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- - Zane Beadles - San Francisco 49ers Lineman
Best Man Testimonial "I thought this gift looked great in pictures which is why I picked it but seeing it in person just blew away my expectations. These guys did a tremendous job putting this together. I love how each box has a slightly different design based on the wood. It really makes each gift unique. I'm beyond excited to give these to my groomsmen!"
- - Alexander K - Toms River, NJ
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Best Groomsmen Gifts Ever "Wow! This caricature looks amazing! You definitely captured everyone very well! Thank you so much! Thank you very much for all your hard work and being so easy to work with! The guys all look great and this will definitely be an amazing groomsmen gift! Thanks!"
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Gifts For Groomsmen "The groomsmen gifts were a hit at the final rehearsal dinner. The idea of having a credit card bottle opener was fun, every guy liked it better than carrying around a bunch of keys."
- - Tom Adams - Philadelphia, PA
Flasks For Groomsmen "The groomsmen gifts were well received. I was particularly impressed by the build quality of the flasks and lighters. The metal felt very substantial in the hand and the engraving on both looked well-crafted but subtle."
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Groomsmen Gifts Ultimate Guide

You got the girl, you’ve got the wedding planned, and you’ve got the groomsmen to stand by your side. The only thing left to do besides saying “I do”, is to find a great way to thank the gentleman in your party for their commitment to making your big day the best it can be. 

While your “thank you” doesn’t need to be anything extravagant, a simple groomsmen gift is a great token of your appreciation for their hard work.

But, if you’re like most grooms this can be a challenge. With different personalities, interests, and styles, it can be difficult to narrow down the best groomsmen gift for each of your guys. In fact, shopping for groomsmen, in general, can be a hassle. Don’t panic, we’ve got some good news. We’ve compiled 16 of our favorite types of groomsmen gifts and some examples of each.


1. Gift Box Sets

Groomsmen Gift Box Sets

Gift sets are a great way to give your groomsmen a little bit of everything they’ll enjoy, without the hassle of shopping for individual items. With one-stop shop gift sets, you’ll find a variety of ways to say thank you, while still being able to customize your gift specifically for them.

These groomsmen gift box sets are designed to both be functional, and visually appealing, using the highest quality items that will be sure to make a statement. Whether it’s a cigar set or tool kit, you’ll have the convenience of dozens of gifts to choose from, without sacrificing the personal touch for each groomsman.

Don’t spend time shopping endlessly for the perfect thank you gift. Enjoy the convenience and functionality of box gift sets to give your groomsman a gift they’ll both use and enjoy for years to come. (click on image for more)

 Knife and Shot Glass Gift Set   Groomsmen Gift Box Set Flask & Knife      VIP Groomsmen Gift Box Set Flask-knife-notebox-box-gift-set


Shop Groomsmen Gift Box Sets


2. Unique Gifts

Unique Groomsmen Gifts Bobble Head

Picking the perfect gift for your groomsman is never easy. You want something they’ll enjoy, and ideally a gift they wouldn’t go out and get for themselves. So, if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary to give your groomsmen, look no further.

We’ve got some unique gifts your groomsmen will love. With so many different options to choose from, a unique gift like a bovine horn tankard, or a leather beer holster is a great way to stand out from the crowd and recognize your groomsman for all the hard work they put into your wedding day. Maybe a Bota Wine Bag to channel your groomsmen’s inner Spaniard?

Whatever your preference, your groomsmen will enjoy a unique gift that customized to their liking, we guarantee it!

Face on a pint  Bourbon bottle opener  Caricature mug  Personalized movie poster Beer labels

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3. Drinking Gifts 

Decanter and Whiskey Stones

Alcohol and weddings seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. While we didn’t come up with this awesome combo, we sure think drinking gifts are a great way to thank your groomsmen.

The best part about drinking gifts? They’re both functional and aesthetically pleasing. With dozens of gifts to choose from, we’ve got something for every drinker in your party. Whether their go-to beverage is wine, beer, or spirits, you’ll find a gift that they can proudly display, and enjoy using whenever the clock strikes 5:00 pm. Or earlier, we don’t judge.

With gifts to choose from like growlers, wine barrels, and even cocktail sets, you’ll have no problem finding a great gift your groomsman will love. When they’re not using them, recipients will love to display the personalized items that remind them of the role they played on your special day.

Horned Beer Mugs  Metal Growler and Pint Glass  Glass etched decanter  Dink mixing set Metal beer mugs

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4. Caricature Gifts

Groomsmen Caricatures

Your groomsman’s wall art will never be the same.

Caricatures are fun and 100% personalized gift your groomsman will surely love. With the option for individual caricatures of your groomsman or one of the whole group, these customized drawings will capture the personality and style of your groomsman in a permanent display for them to enjoy.

With the option to pick the background, expressions, and even any props your groomsman is holding, this is a great gift to capture the comradery of those that are standing by your side. Now, if you want to take wall art and make it come alive, we think you may want to consider our caricature gifts for your groomsmen, such as a coffee mug, flask, or beer stein.

