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  • Top Benefits of Having a Cigar Bar at Your Wedding

    by Melissa Bajda July 14, 2023

    If you want to add an elegant and sophisticated touch to your wedding, look no further than a Cigar Bar for Wedding.

    A wedding cigar bar can provide you and your guests a unique and memorable experience. Not only is it a great way to celebrate, but it also offers a variety of benefits.

    From enhancing the atmosphere to providing a more personal experience, a cigar bar can make a wedding special. This blog post will discuss the top benefits of having a Cigar Bar for Wedding.

    Cigar Bar for Wedding

    The Historical Significance of Cigars at Weddings

    Cigars have long held a significant role in wedding celebrations, dating back to ancient times. Sharing and smoking cigars has symbolized friendship, camaraderie, and celebration in many cultures.

    Historically, cigars were considered a luxurious indulgence and a way to mark important occasions.

    During weddings, cigars were often handed out to guests as a token of appreciation and to create a sense of community.

    This tradition has persisted through the ages and is now experiencing a revival with the popularity of cigar bars at weddings.

    Including a cigar bar at your wedding allows you to tap into this historical significance while providing your guests a unique and memorable experience.

    Benefits of Having a Cigar Bar at Your Wedding

    Having a cigar bar at your wedding can benefit your special day. Here are some benefits of incorporating a cigar bar into your wedding festivities:

    1. Adding a Unique and Classy Element to Your Wedding Day

    Many couples always look for ways to add a unique and memorable element to their wedding day. A cigar bar can do just that. It adds a level of sophistication and class to any wedding reception.

    By selecting the right cigar, you can cater to your guests' tastes, providing them with a luxurious experience they'll never forget.

    A wedding cigar bar will not only be the talk of your reception but also give your guests a taste of elegance that will make your wedding truly stand out.

    2. Catering to Both Men and Women with a Wedding Cigar Bar

    Cigar Bar for Wedding

    A cigar bar at your wedding is not just for men. It can also be a unique and enjoyable experience for women.

    Couples can choose to have a separate table for the cigar bar or incorporate it into the main wedding reception area. This allows both men and women to enjoy a unique and memorable experience, whether they are seated at a table or mingling among the crowd.

    The cloud of smoke and the aroma of the cigars create an inviting atmosphere that everyone can enjoy, making it a memorable addition to your special day.

    3. Creating a Relaxing Atmosphere for Guests to Mingle

    Having a cigar bar at your wedding adds a unique touch and creates a relaxing atmosphere for guests to mingle.

    The venue becomes more than just a space for eating and dancing; it becomes a place where guests can gather and connect over their shared love for smoking cigars.

    This relaxed environment encourages conversation and socializing, allowing guests to form new connections and make lasting memories.

    4. Perfect for Outdoor or Indoor Venues

    A cigar bar is the perfect addition to both outdoor and indoor wedding venues.

    For outdoor receptions, the cigar bar can be set up in a cozy corner, creating a relaxed and intimate atmosphere for guests to enjoy during the scotch or cocktail hour or throughout the entire event.

    Indoor venues can also benefit from a cigar bar, providing a designated area or site for guests to unwind and socialize.

    Cigar bars add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any wedding setting, making it a popular choice for many couples looking to create a memorable experience for their guests.

    5. Customizing Your Cigar Bar to Match Your Wedding Theme

    One of the significant advantages of having a cigar bar at your wedding is the ability to customize it to match your wedding theme.

    Whether you are having a rustic outdoor wedding or an elegant ballroom affair, you can design your cigar bar to blend in with the overall aesthetic of your venue seamlessly.

    From choosing the perfect location within your venue to designing a personalized page for your cigar menu, you have the freedom to create a cigar bar that is enjoyable for your guests and complements the overall ambiance of your wedding day.

    6. Adding a Touch of Elegance and Sophistication

    Having a cigar bar at your wedding adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your special day. The sight of a beautifully arranged cigar bar can instantly elevate the atmosphere of your wedding reception or cocktail hour.

    Not only does it create a luxurious ambiance, but the smell of premium cigars can also add a hint of nostalgia and sophistication to the night.

    Your guests will be impressed by this unique and classy idea, making your wedding a memorable and sophisticated event.

    7. Catering to the Tastes and Preferences of Your Guests

    A cigar bar at your wedding is an excellent way to cater to the tastes and preferences of your guests. With various cigar options available, guests can choose the one they enjoy the most.

