Wedding Studs: How to Make The Groom and Groomsmen Look Great In Wedding Pictures

by Chris Bajda August 09, 2020


Every year, there are over 2 million weddings that take place in the USA alone. While you want the day itself to be spectacular, you also want your wedding photos to turn out incredibly. Thankfully, they can be edited and touched up after the fact (check out Facetune’s face editor apps blog post to learn more).

But in addition to cleaning up photos, you also need to ensure that they look good from the start. This goes for everything from the smile, to the background, to the chosen poses.

While a wedding may seem all about the bride, the groom also plays a big role. As a result, they will need to pose for their fair share of pictures as well. Unfortunately, many aren’t the best at posing or taking great photos, much to the chagrin of their new bride.

Thankfully, this article is here to help. We’re going to go over some tips on how to best pose grooms and groomsmen for their ever-important wedding photos.

Taking Photos With the Groom and the Bride


These are some of the most important photos of the entire wedding, as the bride and groom photos are likely to be displayed in a home and sent to dozens of family members. As a result, time needs to be taken in order to find the right poses. There are several different poses you can choose from.

You can have cute photos of the couple facing each other and smiling, the bridge resting her head on the groom's chest as they embrace, and even some photos of the bride behind the groom with her head on his shoulder.

It is also common to separate the bride and groom and have them in different positions in the shot. Also, don’t be afraid to have a little fun. While you certainly want some romantic photos, you also want to get some of the couple being a little goofy together.

Taking Photos With the Groom and Groomsmen


Another important set of photos are the ones between the groom and his groomsmen. While some of these will certainly be nice and proper, the groom is with his buddies, so a lot of these photos will certainly be a little silly and informal.

You of course need the standard photos with the groom and groomsmen standing or sitting in a group, but don’t hesitate to get more creative and let everyone show off their personalities. Other poses can include the group having a drink together, the groomsmen all holding up the groom, or even some candid photos of the group getting ready.

These photos are likely when the groom will be at his most relaxed, surrounded by friends. As a result, these are generally quite easy to get, although getting the group to take it seriously can be a bit of a challenge.

Taking Photos of the Groom By Himself


Of course, some photos of the groom by himself will need to be taken as well. Feeling awkward taking photos is a very normal thing, and is something that many men will struggle with. As a result, the most important thing here is to make the groom feel as comfortable as possible.

Photographers should always clearly explain, and potentially show, the groom the poses that would look good. Many grooms have a tendency to appear a little stiff when posing alone, so try to get them laughing or to have a conversation to calm them down.

Some of the poses that can look great for a solo groom include leaning on a wall, sitting on a ledge, and standing in a walkway. Take some close-up shots of the suit, as well as some photos that focus more on the background. Always give a groom something to do with his hands in the photo, and stand as if there is no photo being taken, to help ease potential stress.

In conclusion, we hope that this article has been able to help you learn how to effectively pose grooms and their groomsmen. While it’s not always easy, following these tips can help you come up with some great shots.

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