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Nerdtastic! Gift Ideas for Your Geeky Groomsmen

by Chris Bajda November 26, 2018 6 min read

On average, you'll have nine close friends in your lifetime. 

Friends are more than just drinking buddies to go on crazy adventures with. Did you know that friends help improve your overall health, happiness, and self-esteem?

If it wasn't for your groomsmen, you might not even be getting married, to begin with. Think about it, would you have had the courage to ask your bride to be for her hand in marriage if you didn't have the friends you do? Chances are some of the bizarre experiences your buddies have dragged you on, were able to help prepare you for the lifelong journey of marriage.

Your wedding is the perfect moment to let your buddies know how deeply you value their friendship. Help your close friends be the cool guys they've always wanted to be, by getting them a gift they can't get anywhere else.

Do you have friends that are geeky, nerdy or love playing games? If yes, you should find gifts that help them celebrate their own style of nerdiness. Read on to learn about groomsmen gift ideas for any kind of nerd, geek or gamer.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas

First, you'll need to discover what type of nerds you're buying for. There's no greater offense than buying Star Trek swag for a team of Star Wars fanatics. There are three main categories of nerdism and your buddy will probably fall into one of them.

If you want to blow your groomsmen away you'll need to find out what category best suits the majority of your party.

  1. Nerds
  2. Geeks
  3. Gamers

Over a round of drinks try to feel out what categories your groomsmen fall into. You might want to let your best man in on your plan. Together you can narrow down which of the three nerdy categories will best suit your pals.

Next, we'll give you a little insight into what groomsmen gift ideas will work great for nerds.

Get in the Mind of a Nerd

Ah, the nerds are one of the best groups to buy gifts for. Your nerdy friends will be the ones who love to watch cult classics. Have you heard your friends talking about Marvel movies, Lord of the Rings or Star Wars?

If your answer is yes, then you have nerdy friends. The great news is nerds are some of the easiest friends to buy for. That's because there are so many different gift opportunities for this category of friends.

If your friends like any of the following, they're probably nerds:

  • Lord of the Rings
  • Star Wars
  • Marvel
  • Knowing more than you do

Be careful when you're selecting the right gifts for your nerdy friends. Not every nerd loves Star Wars and not every nerd will find anime amusing. You might find your friends are a perfect blend of gamer and nerdy, leaving you with even more gifting options!

Marvel-Themed Bobbleheads

Do your groomsmen love anything to do with the Marvel universe? Why not create bobbleheads that look like your friends wearing Marvel T-shirts? If this gift idea sounds weird, that's because it is. The more weird and creative your gift idea, the more likely your friends are to remember it for years to come.

You'll be giving your friends the gift of laughter when they get a tiny bobblehead that looks like them. You can nerd out your bobbleheads by requesting they wear Marvel attire. You can have the bobbleheads dress as Superman, or have each individual bobblehead wear its own Marvel-themed shirt.

If you don't think your friends fit into the nerdy category, you might be dealing with a bunch of geeks. Let's look at how to figure out what type of geekiness you're dealing with.

Are Your Friends Super Geeks?

Geeky friends will argue over whether androids or iPhones are better. Most geeks are intellectuals and will enjoy funny puns or gifts that use wit as their humor.

Here are a few signs your friends are geeks:

  • They find math jokes funny
  • You always find them buying tech gadgets
  • They'd rather read than go outside

If your friends gravitate towards a store's electronics section, they're probably a technology-loving geek. 

Tech Savvy Geek Gifts

Your techy groomsmen will be happy to receive any small tech-related gadgets. Try getting them each a personalized keychain that doubles as a USB flash drive. Your groomsmen can use the flash drive to store photos from your infamously fun bachelor party, the wedding itself, or for their own personal photos. Geeks tend to love gifts that are practical so this customized flash drive is sure to win them over.

iPhone Loving Geeks

Are your friends iPhone fanatics? Then buy them a customized Ibro iPhone case. A phone case is a perfect gift to remind your groomsmen of your friendship on a daily basis. The Ibro iPhone case is leather and sleek, helping to give it a classy appeal. Your friends will feel like a cool cowboy everytime they go to check their phone.

What to Get Tabletop Gamers

Finally, the last group of nerdiness is gamers. If you and your gang have a history of playing Dungeons and Dragons or other role-playing games, try getting a gift to commemorate your shared love for gaming. The table top gifts below will also work for poker and other casino-type games, you and your friends play together.

Flasks Always Win

Whatever type of games you and your buddies play, alcohol can always make the night better. Create customized flasks that represent the types of games you and your friends play.

  • Old bourbon flasks
  • Personalized flasks
  • Mustache flasks

Imagine handing each friend an old tavern flask, made from a bourbon barrel with their initials. Tavern like flasks is especially fun if you play games, like Dungeons and Dragons, where your characters typically end up in a tavern at some point.

The flasks could also reflect the fun, care-free spirit you and your friends love to live by. Personalized mustache flaskscapture the comedy of the group, without accidentally being tacky. You can have each groomsmen's name put on their individual flasks. Then hand the flasks out during your next game together as a wedding party.

Die Rollers or Dice Sets

Many tabletop games require you to use dice. Buy everyone in your wedding party a specialized set of die. You can specialize your dice sets with unique designs, colors or textures. After buying the dice sets consider buying customized dice bags or die rollers. You can have each groomsmen's name inscribed on their individual die roller or bag.

Gifts for Gamers

Do you suspect your groomsmen spend their Sundays hanging with their Xbox or PlayStation? Then a video themed gaming gift will help get you the smiles you're looking for.

Super Mario Fanatics

A true Super Mario fan will smile just from hearing the game's theme song. Almost anything you get that references the game will be a big hit. Here are a few quotes from Super Mario:

  • "It's a-me, Mario!"
  • "Let's go!"
  • "So- long-a-Bowser!"

Find an accessory you can inscribe your favorite Mario quote on. Sunglasses and wallets will make the gift more of an inside joke. If you want the video game's quote to be more visible to the public, try putting the quote on a t-shirt, instead of an accessory.

You and your groomsmen can wear your customized, video game themed shirts to an arcade. There's a lot of arcades that cater to adults and have full liquor bars. You and your party will attract all the right type of attention from fellow video game lovers. Everyone in the arcade will wish they were a part of your nerd loving crew.

Avoid Tacky Gift Ideas

Tacky groomsmen gift ideas are ones that don't show any thought or level of care. If you're having a hard time choosing what nerdy gift to buy, try getting a classic gift like a knife or a watch. Knives and watches make great gifts because your friends will be able to use them year after year.

A quality knife can say a lot about a guy. Are you and your friends the outdoorsy type who isn't afraid to get their hands dirty? Then go big with a Paul Bunyon man ax. Or catch your friends off guard with a shoot and stab knife. The small slender switchblade knife comes with a wooden box and two personalized shot glasses. After all, what guys night would be complete without drinking and knives? 

Choosing the right gift should be a fun experience. Are you still not sure what gift is the right one to give? Don't sweat it! Groovy Groomsmen Gifts can help you find all of the answers you are looking for. Talk to one of our customer service reps through or live chat, so you can buy the perfect gift today.

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