    Cigar bars also offer a chance for guests to try something new, and April, National Cigar Month, is the perfect time to provide this experience.

    From mild to bold, cigar options exist for everyone at wedding cigar bars, making them popular among wedding guests. So, consider adding a cigar bar to your wedding to cater to your guests' preferences and give them an unforgettable experience.

    8. Enhancing Socializing and Networking Opportunities

    Having a cigar bar at your wedding can significantly enhance socializing and networking opportunities for your guests. It provides a designated space for people to gather and participate in conversations while enjoying a cigar.

    The wedding cigar bar can serve as a station for guests to bond, exchange stories, and make new connections.

    This is especially beneficial for groomsmen and male guests who may have a shared interest in cigars.

    9. Perfect Photo Opportunities

    Cigar Bar for Wedding

    One of the top benefits of having a cigar bar at your wedding is the perfect photo opportunities it provides.

    Whether it is a photo of the happy couple smoking cigars together or a group photo of the groomsmen enjoying their cigars, these photos will add a touch of sophistication to your wedding album.

    Even non-smokers can get in on the fun, with posed photos holding cigars or enjoying the cigar bar's atmosphere.

    10. Potential Cost Savings on Alcohol

    One often overlooked benefit of having a cigar bar at your wedding is the potential cost savings on alcohol. With a wedding cigar bar, guests can enjoy the experience of smoking a cigar and savoring the flavors, which can help to reduce the amount of alcohol consumed.

    Providing the right cigar bar offers a unique and enjoyable alternative to alcohol, ultimately saving you money on your wedding budget.

    Plus, the cost of ashtrays, cutters, and lighters is often much lower than purchasing additional bottles of alcohol, further contributing to potential cost savings.

    How Do You Set Up a Cigar Bar at a Wedding?

    Setting up a cigar bar at your wedding can add a unique and sophisticated touch to your special day. Here are some simple steps to help you set up a cigar bar that your guests will love:

    1. Find a Designated Area

    Choose a well-ventilated outdoor or indoor area where guests can comfortably enjoy their cigars. Ensure it is away from the main dining and dancing areas to avoid unwanted smoke.

    2. Choose the Cigars

    Select a variety of high-quality cigars to cater to different preferences. Consider offering a range of flavors and strengths to accommodate experienced and novice cigar enthusiasts.

    3. Provide Accessories

    Stock your wedding cigar bar with accessories such as cigar cutters, lighters, and ashtrays. These items will ensure guests have everything they need to enjoy their cigars.

    4. Decorate the Bar

    Create an inviting atmosphere by decorating the cigar bar to match your wedding theme. Consider using elegant tablecloths, signs, and floral arrangements to add a touch of sophistication.

    5. Hire a Cigar Expert

    Consider hiring a knowledgeable cigar expert or sommelier who can assist guests in choosing and lighting their cigars. They can also provide recommendations and answer any questions your guests may have.

    6. Inform Your Guests

    Ensure you include information about the cigar bar in your wedding invitations or on your website. This will give your guests a heads-up and allow them to prepare accordingly.

    Following these steps, you can set up a memorable and enjoyable cigar bar at your wedding. It will cater to your guests' tastes and create a unique experience they will remember.


    1. How many cigars do you need for a cigar bar at a wedding?

    The number of cigars you need for a cigar bar at a wedding depends on the number of guests and the duration of the event. On average, it is recommended to have about 2-3 cigars per guest.

    However, consulting with the wedding cigar bar service provider is always a good idea to ensure you have enough cigars to cater to everyone's preferences.

    2. Can you smoke a cigar at a wedding?

      Yes, you can smoke a cigar at a wedding, especially if there is a designated cigar bar or smoking area. Smoking a cigar can be a unique and enjoyable experience for guests, adding a touch of sophistication to the event.

      However, it is essential to consider the preferences of non-smoking guests and provide designated areas to accommodate both smokers and non-smokers.

      3. Do people have cigars at weddings?

        Yes, many people have cigars at weddings as they add elegance and enjoyment to the celebration. Cigar bars have become increasingly popular at weddings, allowing guests to relax, socialize, and indulge in a unique experience.

        Cigars can also make great wedding favors or gifts for the groomsmen, adding a personalized touch to the event.


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