for him and his favorite buddies. 

Here are 15 fun bachelor party decorations you can choose from: 

15. BroSash Funny Bachelor Party Balloons

These BroSash Funny Bachelor Party Balloons will create unforgettable and hilarious memories with these high quality balloons. You will love these black, silver, & red balloons. Take amazing pictures to remember the Groom's last night of freedom. Needless to say, these balloons are great for photo props.

14. The Groom and The Groom's Crew 


This The Groom and The Groom's Crew  is made of quality material. The dense polypropylene material ensures these cups are built to last. It has a double sided print and can be easily stored. It also makes for an amazing and thoughtful gift or party favor!

13. Bachelor Level Complete Banner

This Bachelor Level Complete Banner is of great quality, light but sturdy, and will look great on your cake. You will have to string the two holes of each card stock with a rope. It is suitable for 2021 video game theme bachelor's party decoration supplies.

This Same Boobs Forever Balloon Banner includes "Same Boobs Forever" Letter Balloon - 16", 3 color options (rose gold/gold/silver), 1 String and 1 Straw. It will be the center of attention in your fun filled bachelor's party. 
This "She Said No Strippers" Groom Sash will give you the much needed ingredient to embarrass the bachelor!  "She Said No Strippers" sash is the perfect amount of immaturity to make his bride cringe. The sash is a one size fits all. One side measures approximately 3 ft. long and 3 inches wide. 

10. Custom Bachelor Party Face Photo Banner


This Custom Bachelor Party Face Photo Banner is a digital product. Print and cut your loved one's face on a banner with a gold crown to celebrate his bachelor party! Send your photo(s) and the desired crown option just make sure the face is facing forward and not turned to one side. 

9. Bachelor Party Pack 

This Bachelor Party Pack is one perfect decor to embarrass the bachelor. Our "Same Vagina Forever" banner pack is the perfect amount of immaturity to make his bride cringe. Pack includes 1 black and gold "Same Vagina Forever" banner, 12 black and gold "She Said No Strippers" balloons, and 6 "Game Over" stop sign shaped swirls. Best part is they make awesome photo props too. 

8. Bachelor Party Venmo Card


This Bachelor Party Venmo Card is a digital item that contains the words, Leveling Up to Husband - Buy the Groom a Beer VIP Venmo Pass! E-mail the screenshot of the groom's Venmo QR code and the finished product will be delivered to your email address within 72 hours. When you open the scanner and tap “Venmo Me,” you’ll see your personal QR code next to your profile picture. Here you’ll also have options to share your personal QR code via email.

7. Vagina Paper Straws 


These Vagina Paper Straws are a fun way to add some laughs at your party! Handcrafted, they are made with premium non - shedding glitter cardstock papers. It uses the best of the best glitter cardstock! No shedding glitter here!!
Each set contains 12 straws and are shipped quickly and in quality boxes to ensure they aren't damaged during shipping!

6. Set of 10 Funny Beer Can Cooler



This Set of 10 Funny Beer Can Cooler will let your favorite buddies get their own design, so there’s no mixing up of drinks. That means they get to choose who they will be? These standard beer can cooler sleeves are made with thick, durable Neoprene. It is made to last through summer vacation adventures and fall camping trips. They will not fall apart like cheap foam can coolers. Neoprene is also guaranteed to keep your seltzer or drink nice and cool.

5. Tuxedo Men’s Flower Vase Centerpiece


This Tuxedo Men’s Flower Vase Centerpiece is a unique and one of a kind centerpiece for bachelor party, casino night, wedding and more! Tuxedo and vase are included in purchase. Tuxedo can be removed from vase. The Tux is made out of cotton so it can be ironed/streamed and is quick to dry. You can put flowers, candle, candy, cigars, and so much more inside vase. 

4. Beer Bottle Label


This Beer Bottle Label is a perfect gift way to surprise your boys where the bachelorette party is before the I do's are announced. Each label is customizable and will include: Bachelors name, Bachelor party location and date.

3. A Dirty Mind Gift Set


This A Dirty Mind Gift Set is specially made for them who has a head full of sexual, malicious, and other reprehensible thoughts, fantasies, and implications. This is a set of typical drinking phrases. But for them who may be  reading more into this, indeed they do have a Dirty Mind!

2. Bachelor Party Confetti


This Bachelor Party Confetti will decorate your bachelor party in style! It comes with 50 custom pieces of your choice, from a bow-tie, to a muscular arm, and body. You can choose 1 option or have a mix of all three. This one includes 50 pieces of confetti on glitter card stock. Choose between your choice of blue, silver, black, pink, or gold glitter.

1. Bachelor Party Hangover Recovery Kit

This Bachelor Party Hangover Recovery Kit are a must have favor for any bachelor party. Wording can be adjusted to your desire along with details and colors. It's perfect to hold aspirins, alka-seltzer and mints in for the morning after the big bash. Your guys will definitely appreciate the love!

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