Make a refined choice with a decanter as your groomsmen gift. These elegant vessels are not only perfect for storing and serving spirits, but they also make a sophisticated addition to any home bar.

17 Personalized Decanters for the Ultimate Groomsmen Gift

Complete his man cave collection as you give him one of these decanters as a groomsmen gift. Decanters level up the way he presents his favorite alcoholic drinks to his favorite buddies.  It helps keep his wine fresh all the time and makes his home bar embody polish and good taste. Sleek alcohol decanters will ultimately show-off the quality of the spirits. Make your liquors like whiskey, dark rum, and gold tequila shine by transferring them to a carafe or crystal bottle.

Let him enjoy his favorite alcoholic drink as decanting liquor opens up the flavor of the wine. Decanters will definitely adorn his home bar with elegance and sophistication.

Here are 14 of our favorite personalized decanters you can choose from:

14. Decanter and Glass Set


Groomsmen Decanters


This decanter and glass set is perfect as a gift for your groomsman. Have it personalized with his name, and you’re all set on giving a great gift for him. What’s more this gift is dishwasher safe, lead-free and complete with a glass rubber stopper. It also comes with a pinewood box with clip and cut out the foam.  

13. Handicanter

After a tiring day at the links, help him relax and enjoy his favorite liquor with this Handicanter. Tell him you understand his love for this sport by giving him this engraved clear glass decanter with a glass topper, heavy-weighted base, and square silhouette. It can hold up to 34 ounces of his favorite liquor - gin, bourbon, vodka or brandy. The best part? You can have this decanter personalized with his initials making your gift extra special.    

12. Sin Of A Gin 

Let him level upon his drinking essentials with this Sin Of A Gin. This gift comes with a decanter that can contain up to 1 liter, a whiskey glass that can hold up to 8 ounces and steel ice cubes. All placed in a beautiful box which can also be personalized up to 3 initials as is with all the items inside. Make his cross over from the koozy and bud light so much easier with this amazing and sophisticated gift. This is one gift your man will truly appreciate.

11. Personalized Decanter Set

Let this high-quality whiskey decanter set be a welcome addition to his bar collection. This gift comes with a set of glasses and is placed in a natural wood box with black liner. You can even choose how many glasses you want to include and have it personalized for him to make it extra special.

10. Groomsmen Decanters


This gift is sophisticated and manly. The Whisky Decanter is engraved too. It’s meant as a groomsmen gift because you can label it with his name, position in the wedding and the wedding date. You can also have it labeled with whatever other engravings you wish! Either way, this glass stunner is sure to be appreciated.

9. Ship Decanter Set

Impress him with the quality of this Ship Decanter set. This handmade decanter is presented with an artfully detailed antique ship and is beautifully set in the Cylinder Ship decanter. Let him sail the seas with his favorite drink using this gorgeous ship decanter in any table or bar. This decanter has an amber hue which makes for a great decanter home piece.   

 8. Diamond Decanter Set

With its amazing diamond shape and elegant look, this diamond-shaped whiskey decanter will be perfect for him. Included in this gift are 2 diamond glasses and mahogany wooden holder. This handcrafted glass decanter can contain up to 750 ml of his favorite drink like scotch, tequila, rum, vodka and many more.

7. Globe Decanter Set

This Whiskey Globe Decanter Set comes in an 8-in-1 set which includes (2) 10oz world map etched glasses, bottle stopper, antique ship, (2) silicone ice balls, wooden stand and pouring funnel. It is the perfect container made from the highest quality of glassware that can carry 28oz of his favorite drink. Let this beautiful decanter impress him and don’t forget to bring a bottle of whiskey as you hand this gift to him.

 6. Decant Touch This 

When it comes to storing and pouring, there aren't many decanters that top this classic cocktail container.  A centerpiece for any man cave display, this decanter will be part of your buddies bar for the rest of their life.   A handsome decanter dressed for success makes for an awesome man gift every guy will love.   Give your guy the sun to his spirits solar system. Decant Touch This measures 7.25 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide and holds 27 ounces of your favorite beverage. 

5. Grand Poobah 

This glass decanter will be his dome, one that he’ll love to use again and again. He’ll drink in style with this gorgeous gift. A refreshing 56 ounces of his favorite spirit will look so inviting stored in this engraved vessel with a wood ball topper. Allow him to sit back and relax and enjoy his much deserved “me time”. 

4. The Barfriender 

Anywhere can be your man’s favorite watering hole with this special gift. Let him have the luxury of serving draft beers, cocktail drinks or even all kinds of spirit with this personalized whiskey decanter. This gift comes complete with a bamboo serving tray, a decanter, 2 whiskey glasses, a bamboo ice bucket, and a bamboo ice tongs. Make your man proud by adding his initials as each piece can be personalized. 

3. Dream Decanter 

They are your best buddies and they simply deserve the very best. Surely they will enjoy sipping their favorite whiskey on this Decanter Set. They can sip their drink on this one of a kind decanter and glasses while relaxing in front of the fireplace after a long day. It includes one customized decanter, two classic whiskey glasses, and a wonderful wooden box where they can store the whole set.


    Want to house your tequila right? Let the Quality Piece Of Glass be the super cool and awesome way to take on decanting with a display that will make your groomsmen ogle and awe.  Personalize it, and you have a groomsmen gift any guy will see as the perfect centerpiece for their man cave. Impress your buddies as you hand this decanter over in its wooden crate. 

    1. The Canter Decanter 

    Great drinking means making this The Canter Decanter a part of his man cave collection too. Give your groomsmen a treat that will last a lifetime. The Drink Quartet is an artistically crafted whiskey decanter set.  This decanter holds 32 ounces of his favorite drink and is sealed with a glass-domed topper. It is heavy-weight and accompanied by four heavy based personalized whiskey glasses. You can also personalize it to make it extra special.