Gifts For Your Best Man - Do You Get Him Something Extra?

by Chris Bajda September 30, 2017

Arranging your wedding party is no easy task.  If you’re like a lot of guys, either book end becomes really tough as it comes to who you leave on or off, and for the sake of this piece, who you anoint best man.  I mean, what an honor it is to be crowned king of your posse.  For some of us, the decision is a slam dunk.  We either have one brother or that guy in our life that essentially feels like a brother.  For others, it’s a battle of how not to piss off those guys that feel like they should win dibs of best man.     

Best Man Gifts - What to Get

For those guys who have their no brainer, the Bert to your Ernie, the Robin to Batman or the Ren to your Stimpy, the next question becomes even trickier.  Do you hook your best man up with a gift that is extra special, or is that rubbing salt into the wound of the other groomsmen?   The answer can often be predicated on how far apart this one hombre stands out from the pack.  If he’s that guy that knows the skeletons in the closet and is there for you when your team doesn’t make the playoffs, then the decision can be easy. 

Now if you want to show your best man that he means something a little extra to you, one really cool way of doing so without making the other guys feel like total jabroni’s is by tossing on a small, yet meaningful tweak on that best man gift.  That could be anything from a slightly styled up or colored watch in compared to the others.  It could be knife with a couple more bells and whistles.   Maybe the group won’t feel quite as Rambo as the best man, but they should still appreciate the sentiment.  The message here is, if you have a best man that you feel means something a little more to you and you feel confident the other guys totally get it, then do something a little extra to personalize him as such.  Most guys won’t take it personal, wolfpacks get it.   And it will make them work that much harder to be someone else’s bestie. 

Best Man and Groomsmen Gifts

One other idea is to simply give that best man a little something extra on the side.  Keep it consistent with the main groomsmen gift, but bolt on a little diddy that lets him know he’s the man.  It can be a pair of socks to wear on the big day, maybe a tie bar that pulls his digs together.  Rather than wrack that brain trying to figure out the perfect distinct best man gift that separates, keep it equitable and tack something small on. 

We wanted to know what most future grooms do so we polled 1000 of our customers recently to find out what they did, and here is what we are seeing:

Did you purchase a gift for your best man that was a bit more special then for the other groomsmen? 

  • - 54% of grooms bought their best man the same gift that they got their groomsmen
  • - 29% of grooms bought their best man something different then what they bought their groomsmen
  • - 17% of grooms got their best man the same gift as their groomsmen but added an extra gift on top of it


By and large, most guys keep it equitable.   There is no playing gift favorites in over half of this large sample size.  Close to a third do something a little special for their best men by amping up their gift to the best man. 

If you’re going to go for it, just make sure you do it tastefully, prop up that bestie but don’t overlook how you appreciate the rest of your groomsman crew.  Keep it sentimental across the board when you’re handing out gifts at rehearsal dinner. 

Now wedding day weekend isn’t all about giving when it comes to your best man, it can also be about receiving.  Does your best man owe you a little something for being nominated the best man of your life?  This is another one of those gray zones as it comes to wedding etiquette.   Does the Best Man give the groom something?  Now being a best man is often expensive enough.   There can be travel, a tux, a hotel, a separate wedding gift.   We hit the polls with our guys once again to see if they received a gift from their Best Man.  Here are the results:

Should the Best Man get the Groom a Gift?

  • - 54% of Best Men did not get the groom a gift
  • - 31% of Best Men got the couple that was getting married a gift
  • - 15% of Best Men got the groom a gift

As you can see, in most cases, no gift was given by the best man.  So don't sweat it best man, it’s not something that should be expected on top of everything else you’re sinking in.   Just be there for your groom, throw out a kick butt speech and you’ll nail it.  Anything more than that and it’s gravy. 


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