Give your groomsmen the gift of boozy fun with a set of custom shot glasses. Shop our selection now and let the good times roll.

17 Personalized Shot Glasses for the Ultimate Groomsmen Gift

Every celebration won't be complete without them. And your wedding is no exception. You will always have a reason to gather them and get the party started as you hand them these shot glasses specially made for them. Choose the ones that are durable and with engraving or personalization that will not easily fade. This will definitely be used again and again in every gathering plus it will really look great in their mancave. But what's even better is that it will always remind him of the fond memories he had on your wedding day.   

Here are 17 of the best shot glasses for your groomsmen that you can choose from: 

17. Engraved Shot Glass


 These Engraved Shot Glass is the perfect gift to give your groomsmen. This shot glass comes engraved with the name/initial of your choice. It can contain up to 2oz of his favorite drink. It is made of lead free glass and is engraved to reveal frosted glass color. This shot glass may be personalized with the initial/name of your choice. 

16. Groomsmen Tuxedo

This Groomsmen Tuxedo is a set of 4 shot glasses modeled after 12-Gauge Shells that will make for a great addition to their mancave. Each shot glass holds 2 ounces. It is made from high quality polyethylene. It's a perfect gift that is sure to impress your groomsmen. It also comes in an attractive box that is perfect for gifting. 

15. Do a Shot Together

Groomsmen Proposal Shot Glass


The Do a Shot Together is an ideal way to ask them to be part of your big day. What's more is that you can present the shot glass to him in a cool personalized box set and put a pint of your favorite alcohol in it.  Once they receive these shooters you can all toast to your bachelorhood one last time before tying the knot. 

14. Personalized Groomsmen Gift Shot Glass

This Personalized Groomsmen Gift Shot Glass is a 1.5 oz of shot glass perfect for parties, weddings, business events, and not-so-serious functions. Because no good story ever started with drinking water. Grab a custom shot glass and get your party started!

13. Mug Shots 

He has watched every gangster movie there is. Let this funny gift of Mug Shots of six of America's most notorious gangsters make his dream come true! Each shot glass has a front and profile mug shot of a famous gangster. This gift includes six 2 ounces shot glasses in colorful packaging.    

    12. Personalized Matte Black/Color Hilo Shot Glass 

    This Personalized Matte Black/Color Hilo Shot Glass is a matte black with color accent. This Hilo Shot Glass can be used for restaurants, bars, lounges, promotional giveaways, gifts, or wedding favors. It has a black matte exterior with a glossy colored interior. This one is made from strong and durable ceramic, plus you can add sand etched personalized text to make it truly unique!

    11. Groom & Groom's Drinking Team Shot Glasses 

    Raise these Groom and Groom's Drinking Team Member Shot Glasses in your bachelor party! It comes with 1 Groom + 11 Groom's Drinking Team Member Shot Glasses. These shot glasses can hold 1.5 oz of party juice. It has black print and is made from high-quality glassware that will last all night long. You can also have it filled up with your favorite liquor or stuff with small candies and treats.

    10. The Groom Wedding Bow Tie Shot Glass

    The Groom Wedding Bow Tie Shot Glass is a 1.5 oz shot glass that your groomsmen will truly appreciate. Grab this custom shot glass and get your party started. It is great for multi-color logos, pictures and images and perfect for parties, weddings, business events, and not-so-serious functions. 

    9. Custom Color Groomsmen Shot Glass

    This Custom Color Groomsmen Shot Glass is a 1.5 oz Shot Glass has the perfect dimensions at 1.97" x 2.36", design area: 1.75" x 1.5", 1.5 oz capacity. It has a full color photo quality digital printing where you can place great multi-color logos, pictures and images. This is perfect for parties and weddings. 

    8. Groomsman Personalized Shot Glass

    This Groomsman Personalized Shot Glass is perfect for parties, weddings, business events, and whatever occasion for that matter. It's a 1.5 oz Shot Glass with dimensions at 1.97" x 2.36", design area: 1.75" x 1.5", 1.5 oz capacity. You can also place a full color photo quality digital printing or multi-color logos, pictures and images. 

    7. Square Shot Glasses

    This Square Shot Glasses can contain up to 2.25 oz glass of their favorite drink. This high quality thick glass molding can be highly personalized and designed by you. It's sleek, and has a modern style and shape that he will surely love. Plus, it has a permanent engraving that will make it really special. 

    6. The Classy Shooter

    Made with a unique and stable design these set of 4 glasses will feel sturdy even in the most unsteady of hands. Help them celebrate in style with these customized shot glasses. Surely, it will be a conversation piece for their  home bar or man cave. The square offset design allows them to be almost indestructible.

    5. Personalized Mini Stainless Steel Shot Glass

    These Personalized Mini Stainless Steel Shot Glass is made for any occasion. It is crafted from high quality stainless steel then finished with a brushed surface! They are durable and will never break. Great for traveling, camping, and outdoors. Their compact size lets you stack these glasses with ease for discreet storage and convenience. Makes an amazing gift for your groomsmen!

    4. Groom And Groom Squad Sublimated Shot Glasses

    These Groom And Groom Squad Sublimated Shot Glasses are handmade. It can contain up to 1.5 oz of his favorite drink. It's a clear Shot Glass with gold rim and has a printable white area for sublimation printing. The sublimation items can keep the image on the tumbler vividly and permanently. The image will not fade, peel away or scratch off. 

    3. Golf Ball Shot Glasses

    They love golf but they also love spending time taking shots of theior fasvorite drink. These Golf Ball Shot Glasses will be making both possible for yur groomsmen. If they're ripping shots in any golf environment and not using these, they're missing out. These are brand new and come in sets of 3.

    2. Shot Glass Groomsman Caricature Wedding Shot

    These Shot Glass Groomsman Caricature Wedding Shot are custom hand painted shot glasses. It's one fun gift specially made for your groomsmen. What's more, they can be personalized with name and wedding date!

    1. Tuxedo Top Hat

    This Tuxedo Top Hat is engraved for the whiskey lover, scotch or bourbon lover. It is deeply carved using sand carving technique. Each custom shot glasses are meticulously custom made making them the perfect gift for those seeking unique gift ideas for whiskey, tequila, scotch or liquor lovers.