17 Stunning Groomsmen Hats That Will Turn Heads at Your Wedding

by Chris Bajda January 15, 2024

As you plan every detail for your special day, don't forget about the groomsmen hats - they are the perfect finishing touch to complete your wedding party's style. 

From custom leather patches to printed designs, these groomsmen hats are not only stylish but also high-quality and durable. Whether you're searching for the perfect groomsmen proposal gift or a way to save memories from the bachelor party, these hats will make a statement and have everyone talking. 

So grab your favorite man, father, or husband and get ready to be inspired by these images and find the perfect groomsmen hats for your wedding party.

1. Groom's Gang Hat

Groom's Gang Hat

Kick off your bachelor party in style with the Groom's Gang Hat. This fun and awesome cap is made from quality 100% chino cotton twill, ensuring comfort all day. For those opting for a more military look, the Green Camo color, a blend of 35% chino cotton twill and 65% polyester, will hit the mark. 

With its unstructured, 6-panel, low-profile design, and six embroidered eyelets for ventilation, it’s the perfect choice for the groom's gang.

2. Grooms Crew Cap

Grooms Crew Cap

Sporting Grooms Crew Cap will undeniably make your groomsmen the ultimate crew. This awesome custom groomsmen hat, structured with six panels, a mid-profile, and a 100% polyester mesh back, offers comfort while ensuring style. The pre-curved contrast stitched visor and underbill color matching the visor add a stylish touch. 

You can customize the title, select the leather patch color, input the groom and bride's names, wedding dates, and even choose the quantity and wedding! With an adjustable plastic snapback, this groomsman cap fits all.

3. Bachelor Party Hat

Bachelor Party Hat

Our Bachelor Party Hat takes custom groomsmen hats to the next level. Choose the hat color and patch color to suit your groomsmen style. We offer a unique touch by cropping and cartooning your favorite photo onto a premium leather patch. 

As the groom, you get to select the font and font coloring that matches your wedding party's vibe. This hat, appreciated by dads and groomsman alike, pays attention to all the details, ensuring a memorable bachelor party.

4. Pirate Best Man Hat

Pirate Best Man Hat

Set sail for a memorable wedding with the Pirate Best Man Hat. Made of a cool, 100% nylon mesh back and a 100% polyester foam front, this hat brings pirate-chic to your groomsmen gifts. Sporting an edgy skull and two guns design, it's adjustable from 17" to 24" and boasts a wide area to showcase your unique design. 

Choose your desired color to complement your wedding theme. Customers echo the superior quality of these groomsmen hats, making them an unforgettable gift.

5. Custom Text Hat

Custom Text Hat

Elevate your groomsmen's style with our Custom Text Hat. It features a note-worthy leather patch, laser engraved with your chosen custom text. This groomsman's hat, available in multiple quantities, is a unique way to celebrate the groom's squad. 

You can add the bride and groom's names or any text that holds a special meaning. It's worth posting a review about these custom groomsmen hats, highlighting their quality and personalized touch.

6. Groomsmen Proposal Hats

Groomsmen Proposal Hats

When it's time for the groomsmen proposal, surprise your crew with Groomsmen Proposal Hats. The Richardson Hat, a blend of cotton and polyester, lets you choose the color and style. With the leather patch, personalize it to impress each father, husband, or groomsman. 

This bespoke touch makes it more than just a hat—it becomes a cherished keepsake. Offering in multiple quantities, these custom groomsmen hats are the perfect addition to any wedding party.

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7. Embroidered Groomsmen Hats

Embroidered Groomsmen Hats

Dress up your groomsmen in our Embroidered Groomsmen Hats. Made from a comfortable blend of 85% acrylic and 15% wool, these custom hats can be personalized with a unique design that matches your wedding party theme. 

Choose the hat color, add the husband-to-be's name or any special text, and select the quantity you need. The adjustable plastic snap closure ensures a perfect fit for all.

8. Birdie Hat

Birdie Hat

Add a touch of humor to your groomsmen's ensemble with the Birdie Hat. Perfect for golf lovers at your wedding party, this quality cap features a leather patch with a playful "Talk Birdie To Me" text. 

Not only ideal for your bachelor party on the green, but this hat will also score a hole-in-one in style and comfort at the wedding. Make your husband and his groomsmen stand out with this unique addition to their groomsmen hats.\

9. Vintage Trucker Hat

Vintage Trucker Hat

Introducing our Vintage Trucker Hat - a stylish groomsman gift that screams class. This hat, adjustable from 17" to 24", comes with a 100% polyester foam front. The 100% nylon mesh back ensures your groomsmen stay cool throughout the celebration. 

