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  • 15 Epic Bachelor Party Games to Make the Night Unforgettable

    by Chris Bajda March 05, 2023

    Alright fellas, it's time to get serious. You're planning a bachelor party, and let's be real, just hanging out won't cut it. You need some games to spice things up and really make the night unforgettable.

    We're not talking about a friendly game of cards or Yahtzee. No, we're talking about games that will have you rolling on the floor laughing or questioning your entire existence.

    Bachelor Party Games

    Don't worry, we've got you covered. In this blog, we'll introduce you to 15 bachelor party games that will have you wondering if this is going to be best bachelor party you've been to.

    So buckle up, grab a drink, and get ready to make some memories you'll never forget (or maybe want to forget, who knows). Let's dive in!

      1. F**K the Dealer

      This game is a classic card drinking game that is fun for both the dealer and all other players, where guessing the cards correctly or incorrectly in a row results in drinks for either players or the dealer.

      How to play:

      1. Players sit in a circle, whoever picks out the lowest card (2 being low and ace being high) is the dealer.
      2. The dealer shuffles the deck of cards and deals one card face down to the player on their left.
      3. The player on the left guesses the rank of their card (e.g., Ace, King, Queen, etc.).
      4. If the player guesses correctly, the dealer drinks for the number of seconds that corresponds to the rank of the card (e.g., if the card is a seven, the dealer drinks for seven seconds).
      5. If the player guesses incorrectly, the dealer tells them whether their card is higher or lower than the one they guessed. The player then gets another chance to guess the rank of their card.
      6. After the player on the left has guessed their card, they become the new dealer and repeat the process with the player on their left.
      7. If a player fails to guess the rank of their card correctly after three attempts, they become the "dealer" and the game restarts.

      The game continues in this way, with each player taking turns as the dealer, until everyone has had a chance to play or until the players decide to end the game.

      It's important to note that "fuck the dealer" is a drinking game and should be played responsibly. Players should only drink within their limits and should never drive or operate heavy machinery after drinking.

      2. Survivor Flip cup

      Survivor flip cup is a fun drinking game that involves a combination of flip cup and survivor-style challenges. 

      How to play:

      1. Divide players into two teams and line them up on opposite sides of a long table.
      2. Each team should have the same number of players and cups filled with the same amount of beer.
      3. At the start of the game, the first two players on each team drink the beer from their cups and then place their cups upside down on the edge of the table.
      4. Once both cups are upside down, the players must use one hand to flip their cups over so that they land right side up on the table.
      5. If a player successfully flips their cup, the next player on their team can start drinking and flipping. If not, the player must keep trying until they successfully flip their cup.
      6. Once all players on a team have successfully flipped their cups they are done and whichever team does that first, wins the game.

       It's important to remember to drink responsibly and to stop playing if anyone becomes too intoxicated. 

      3. Bocce


      Bocce is a fun outdoor game that can be played with friends and family. 

      How to play:

      1. Divide players into two teams. Each team can have one to four players.
      2. Choose a level playing area. Bocce can be played on a variety of surfaces, including grass, sand, or dirt.
      3. Determine which team will go first. This can be done by flipping a coin or having one player from each team roll a bocce ball towards a target ball, with the team that gets closest going first.
      4. The first player from the starting team throws the target ball, also known as the pallino, towards the opposite end of the playing area. The pallino must be thrown past the center line, but not beyond the other end of the playing area.
      5. The first player then throws a bocce ball, attempting to get it as close to the pallino as possible.
      6. The second team then throws their bocce balls, attempting to get them closer to the pallino than the first team's balls.
      7. The team with the bocce ball closest to the pallino is considered to have the "point." If the opposing team has no balls closer to the pallino, the team with the point continues to throw until the opposing team has a ball closer to the pallino.
      8. Play continues until all eight bocce balls have been thrown.
      9. At the end of the round, the team with the ball closest to the pallino scores one point for each ball that is closer to the pallino than the closest ball of the opposing team.
      10. The team that scored in the previous round throws the pallino for the next round, and play continues until a predetermined number of points is reached or a predetermined number of rounds have been played.
      11. The team with the most points at the end of the game is declared the winner.

