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17 Best Wedding Gifts For The Groom in 2024

The man you are about to marry has given you a great gift in advance, an engagement ring. Although he may not expect anything from you as you are the best gift for him, it will be heartwarming and endearing to take a pause out of your busy wedding planning schedule and decide on what to give your future husband before you say “I do”. Here are the 17 Best Wedding Day Gifts For Your Husband for you to choose from. Scroll and pick, but remember that your love and loyalty are the best gifts you can give to each other.

17. Timeless Timepiece


Your love knows no bounds and recognizes no time. A romance like that deserves to be symbolized by something that is equally timeless. This Timeless Timepiece is a nice wedding day gift as it will add a splash of elegance and class to your man’s wardrobe. Made of sandalwood, this wristwatch can be personalized with the message of your choice making it a sentimental accessory that will stand the test of time.

16. GrowlerWerks uKeg with Tap Handle 

For your future husband who loves to travel, drink, and share his beverage with his best buds, this GrowlerWerks uKeg with Tap Handle is a great gift. Made from 18/8 vacuum-sealed stainless steel with chrome-plated brass fittings, this growler is crafted to keep beer, carbonated cocktails, and other sparkling beverages carbonated and fresh for up to two weeks. This beer keeper may be laser engraved with a monogram into its interchangeable tap handle.

15. Sonos - One (Gen 2) Smart Speaker with Voice Control

Powered by a four-core processor this Sonos - One (Gen 2) Smart Speaker with Voice Control can connect to Wi-Fi and stream your future husband’s favorite podcasts, radio stations, and music with high-quality sounds. Men like their music to come in the best sound possible but what they will like more is the Alexa and Google assistant included in this smart speaker that allows the user to enjoy an enhanced media experience hands-free. This gift will give your soon-to-be-hubby a glimpse of what his music time will be at home, with you.

14. Ash with Class

If your fiancé’ is a smoker and you want to show your support to his occasional puffs, you might as well do it with class. This Ash with Class is a cigar set that will surely be a delight to any cigar lover. It comes with an ashtray, cigar cutter, puncher, and holder to cater to his smoking needs. Customizable with up to 3 letters of his initials, this ashtray can be folded for a more discreet and convenient safekeeping.

13. Compass for My Husband

Your adventure of a lifetime is about to begin and you are confident because you know that you are guided by your love and faith. But for a more practical source of guidance, this Compass for My Husband may as well be the answer. Despite the emergence of GPS and other apps, a compass is a classy and old-school way of leading you to your destination especially if your future husband loves hiking or trekking. In the end, this compass is a symbolic gift that represents your confidence that as long as you are together, the journey will be worth it.

12. Custom Leather Wallet

The wedding ceremony usually includes the part where the financial management is being surrendered to the man. Since he will keep most of the money, he might as well have a nice and classy wallet. This Custom Leather Wallet is a bifold and super soft leather wallet that has quality stitching and durability. It can be personalized via engraving on the front, inside right, and inside left.

11. New Husband Survival Kit

He may know most things about you but he is yet to discover more after you say “I do”. To prepare him for a lifelong journey of lovingly surviving the married life, this New Husband Survival Kit is what he may need. Fill this box with some stuff you think he may need such as a multi-purpose tool kit, a handkerchief, for sweats, not tears, a headset to hear his music or escape some minor nagging, and so on… Remember, this should not scare him but excite and prepare him for a life with you.

10. Sock for Groom on Wedding Day

He has probably got a complete set of wardrobe for your wedding day but this Sock for Groom on Wedding Day is just a clever and symbolic gift in case he gets cold feet. Made from cotton, polyamide, and spandex, this sock will not only warm the feet of your future husband but will also remind him of how much you care. Speak your piece through the customizable label that wraps around these feet warmers.

9. Aviator Carry-on

Give your hubby to be, a glimpse of what you will venture into after getting married by giving him this Aviator Carry-on. Now you no longer how to spell out that traveling is on the list. Amazingly, This suitcase incorporates sustainable and recycled materials wherever possible: a recycled polycarbonate shell, recycled zippers, a lining made from 15 recycled plastic bottles, and a telescopic handle made from recycled, aircraft-grade aluminum. Mother earth will thank you for giving a gift that is helping her breathe whenever possible.

8. Guitar Pick Holder

For your musician or guitarist husband-to-be, this Guitar Pick Holder is a one-of-a-kind gift. A rare find that holds one of the commonly used guitar accessories or partners is something that you can surprise your fiancé with before you get married. This pick holder can be made from various choices of wood: American Walnut, Beech, Ash, Canadian Maple, Mahogany, Indian Apple, Oak, Alder, Lindens, and Jatoba. A bonus feature, it can be personalized and comes with a wooden case.

7. PhoneSoap Pro

At a time of the pandemic, disinfecting becomes a commodity and priority. However, no matter how your future husband washes his hands all day, the germ haven that goes everywhere with him- his phone, may not be as safe. This PhoneSoap Pro has a patented 360-degree disinfection design that ensures that germicidal light reaches even the tiny crevices that liquid cleaning products cannot. The combination of the chamber design, selective materials, and bulb placement will make 99.99% of microbial predators of his device shake out of fear.

6. Crested Crystal

Sharing a home with your husband is one of the many requirements of getting married. However, your fiancé surely has the staple barware that he would like to bring as you move in together. Why not go ahead and give him a personalized decanter such as this Crested Crystal. Preserve the flavor of his favorite whiskey with this smoothly crafted decanter that will serve him and his friends for years to come and will be a source of pride as it came from you.

5. Catch:3

As you settle in on your new home, you will find out that most men just throw away their keys and other stuff anywhere and then go looking for them like they already lost them, the next day. Infect your husband to be with your organization through a subtle reminder but grand gift. This Catch:3 combines multi-coil, single device wireless technology with the valet silhouette, that will inspire him to organize accessories while charging his devices. For easy access, place it on the bedside or entryway of your new home.

4. Bose Frames Tenor

Before walking down the aisle, let your future hubby receive a nice addition to his outfit that doubles as a cool device. This Bose Frames Tenor has polarized lenses that won’t easily scratch or shatter and is crafted from ultramodern materials that make it look and feel luxurious. It has an exclusive open ear audio technology that produces a sound that is rare from sunglasses. The experience will leave anybody wearing it free to engage with the world around him while discreetly listening to music.

3. Tabletop Grill

Soon after the wedding, your fiancé might crave a slice of grilled meat and your home to be may not have a backyard or front porch to place a huge griller into. Be readily prepared for this moment by handing him this Tabletop Grill as a wedding day gift. This way it will feel like you are anticipating his needs and wants and you are ready to help him fulfill them. The cork lid of this grill doubles as a heatproof base that regulates airflow, and the strap clips onto the silicone handle for easy carrying.

2. Harvey Leather Briefcase

Some men do not carry bags while others put premium on holding a quality one. If your husband-to-be is the latter, then this Harvey Leather Briefcase will be a nice wedding day gift. Made from pebbled leather with linen lining and brass hardware, this bag is designed with carrying handles and an adjustable shoulder strap for easy travel, a padded sleeve to protect the laptop, and multiple interior pockets to organize work essentials. Plus, it can be monogrammed.

1. Caricature Flask

Pick the best image you can find and print it in this Caricature Flask before handing it to your hubby to be on your wedding day. It includes a hand-crafted drawing, printed on a 7 oz., 100% food-grade stainless steel flask. This product also offers customizable messaging options in case the caricature needs to be embellished more.