19 Heartfelt Wedding Gifts for Parents to Cherish Forever

by Melissa Bajda June 01, 2023

Finding the perfect wedding gifts for your parents and in-laws can be tricky, but it doesn't have to be! Show them how much you appreciate their love and support with a heartfelt gift they will cherish forever.

From meaningful photo frames to customized keepsakes, we've rounded up the top 19 wedding gifts for parents and in-laws to make them feel extra special on your big day.

 17 Best Wedding Gifts for Parents and In-Laws

1. Farmhouse Monogram Throw Blanket

Introducing the Farmhouse Monogram Throw Blanket, a relaxed and stylish way to keep warm at home. Made with soft 100% polyester and available in cream or navy, these wedding gifts for parents come with tassels for a classic farmhouse look.

The monogram option adds a personal touch, making it the perfect wedding gift for parents.

2. Crystal Ice Bucket

The Crystal Ice Bucket is the perfect way to celebrate the wedding with parents. It is functional in keeping your beverages cold during those hot summer rounds and adds a touch of elegance to the course.

This crystal ice bucket is the perfect size for wine lovers, measuring 7.75" on its tallest side and 6.5" wide. It also comes with a set of ice tongs, making adding ice to your drinks easy without getting your hands wet.

3. Forever Charcuterie Set

The Forever Charcuterie Set is a beautiful and functional wedding gift for parents and in-laws who love entertaining guests.

This set is made of acacia wood, which is durable and comes with three knives specifically designed for different types of cheese: cheddar, stilton, and hard cheese. You can personalize it with a name or wedding date.

4. Unique Planters

When it comes to unique wedding gifts for parents and in-laws, why not try gifting them something green and natural that they can add to their home décor? We are talking about Air Plant Planters.

These parents wedding gifts are perfect for parents or in-laws who are plant lovers and would love to display a living piece of nature in their homes.

5. Picnic Wine Table

Another great wedding gift for parents and in-laws is a Picnic Wine Table. These creative wedding gifts are perfect for a romantic picnic or an outdoor concert.

Made from high-quality wood, they can be easily carried around and placed on any surface. Plus, they come with built-in slots to hold wine glasses and bottles. This practical gift is perfect for parents who love to spend time outside, whether hiking or enjoying a sunny day in the park.

6. Crystal Wine Set

Crystal Wine Set is an excellent wedding gift idea for parents and in-laws who love entertaining and appreciating good wine.

This traditional wedding gift set is 100% lead-free crystal, ensuring the wine tastes pure and authentic. The set includes a carafe with glasses, one crystal carafe and four standard wine glasses.

7. To My Wonderful Parents Card

A simple and heartfelt card can go a long way in showing your appreciation and love for your parents on your wedding day. This "To My Wonderful Parents" card is perfect for the occasion, made with real gold foil and featuring a minimalist design that speaks volumes.

The A6 size of the card is just right for a personal note, and the blank inside allows you to express your gratitude in your own words with a wedding date.

8. Wood Round Tray

Another great wedding gift option for your parents and in-laws is a beautiful Wood Round Tray. These wedding gift ideas are perfect for serving appetizers or as a table centerpiece to hold decorative items.

The tray is made of high-quality wood and features steel handles for easy carrying. You can choose to personalize the tray. Whether your parents and in-laws are hosting dinner parties or enjoying a quiet night at home, they'll love using this unique gift for years to come.

9. Wood Picture Frame

Beautiful Picture Frame is one of the most classic and timeless wedding gifts for parents and in-laws. This is perfect for those parents who cherish family photos and want to display them prominently in their home.

These personalized gifts feature two clips holding two 4 X 6 photos. It is self-standing, so it can be placed on a shelf or mantel without being mounted on a wall.

10. Personalized Parents Illustration

Personalized Parents Illustration thoughtful gift is a wonderful way to showcase your love and appreciation for your parents and in-laws.

In the Personalization Box, you will input all the information needed for the personalization process. Simply fill out the box with the relevant details and custom message, and our designers will create a beautiful illustration that will surely put a smile on your loved ones' faces.

11. Family Tree Decanter

Looking for a great gift that both your parents and in-laws can cherish together? The Family Tree Decanter is the perfect parent wedding gift. This unique and stunning decanter is not only functional, holding up to 38 oz of their favorite beverage, but also serves as a beautiful decorative piece.

The intricate 3D finish on these parents gifts creates a visual masterpiece that they can display proudly in their home.

12. Custom Handkerchief

Custom Handkerchief is a classic and timeless gift perfect for weddings. You can personalize the handkerchief with a special message or your parents' names and even include a lace detail on all four corners for an extra touch of elegance.

This thoughtful wedding gift is practical, sentimental, and something your mother in-law and father in-law can treasure for years. It can also serve as a wonderful keepsake to remember your special day.

13. Coordinates Cutting Board

A cutting board may not be the first gift that comes to mind for parents or in-laws, but this Coordinates Cutting Board is sure to impress. Each personalized cutting board is handcrafted to perfection and made from US-grown walnut and maple.

The unique feature of this board is the ability to add the coordinates of the couple's home location. This small personal touch can make a huge impact on this wedding or anniversary gift.

14. Personalized Candle for Parents

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding gift for your parents or in-laws after your wedding festivities, it is important to find something that is thoughtful, sentimental but also practical, and functional. And what better way to do that than with a Personalized Candle?

Soy candles are a popular choice for their eco-friendliness and long-lasting burn time. Opt for a 200ml frosted glass candle for a luxurious touch. But what sets this fun gift apart is the personalization factor.

15. Mr. and Mrs. Metal Sign 

A personalized metal sign is one of the best wedding gifts you can get your parents. This will be an excellent decoration for their new home and remind them of the wedding day. The Mr. and Mrs. Metal Sign is perfect for this occasion.

These parent wedding gifts are made of high-quality metal and features the words "Mr. and Mrs." with the last name.

16. Organic Spa Gift Basket

An The Organic Spa Gift basket is an excellent choice if you want to pamper your parents with a thoughtful and luxurious gift after wedding day.

These spa gift baskets typically include a variety of organic skincare and body care products that can help your parents or in-laws relax and rejuvenate after a long day of wedding planning process or rehearsal dinner.

17. Custom Photo Calendar

Another great way to congratulate your parents on your wedding day is with aFamily Photo Calendar. This creative gift is not only thoughtful, but it's also practical, as your parents will be able to use it after wedding ceremony.

One great idea is to create a family photo calendar with some of their favorite pictures. Your parents will surely appreciate this best personalized gift, reminding them of their love every day of the year.

18. Personalized Spoon Set

One unique wedding gift idea that your parents will surely appreciate is a Personalized Spoon Set. This five-piece personalized wooden spoon set includes a spatula, ladle, long spoons, and a large spoon, all made from high-quality materials that can withstand the test of time in any kitchen.

To top it off, the personalized spoon set even comes with a 2-ounce wood conditioner to keep the spoons looking brand new for years.

19. Coffee Gift Box Set

If your parents are coffee lovers, consider gifting them a Coffee Gift Box Set with 10 different varieties of coffee. The coffee gift set usually comes in a sweet little gift box with 10 test tubes filled with coffee beans or grounds from different regions worldwide.

Your parents can use this gift to taste and compare each coffee's different flavors, strengths, and aromas. These thank-you gifts are perfect for parents who enjoy brewing coffee at home and trying out new blends.


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