Your groomsman will never hear “Who’s is this?” again.  Below are some of our favorites (click on the pictures info):

Caricature Beer Mug   Individual Groomsmen Caricature   Caricature on Flask   Group Groomsmen Caricature 

Shop All Groomsmen Caricature Gifts


5. Sports Themed Gifts

Sports Groomsmen Gifts Football

Men love sports. Groundbreaking, we know. What better way to say thank you to your groomsman than with a sports-themed gift!

Perfect for the groomsman in your life that are constantly checking stats, talking shop, and disagreeing with their favorite coaching staff on the latest trade, we’ve got a wide variety of gifts to choose from.  With an assortment of sports and teams to pick from, our sports-themed gifts will offer a great option for the sports lovers standing by your side on your big day.

We’ve got something for everyone; for the slugger in your party, a custom bat for him to proudly display, or maybe an office putting set for the Tiger Woods in your life.

From functional gifts to wall art, you can’t go wrong with a sports-themed gift to say thank you to the members of your team on your wedding day.

Engraved Baseball  Engraved mini bats     Compact Office Golf SetEngraved Mini Hockey Stick  Engraved Basketball

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6. Cigar Themed Gifts

Groomsmen Cigar Gifts

Smoking cigars is a classic pastime that’s still widely enjoyed today. There’s something special about having a cigar with friends, and we’re here to help your groomsman enjoy that stogey for every last puff.

Whether your groomsman is a novice smoker or the Winston Churchill of his neighborhood, we’ve got great gifts to ensure he’s always ready for a smoke. With gifts like cigar holders, lighters, or even cigar cutters, your groomsman will have everything he needs to light up and enjoy.

Cigar gifts are great options for the classy gentlemen in your party, especially for those looking for a displayable item that will make them feel like they’re living in an episode of Mad Men.

With customizable and personalized options available, this is one sure fire way to make sure your groomsman are thanked for their help on your wedding day.

Flask and Cigar holder  Lighter and cigar flask  Humidor  Ash trey Cigar holder flask Cherry wood humidor

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7. Watches

Groomsmen Watches

In a world where checking your phone for the time has become the norm, we challenge that and say classic means still work best. We’re talking about the old-timey look and feel of watches.

Watches make a great gift for your groomsman as a functional and aesthetically pleasing gift for them to enjoy. With so many different types and styles, we think you’ll find something for every groomsman in your party.

Maybe you’re looking for something a bit more classic and out of the ordinary, such as a pocket watch. Maybe you’re on the hunt for a modern take on a staple accessory, how about a wooden watch? Perhaps your groomsman is already a watch aficionado and just needs a place to store them, how about a leather watch case? No matter what your groomsman style is, a watch is great, dare we say “timeless”, a gift that they’ll enjoy everytime they wear it.

  Wooden personalized watch    Wooden personalized watch Wooden personalized watch and cuffs



8. Travel Bags

Personalized duffel bag

For the groomsman in your life that’s always on the go, we’ve got some travel bags we think they’ll love.

Because bags are used so frequently in our day to day lives, this is a great functional gift to give to your groomsmen. The best part about these bags is that we’ve got something for every occasion, from duffels to toiletry bags.

Whether your groomsmen are heading out the door for a long weekend or jetting off for work, our travel bags are personalized, reliable, and well-designed options for whatever they’ve got planned.

We’ve even got bags for tailgates and parties, such as our Combat Cooler. Don’t give your groomsman a gift they’ll only enjoy once in a blue moon. Give them a gift they’ll find a use for year-round and take pride in showing off.

Overnight bag  Overnight bag and backpack  Overnight bag  Overnight bag Overnight backpack

SHOP ALL Travel Bags

9. Funny Gifts

Funny Groomsmen Gifts Caricature Mug

Give the gift of laughter with a funny gift your groomsman will love! Nothing makes a more memorable gift than one that will remind your groomsman of time spent together on your big day.

No matter their sense of humor, items like a custom bobblehead, or caricature will be sure to make even the most serious groomsman smile. These customized gifts can be tailored to your groomsman’s style and sense of humor, making it a personalized item they’ll proudly display in their home or office.

Funny gifts are great to give to groomsmen who’s sense of humor you enjoy and will even help loosen the nerves before your big day. No matter what you pick, a good laugh with last a lifetime with your groomsman by your side!

We also recommend the other funny groomsmen gifts below (click on the image for more info):

 Funny Engraved Pint Glass  Funny Caricature Gift  Movie Poster Gift  Beer Holster  Groomsmen Underwear

Shop All Funny Groomsmen Gifts


10. Knives

Personalized Groomsmen Knife

A man can never have too many knives, and that’s why we love them as a groomsman gift.

With pocket knives, multi-tools, and even gift sets to choose from, you’ll be better protected than the president on your wedding day. Knives can make a great functional gift for the outdoorsman or wild man in your life and are easily customized and personalized for each recipient.

With a variety of uses and sizes to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect blade to give your groomsman as a thank you for their support (and protection). But, if you’re really looking to make a statement, consider a custom ax for your groomsman to both use and proudly display as a token of your gratitude.

Sharp looking groomsman deserve a sharp gift, and we’ve got you covered!