      It's important to remember that bocce can be played with a variety of rules, so it's a good idea to establish any additional rules or modifications before the game begins.


      54. Beer Darts


      Beer darts is a casually competitive sport to be played while sitting down with two players, “the thrower” and “the drinker.” These roles alternate each turn. Deciding who will throw first is at the players’ discretion, so long as it is fair.

      How to play:

      1. Distance Opposing drink cans will sit 10ft apart for regulation play. 
      2. One can shall sit between the feet of each player. They must be identical in structure, opened, and equally full of liquid (12 oz.) (see Fig.1). 
      3. The thrower will throw 2 darts consecutively at the drinker’s can, then becomes the drinker and vice versa. 
      4. The darts are thrown with the intention of puncturing the drink can, which will illicit drainage from the puncture site. 
      5. The game halts progress until the containing liquid has drained (or been consumed) down to a level at which it no longer actively drains from the puncture site while the drink can is in its original resting position. 
      6. If at least 1 “drink” (1-2 fl oz) remains in the drink can, gameplay resumes. 
      7. If any metal part of the dart makes contact with the can (before touching the ground), but fails to puncture, the receiving player must remove 1 “drink” from the can. 
      8. If a dart touches the ground prior to hitting the drink can, it does not count. BUT, If a dart touches the ground and proceeds to puncture the drink can, liquid must be drained/removed down to the puncture site before resuming gameplay. 
      9. Darts Back / Double Tap Two taps/punctures consecutively results in an extra turn for the thrower.
      10. When there is insufficient liquid in a player’s drink can (less than 1 “drink”), he/she loses!
      11. Spirit of the game is necessary in beer darts because there is no referee to disqualify dishonest play.


      5. Cornhole

      Tell your groomsmen to bring their A game to your bachelor party. With a custom corn hole set, you can provide your groomsmen with one of the most epic games imaginable. This fun game will bring the competitiveness out of your groomsmen, and surely encourage them to have a couple of drinks. The objective of the game is to toss the bean bags into the holes on the opposite board to score points.

      How to play:

      Here are the steps to play cornhole:

      1. Set up the cornhole boards approximately 27 feet apart from each other.
      2. Divide players into two teams. Each team consists of two players and each team has 4 bean bags.
      3. Each team takes turns throwing their bean bags at the opposite board. The player standing at the board is called the pitcher, while the other player is called the teammate.
      4. The pitcher must toss the bean bag underhanded and try to land it on the opposite board.
      5. The teammate may stand anywhere behind the pitcher's box but cannot cross the foul line until the bean bag is released.
      6. Depending on where the bean bag lands on the board is what you have to do. The many options will be put below:
        1. A shotgun
        2. A shot for all 
        3. You do a shot 
        4. All guys drink 
        5. +1 point 
        6. -1 point 
        7. Other team drinks 
        8. Safe
        9. Waterfall 
        10. Your partner drinks 
        11. You make a rule 
        12. All girls drinks 
        13. Finish your drink
        14. If it goes through the hole it is +3 points 
      7. After all the bean bags have been thrown, the team with the most points scores the difference between the two scores. For example, if Team A scores 8 points and Team B scores 6 points, Team A wins 

      6. Beer Olympics

      Beer Olympics is a popular party game that combines different drinking games into a series of competitions. 

      How to play:

      1. Gather the necessary equipment: You will need a variety of drinking games, such as beer pong, flip cup, quarters, or any other game you choose. You will also need a large table or space to play the games, and plenty of beer.
      2. Form teams: Divide players into teams of 4-6 people, and choose team names. Each team will represent a different country in the Beer Olympics.
      3. Choose games: Select a series of games to play, and assign point values to each game. You can choose any drinking games you like, but popular games include beer pong, flip cup, quarters, and chugging contests.
      4. Set up the games: Arrange the tables and equipment needed for each game. Make sure to have enough supplies for each team to play at the same time.
      5. Start the competition: Each team will play each game in turn, with the winning team receiving the designated point value for that game. At the end of all the games, the team with the most points is declared the winner of the Beer Olympics.
      6. Have fun and drink responsibly: Remember to have fun and drink responsibly. It's important to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves and staying safe throughout the competition.

