You've got the woman, proposed your guys, and planned the bachelor party. Now its time to make sure your bachelor party is a massive success.  Not sure what gifts you should bring to the bachelor party?  We've got you covered, from clean bachelor party gifts to dirty ones, we have a gift that will help make your bachelor party a smash..

It's your last night as a single man and what can be more exciting than celebrating it with your best buddies! These are the same men who would be standing beside you as you say "I do." Your life after marriage will never be the same again so why not have the time of your life with your wedding party on your wedding night? It is your big send-off as a bachelor and you definitely want to make it a special and fun-filled night. Your wedding party pulls off this awesome party for you. Whether it lasts an entire week or just an evening of fun, it is only appropriate that you show a gesture of thanks to the men who's always had your back from day one. You are in the company of the closest people in your life and you certainly want them to feel special and appreciated for taking time out of their busy schedules to prepare for your bachelor party.

You want this to be a night that everyone never forgets. The same goal that your groomsmen and best man have for you on this night. This celebration should not just be a great night for you but a night that everyone can recall and tag it as one of the best nights of their lives. You have gathered them for a night of celebration and fun and that night should not end without showing appreciation for who they are in your life and all that they do. will make sure you find those gifts that will not only make them feel appreciated but even those that can make a lasting fun impression. Yes, we are talking about gifts that range from the sentimental and functional to novelty/gag gifts that will make your bachelor night truly unforgettable. You can practically find it all here from unique and funny gifts to functional items he can use on your wedding day, or those that he can easily add to his man cave collections, we intend to make the choosing part fun and easy.

Preserve memories of your bachelor party as you give gifts and favors. Add a little extra oomph to a party as you give silly gifts that make you recall an inside joke. These may be little things but you must admit that they help you and your men bond even more. Do make sure it's not all about fun and games. You may also choose to give them gifts that speak of how special they are. Help kick your party up a notch by giving stuff that enhances the party but don't forget to give actual gifts that are both sentimental and useful for your groomsmen. Your bachelor party will be a night of bonding with your best and closest buddies. It certainly will be a night they would never forget not just because of all the fun and excitement but most especially because they felt the love, gratitude, and appreciation from a true friend who is about to enter a new season in his life.

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19 of the Best Bachelor Party Gifts in 2023

Your last night as a single man can't be more exciting than celebrating it with your closest pals! It is your big send-off as a bachelor and you definitely want to make it a fun-filled night, so make sure you bring along some bachelor party gifts to make the night more fun. Your best man and groomsmen have come together to pull off one last hoorah.  It is only appropriate that you show appreciation to the men who have always had your back.  They are the guys you feel most comfortable with and you certainly want them to feel special and appreciated for taking time out of their busy schedules to prepare for an amazing bachelor's party.

Bring along some of these 19 great bachelor party gifts that will make the night a bit for fun:  

19. Bachelor Party Temporary Tattoos

Get creative and fun all at the same time! These Bachelor Party Photo Temporary Tattoos is a super fun way for the groom and his groomsmen to show off the future Mr. Groom! It uses gold and rose gold colors as an ink gradient (and are matte finish, not shiny) for print on demand purposes. Photo tattoos are truly a blast and have the perfect size for fitting on the wrist. 

18. Travel Marvel 

If you love the look, feel, and smell of quality leather this Dopp kit will not disappoint. Perfect for use as a travel bag for toiletries or other accouterments, the Travel Marvel is rugged and roomy measuring 9 x 4 x 4 inches for the standard sized bag and 10 x 5 x 4 inches for the large bag. 

Get your face on a sticker and let it seal the letter or note you have for each of them. The Sticker of Groom's Face is printed on premium sticker paper using a professional grade inkjet printer. It is ideal for cell phones, laptops, lockers, guitars, folders, keepsake boxes, etc. It is water-resistant and removable too.  Definitely a one-of-a-kind way to add that personal touch to any gift! 

16. Mug On A Mug

Mug Groomsmen Gift Caricature

Looking for a creative and funny bachelor's party gift?  If you want to pat your groomsman on the back with a thank you for being a friend, then do it with a gesture that counts.  A Mug On A Mug, but not when you put a super cool likeness of your buddy on it.  It's only then that your tall gorgeous drinking glass becomes a stage for self-adoration, all while chugging down your favorite frosty one.  Who knew one could enjoy man's favorite past time out of a mini version of themselves.  Now that, men, is a super cool gift idea.

15. Beeropoly 

Get them this hopped-up drinking game! Beeropoly invites players to quaff their way through a series of beer challenges—from a rhyming competition to demonstrating their best dance moves. Your best buddies take turns to roll the dice (included) and moving their bottle cap pieces around the handsome pine wood board. Let them complete the beer challenges along the way and risk elimination. The last man standing must drink the Bachelor's Party Cup. Cheers!

14. Muscle Duffle 

Here is the bag equivalent of that guy - strong, tough, versatile, ready for all occasions. The Muscle Duffle works for anything, whether for overnight, travel, gym, work or sports. This tough bag features one large exterior pocket with a flap and 2 zipped side pockets.  It has leather accents brass closures. This cool man sack also comes with an adjustable should strap and features two handles with leather connectors for easy carrying. It will last a lifetime for that guy that will put it through the ringer.  The Bag Also Features 2 Convenient Carry Handles, An Adjustable Shoulder Strap, And Leather Zip Pulls. 