 Engraved Fix Blade Knife Engraved Knife  Black Groomsmen Knife     Lock back Knife  Fixed multi colored blades


11. Wallets

Groomsmen Wallets

Keys, check. Phone, check. Wallet, check. Does this sound like your routine every time you walk out the door to start your day? Chances are, your groomsman feels the same way.

Maybe a new car or phone is out of the picture to give your groomsman, but what’s better than saying thank you with something they’ll use and enjoy every day? Wallets make a great groomsman gift because they’re functional and tailored to each recipient.

Whether your groomsman is a traditional guy who enjoys a folding wallet or a minimalist who enjoys the simplicity of a money clip, our selection of wallets has something for everyone.

With gift sets available, you’ll have the a fully functional and easily appreciated gift that will last and be used for years to come. 

Engraved wallet  Hand Crafted Leather  Leather wallet  Black Groomsmen Wallet  Engraved leather wallet

SHOP ALL personalized WalletS

12. Small Affordable Gifts


We know how expensive weddings can be, and a small gift is all it takes to thank your groomsman. On average a groom spends about $40 on each of his groomsmen, but it's not the cost of the gift that matters most.  So, whatever your budget is we’ve got something your groomsmen will love.

Almost all of our affordable gifts can be purchased for under $35, making them great options for grooms on a tighter budget. Simple items such as a personalized business card case, a 20 ounce engraved beer glass, or even a custom man cave sign make for great options when you’re not looking to spend a lot on gifts.

With a variety of gift options for every groomsman in your life, you can’t go wrong when deciding what to pick. These affordable options are a wonderful way to be mindful of your spending, while still saying thank you to the groomsmen who are standing by your side.



13. Flasks

Groomsmen Flasks

Dear liver, we’re sorry. Sincerely, Groovy Groomsmen Gifts.

Yes, it’s another alcohol-related gift, but it's only because people love them and they’re a timeless classic!

We love flasks as a groomsman gift because they’re sturdy, customized, and fully functional. With a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from, you’ll give your groomsman a great way to make a boring meeting more entertaining, and the freedom to make it five o’clock anywhere.

Choose from sets, or standalone flasks to make your groomsman’s favorite beverage available on the go, and add a touch of class to every jacket pocket they possess. While it may seem old fashioned, flasks are a great gift to give the modern groomsman and are a necessity for every man to have. No matter which flask you choose, you’ll enjoy knowing your groomsman can become the life of the party wherever his day brings him.

DUDE DOCTOR  Black Groomsmen Flasks  SHOTS ON THE GO  Personalized Glass Flask  BOURBON BOTTLER


14. Clothing Accessories


Clothing accessories are small items that can elevate your groomsman’s wardrobe.

From cufflinks to socks, these often overlooked pieces of your outfit are mini-statements that will keep people talking even after your groomsman leaves the room.

To go one step further, the customization and personalization of these items will give your groomsman the right flare and confidence boost they need to dominate any social situation they encounter. Small items such as cufflinks and socks make a great groomsmen gift that will surely be used on a regular basis and look great.

Your groomsman will love the aesthetically pleasing look these items add to his repertoire.

So, with the rest of the world always trying to fit in, give your groomsman a chance to stand out with these classic accessories that they’ll wear and enjoy.


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15. Professional Gifts

Professional Groomsmen Gifts Docking Station

For the professional and well-polished groomsmen in your party, consider getting them gifts that modern men everywhere will envy.

Perhaps a customize shave set, or leather phone case both frequently used and enjoyed gifts that will remind your groomsman of their role on your special day.

Professional groomsmen gifts are great not only for regular use, but for display as well, both at home or the office. Gifts such as a customized pen or an insulated tumbler are great options for the groomsman who wants to both spice up their desk, and still get used out of their gift.

With so many options to choose from, a professional gift is a great way to say thank you to your groomsman for their help and standing by your side, in a way that is both PG and fully functional!

Cuffs, clip, tie bar, money  Personalized Tie Bar  Card case  Personalized Tie Hanger  Pen

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16. Coolers

Personalized Groomsmen Coolers

With summer approaching fast, now’s the best time to get your groomsman ready for outdoor drinking season.

Coolers make a great gift because they’re fully functional, easily personalized, and portable for where ever life takes your groomsman. With so many ways to use it, a cooler can make a great gift for the groomsman in your life that enjoys taking any beverage into the outdoors.

Coolers specially designed such as our Back Door Brewski allows for easy access to cans of your favorite drink, while a more traditional standup cooler is a great addition to any party or tailgate for all items you want to keep cold.

With so many functions and styles to choose from, you can’t go wrong giving your groomsman the coolest gift they’ll get all year!




Saying thank you to your groomsmen dosen't have to be difficult, whatever gift you choose to get your groomsman will be appreciated.

Don’t stress over scouring the globe to find the right groomsmen gift for each member of your party. Instead, look to Groovy Groomsmen Gifts as your one stop shop for awesome groomsmen gifts.

We hope this gives you a few ideas on what to purchase for the groomsmen that are making your wedding day a reality. As always, if we can help make your big day an even bigger success, drop us a line at support@GroovyGroomsmenGifts.com, or give us a call at 801-609-4657. 

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