      7. Beer Die

      Beer die is a popular drinking game that is played with dice and beer. 

      How to play:

      1. Gather the necessary equipment: You will need a large table, four dice, and plenty of beer.
      2. Form teams: Divide players into teams of two, and have each team sit at opposite ends of the table. Each team will have their own cups of beer.
      3. Choose which team goes first: The team that wins a coin toss or rock-paper-scissors game will start the game.
      4. Start the game: The team that starts the game throws the four dice towards the opposite end of the table. The objective of the game is to make the dice land in the opponent's cup of beer.
      5. Scoring: Points are awarded based on the result of the throw. If a die lands in the opponent's cup, the throwing team scores one point. If a die lands on the table and bounces off without hitting anything, the throwing team scores no points. If a die lands on the table and hits a player's hand or arm, the throwing team scores two points. If all four dice land in the opponent's cup, the throwing team scores four points.
      6. Drinking: Whenever a team scores a point, the opposing team must drink from their cup of beer. The amount of beer to be drunk is agreed upon before the game begins.
      7. Winning: The game ends when a team reaches a predetermined number of points or when one team finishes all their beer. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.


      Remember to play responsibly and drink in moderation. 

      8. Mario Cart Drunk Driving (This is a drinking game when you play Mario Cart)

      Mario Kart drinking game is a fun way to combine the popular Nintendo game with some adult beverages. 

      How to play:


      • Mario Kart game (any version)
      • Video game console (such as Nintendo Switch, Wii, or GameCube)
      • Alcoholic beverages (such as beer, wine, or cocktails)
      • Shot glasses


      1. Set up the Mario Kart game on your console.
      2. Choose your racers and course.
      3. Each player should pour their drink of choice into a shot glass and have it nearby.


      1. Start the game and begin racing as normal.
      2. Whenever you fall off the track, hit a banana peel, or get hit by an item, take a drink from your shot glass.
      3. If you get hit by a red or green shell, take two drinks.
      4. If you get hit by a blue shell, take three drinks.
      5. If you cross the finish line in first place, you can assign a drinking penalty to one of the other players.
      6. The drinking penalty can be anything from taking a shot to finishing their drink.
      7. At the end of the race, the last-place player takes an additional drink.


      • Players can also assign drinking penalties to themselves if they finish in a certain place (such as second or third place).
      • Players can choose a designated driver who does not participate in the drinking.
      • To make the game more challenging, players can increase the amount of drinks they take for certain actions or items.
      • To make the game easier, players can decrease the amount of drinks they take or eliminate certain penalties.


      Remember to drink responsibly and never drink and drive.


      9. Shot Roulette

      If you are looking for fun but slightly daring bachelor party games to play, then Shot Roulette is perfect.

      This awesome bachelor party game is sure to get everyone involved and laughing.

      How to Play:

      The basic idea behind the Shot Roulette wheel is to fill a shot glass with an alcoholic beverage, like whiskey or vodka, and then pass it around in a circle.

      Each person takes turns spinning a wheel, determining whether they must take the shot or pass it on to the next person.

      As the roulette wheel spins, you don't know if you will get lucky or unlucky and have to drink from the shot glasses.

      You can add other rules or challenges to make the game more enjoyable. For example, you can make each person do a dare before they take their shot.

      It could range from something simple, like singing a song, to something more daring, like taking off an item of clothing.

      It is a great way to liven up the night and create unique memories for the groom! Once all the drinks are gone, it is time to move on to the next best bachelor party games! 

      10. Two Truths and One Lie

      One of the best ways to get the party started at a bachelor party is to play "Two Truths and a Lie."

      How to Play:

      These classic bachelor party games require all players to share two truths and one lie about themselves with the group. The other players must then decide which statement is a lie.

      These best bachelor party ideas will provide hours of entertainment and laugh as everyone tries to guess each other's lies.

      To start this fun game, each player, in turn, should state two facts and one false fact about themselves. For example, I once climbed Mt. Everest, speak Spanish fluently, and am an expert in the Rubik's cube. Everyone else in the group has to guess which statement is the lie.

      After each player has stated their three statements, the group can go around in a circle or discuss which statement they believe is false.

