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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I order 7 of the same groomsmen gifts and enter different personalizations on each of them?

To order more than one product with different personalizations, go to the product page and enter the personalization you would like for the 1st in the Personalization Box that appears above the red “Add to Cart” button.  When you are done entering the personalization, click the red “Add to Cart” button and you will see the product with the 1st personalization in your cart.  

Next, click the back button in your web browser and enter the 2nd personalization you would like and click the “Add to Cart” button.  You will see the 1st and 2nd personalizations in your cart.  Click the back button and keep doing this for all of your groomsmen. When you are done you can review everything you entered in your cart. 

We always review every order to make sure everything looks right on our end if we need more information we will reach out to you.  


Question: How long does shipping take?

Answer: If you are in the continental United States, shipping takes 8 to 12 business days with standard shipping.  Saturday’s and Sundays do not count as business days. National holidays do not count as business days either.  For example, if you put an order in on a Monday, you can expect your order to get to you between Tuesday and Thursday of the following week.  This means that your order should get to you realistically in a week to week and a half max.  Yes, this does include engraving time as our guys do a great job of moving fast(and accurately) and getting out into the mail, so you often get it before the 8 to 12 business days.  Don’t yell at the guy wearing brown if it’s not there in 3 business days, although we usually surprise you early rather than later. For more information on shipping and estimated delivery dates, please visit our shipping information page.


Question:  I waited until the last minuteI need my groomsmen gifts right away.  Can I get them faster than 8 to 12 business days?

Answer: Yes, but we have to pay the shipping companies (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc) more so we cannot offer you discounted shipping on expedited orders.  We can get the products to you in as fast as 3 to 4 business days.  Below is the shipping cost you will have to pay for expediting an order:

- 8 to 12 Business Days – free for orders over $75 and $9.99 for orders under $75 (Customer in the USA only)

-6 to 8 Business Days - $49.99

-Within 5 Business Days - $99.99

The lesson here to the guys out there, don’t procrastinate.  We realize you probably have a lot going on and a fiancé who is bringing you in daily to pick the perfect appetizer menu, but carve out some time in advance to pick out and order great gifts for your guys


Question:  What are your shipping costs? 

Answer:  All orders over $75 in the continental USA are free.  Orders under $75 pay $9.99 for shipping. If you aren't in the USA or you want to use a shipping method that is faster then our standard shipping option (8 to 12 business days), please visit our shipping information page.


Question: Do you ship to Canada and other international countries?

Answer:  Groovy Groomsmen Gifts will ship to INTERNATIONAL destinations with appropriate product information; however Groovy Groomsmen Gifts is not responsible for any customs and duties or tariffs and will not reimburse these charges for any reason.  We also get charged quite a bit more to ship larger boxes to Canada, so we need to charge $29.99 for shipping to Canada.  We love our Canadian brethren north of the border, who seem to put a lot of thought into their gifts.  That is something we appreciate. 

We can ship some of our products to other international locations.  As a rule of thumb, if it is one of our products that is in a box we can probably ship it to you.  Please contact us by sending us an email to and let us know your location and what product you are interested in and we will let you know if we can ship it to you and how much it will cost.  


Question:  How do I know if I entered the personalization correctly?

Answer: Each product has a description of how many characters each product can be personalized with.  Read these instructions carefully and don’t exceed the amount of available characters.  Then add the product to your cart.  You will be able to read the personalization for all the products once they are in your shopping cart to review, and when you put in the order one of our customer service reps will review the order to make sure your personalization looks like it was entered correctly. While you may want to call your best man an “international man of mystery”, it’s unlikely to fit on most of our gifts. 


Question: Can I get a discount if I order a bunch of groomsmen gifts from your website?

Answer: We price our products at rock bottom prices assuming people will likely order more than 5 of a product, so it’s hard for us to offer discounts or coupons on our groomsmen gifts beyond the discounted shipping and free personalization promotion that is currently being offered.  


Question:  Why choose Groovy Groomsmen Gifts

Answer:  Outside of assuring strong prices, we will provide great real-time customer service; we do our best to offer a selection of products that took some thought in assembling.  We try and keep our portfolio to those things that we really think a guy is going to love and are always looking for the next cool gift.  If it’s out there, we’ll find it.  If you have questions or concerns, we’ll put the TLC in first hand to help and are always fair in ensuring a great experience. 


Question:  Do you serve outside of the domestic US 48? 

Answer:  Yes, but there are caveats.  For instance, to our friends in Canada up north, you can expect probable customs bills to come along with fed and provincial tax and possible tariff charges for anything flying through. 


Question:  How are caricatures delivered? 

Answer:  We collect your artwork and once we have everything we need, we hand it over to our amazing caricature artist who will send you some draft through email and then ultimately deliver the final caricature through email for you to print and frame.  She is the Picasso of caricatures and we one day expect all her work to be featured louvre.  If you would like to read more about how we create our caricatures, please visit this page.  It’s really is an awesome groomsmen gift.