Choose from various colors and personalize with a beautiful design. Perfect in any quantity, this hat is sure to please any groomsman or best man. Truly, the attention to details makes this hat a standout choice for the groom's crew.

10. Wedding Party Hats

Wedding Party Hats

Transform your wedding party into a stylish gathering with our custom Wedding Party Hats. Offering in various quantities, these personalized hats are the ultimate fashion accessory for your groomsmen. 

Choose your desired design and hat color, then add a touch of uniqueness with 1-2 lines of custom text.

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11. Custom Leather Patch Hat

Custom Leather Patch Hat

Gift your best man and groomsmen our Custom Leather Patch Hat. This trucker cap features a quality vegan leather patch, laser engraved with your chosen design. The heat-activated adhesive secures the patch beautifully. 

As the groom, you can select the hat color and patch size that best suits each groomsman's style. Available in multiple quantities, these custom groomsmen hats are a top choice for wedding parties that value style and quality.

12. Custom Logo Hat

Custom Logo Hat

Our Custom Logo Hat is a fantastic pick for your groomsmen. Made with the high-quality Richardson 112 trucker-style snapback, it boasts a 100% genuine leather patch that can be laser engraved with your logo. 

Each patch, available in Saddle Tan, boasts an authentic look from our natural leather. As the groom, you can select the hat color and customize it for your groomsmen crew.

13. Custom Groom Squad Hat

Custom Groom Squad Hat

Take your groomsmen to style a notch higher with our Custom Groom Squad Hat. Made of 100% acrylic, this hat is not only stylish but also comfortable. 

You can choose your preferred color and personalize it to suit your wedding theme. As the best man or groomsman, this hat is a special way to celebrate your role in the wedding.

14. Best Man Mustache Hat

Best Man Mustache Hat

The Best Man Mustache Hat is the perfect blend of humor and style. With adjustable settings from 17" to 24", this hat fits all. 

Made from a 100% polyester foam front and a 100% nylon mesh back, it keeps you cool while standing out. The wide area design is customizable to feature a special date or select your color. Customers rave about the quality, turning these hats into cherished groomsmen gifts.

15. Team Groom Hat

Team Groom Hat

The Team Groom Hat is a stellar choice for soon-to-be husbands wanting to honor their comrades. This adjustable hat, ranging from 17" to 24", has a comfortable 100% polyester foam front and a breathable 100% nylon mesh back. 

The spacious front area is customizable, providing a unique space to reflect your wedding theme. Choose your preferred color and let the bold 'Team Groom' text shine.

16. The Bachelor Boys Hat

The Bachelor Boys Hat

Step up your game with The Bachelor Boys Hat. This 100% nylon cap is a head-turner with its sleek black design, offering a classy yet cool edge to the groom and his crew. 

It comes in a one-size-fits-all, ensuring every dad, husband, or groomsmen can comfortably wear it. Customize the color to suit your wedding theme.

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17. Groomsman Baseball Hat

Groomsman Baseball Hat

Sleek and classic, the Groomsman Baseball Hat makes a thoughtful gift for the dad, husband, or groomsman. This baseball-style dad hat is crafted from 100% quality material, ensuring comfort and durability. Its unique design features a dapper bow tie and the word "groomsman" embroidered on the front. 

This hat is customizable; choose the color that fits your wedding theme. Each of these hats will serve as a treasured keepsake from your special day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is it groomsmen or groomsman?

A1: The correct term is "groomsmen." It refers to the group of male attendants chosen by the groom to stand by his side during the wedding ceremony.

Q2: Can a married man be a groomsman?

A2: Yes, a married man can certainly be a groomsman. Groomsmen are typically chosen based on the close personal relationship they have with the groom, and marital status is not a determining factor.

Q3: What do you call a female groomsman?

A3: A female groomsman is often referred to as a "groomswoman" or "bridesman." This term acknowledges that the woman is playing the role traditionally associated with a groomsman but is used in a gender-inclusive way.

Q4: Can a woman be a groomsman?

A4: Yes, a woman can be a groomsman. In modern weddings, gender roles in wedding parties are more flexible, and women can stand on the groom's side as groomsmaids or groomsman, or simply as part of the groom's party. The terms used may vary, but the idea is to include individuals based on their relationship with the couple rather than strictly adhering to traditional gender roles.


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