      These fun bachelor party games will help break the ice among all the groomsmen and get everyone laughing.

      Not only does this game require little setup, but it can also be adapted for any group size.

      So if you are looking for a hilarious way to start your entire bachelor party, look no further than Two Truths and a Lie!


      11. Beer Pong

      For those who don't know, beer pong is played by having teams of two stand at either end of a table and take turns trying to throw ping pong balls into the other team's cups.

      How to Play:

      To play these popular drinking games, divide the group into two teams, each with its own set of cups lined up in a triangle on either side of the playing surface.

      Then, have each team throw the ping pong ball across the table at their opponent's cups, aiming to land it inside one of them.

      If they succeed, the cup gets taken away, and one of their opponents has to drink it.

      The first beer-pong team to successfully eliminate their opponent's cups at the end of the game wins!


      12. Drunk Jenga

      One of the most classic bachelor party games is Drunk Jenga.

      These bachelor party drinking games will make you and your groomsmen laugh while having a great time. It is simple, fast-paced, and can be played with many players.

      How to Play:

      To play, start by setting up these bachelor party games. Stack the blocks in rows of three, alternating directions with each row, until you reach the desired height.

      Once the tower is complete, take turns pulling out one block at a time and placing it on the top.

      The player that causes the tower to collapse loses and must perform a predetermined task like chugging a beer or drinking shot glasses.

      Just like regular Jenga but more fun!  

      13. How Well Does the Groom Know the Bride?

      One of the most entertaining and exciting games that groomsmen will love at a bachelor party is the classic 'How Well Does the Groom Know the Bride?' game.

      These best bachelor party games are a great way to have fun, get to know the bride better, and ensure that the groom has done homework on his soon-to-be wife.

      How to Play:

      To play this game, start by having the groomsmen write down some questions about the bride, for example, what is the bride's favorite color? Or what is her favorite type of cuisine? Then give the groom a few minutes to answer as many as possible.

      They will compare the groom's answers with those of the bridesmaids, and whoever gets the most right wins!

      To make it more interesting, you can add a few more challenging questions like What year did the bride graduate high school? Or what is her favorite sport?

      This game is a great way to have fun at a bachelor party and can also help bring the bride and groom closer together. 

      14. Never Have I Ever

      Never Have I Ever is a classic drinking game that never fails to bring out the laughs. It is the perfect way to kick off a night of bachelor party shenanigans.

      How to Play:

      To play, each participant takes a turn and starts with the phrase Never have I ever... and completes it with an activity or experience.

      All other players who have done the activity must take a drink. The person with the most exciting or outrageous experiences will usually win.

      Make sure everyone is comfortable before playing these bachelor party drinking games.

      If you have some guests who don't drink alcohol, consider providing non-alcoholic drinks as an alternative.

      You could also use jellybeans as a marker, where players take one jellybean per round they need to drink.

      Some examples of Never Have I Ever statements include: Never have I ever gotten a speeding ticket, Never have I ever forgotten someone's name after meeting them, or Never have I ever been on a cruise. Get creative, and the possibilities are endless!

      These bachelor party plans are fun, and always drink responsibly! 

      15. Drink if Game

      One of the most fun bachelor party games out there is the Drink If game. It is a great way to get everyone involved in the fun and ensure everyone has a good time.

      How to Play:

      This fun game involves a series of outrageous questions or scenarios, and every time one of them applies to you, you have to take a drink.

      Some questions can be personalized to your group, while others can be generic.

      Here are some ideas for questions to get you started:

      1. Drink if you've ever been the best man at a wedding.
      2. Drink if you've ever done something embarrassing in public.
      3. Drink if you've ever embarrassed yourself in front of a crush.
      4. Drink if you've ever gone skinny-dipping.
      5. Drink if you've ever lied about your age.
      6. Drink if you've ever had a one-night stand.
      7. Drink if you've ever broken a bone.

      These bachelor party ideas are endless, so let your imagination run wild!

      Just make sure that all questions are appropriate and not too offensive. You may even want to come up with questions that relate to your group specifically, like: Drink if you have ever seen the groom naked.

      These drinking games will create lots of laughter and entertainment, and it is a great way to get everyone in the mood for an unforgettable bachelor party!

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