13. Shower Beer Holder

Let them enjoy a power shower with this Shower Beer Holder! This innovative silicone design sticks to any glossy tile (or surface). It holds the beer while you clean up for the dinner party or a night out with friends. It's an upgrade from wedging cans in your caddy or placing them around the tub, which leaves them vulnerable to water splashes and slips. Perfect for the bunch who gets the party started— and starts the party early.

12. Hand-Stamped Tie Bar 

Personalized Tie Bar

Your groomsmen will appreciate the sleek stylishness of this hand-crafted tie clip. The timeless style ensures that it will be treasured and worn for many years to come. Each tie bar features a stamp cut-out of up to three initials you choose. 

11. MLB Game Used Baseball Bat Bottle Openers

It will always be a reminder that you’ve asked him to be your groomsman and that he willingly said yes to be part of your special day. Enjoy an instant replay of the bat-on-ball crack every time you crack a cold one with these MLB Game Used Baseball Bat Bottle Openers is made from authentic game-day bats swung by MLB players, each opener comes gift-boxed with a story card including instructions for its special hologram number, indicating which game the bat was used in. Functional, convenient and specially made for your baseball fanatic groomsman.  

10. Heavenly Shave Set 

They say that the suit makes the man, but many will argue, that it's actually the shave! This Heavenly Shave Set comes with all the tools needed to achieve the perfect shave! Add an initial to the brush handle and personalize the handsome wooden box. The reusable razor fits standard Gillette Mach3 blades, making this shaver a gift that will be used time and again.

9. Baseball Park Map Pint Glasses - Set of 2

These are a true fan’s pint glasses. The Baseball Park Map Pint Glasses - Set of 2 features an overhead map of an iconic MLB stadium in the team's two main colors. The best part is when you've taken your last sip, he'll see his team's logo at the bottom. They make a fantastic gift for the baseball lover who knows diamonds are forever. 

8. Groomsmen Bobblehead 

Groomsmen Bobbleheads

Are you serious about going down in groom history by gifting the most unforgettable Groomsmen Bobblehead? Here you go, and you're welcome. These bobbleheads are pure art. No trouble has been spared when it comes to detail. You only need to supply individual pictures and a bit of identifying information about your groomsmen like eye color, hair color, and skin tone (scars & tattoos are TMI). 

7. Groom and Groom's Drinking Team Member Shot Glasses 

Let them raise these Groom and Groom's Drinking Team Member Shot Glasses for you, the handsome groom, when you add these shot glasses to your bachelor party! It comes with 1 Groom + 11 Groom's Drinking Team Member Shot Glasses. These shot glasses can hold 1.5 oz of party juice. It has black print and is made from high-quality glassware that will last all night long. You can also have it filled up with your favorite liquor or stuff with small candies and treats.

6. Splendid Splinter 

The Splendid Splinter is an awesome personalized mini bat that makes a great gift for any guy in the wedding party.  Let your guy swing on a 3-0 count with a bat that will feel great in his hands.  Take them out to the ball game, buy him not only a box of cracker jacks but his own personalized bat. If your groomsmen are all about America’s Past Time, he’ll appreciate a personalized piece that is made to last.  There is no swinging and missing with this cool groomsmen gift.   

    5. Go All Out Adult Buy Me A Shot I'm Tying The Knot Party Shirt 


    This is no ordinary Go All Out Adult Buy Me A Shot I'm Tying The Knot Party ShirtYour best buddies will get a big laugh when you hand them over matching bachelor party shirts to wear on your big weekend.  With its seamless body with set-in sleeves and cover-stitched on the front neck. It is made of 50/50 cotton/poly (preshrunk) material. Choose from a variety of colors available. You can even place an image at the back to make it more personalized for dad.  

    4. Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set

    This Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set is the perfect gift for your best buddies. This high-end whiskey glass kit comes with 2 gun-shaped glass brandy, tequila, and rum decanters, 8 standard shot glasses, a briefcase carry case, and a cowboy holster belt to show off your vodka decanter with glasses. It promises to not only savor and aerate your favorite whiskeys and spirits; it also promises a smooth, spill-proof pour that will make you look as smooth as James Bond, himself.

    3. Gentleman's Dropbox 

    What's better than money and booze? MORE money and booze! We can't guarantee your success in getting there, but we'll sure give you a place to start with this Gentleman's Dropbox. Nothing says "I have my life together" like flashing your neatly organized credit cards, then take a pull out of your jacket a stylish flask. 

    2. Groomsman Boxes - Bow Tie

    The Groomsman Boxes - Bow Tie is simply perfect for his man cave. Build your own unique box including anything from money clips, flasks, lighters, and corkscrews and many more. Placed in a gorgeous box, this set is ready to be handed to your best buddies!

    1. Bounty Hunter

    Like Captain Kid on the Seven Seas, you will be your own treasure-seeking pirate when you dig up this classic gift.  Your gang of groomsmen will smile in glee when you pass over this charitable chest of riches.  Adorn your groomsman with a humidor, knife, flask, and wallet to secure his cash, all personalized to your liking.  Four amazing groomsmen gifts that will truly bring a smile on their faces.