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  • 18 Slick Custom Groomsmen Lighters for Your Crew

    by Chris Bajda March 23, 2024

    When it comes to choosing the perfect groomsmen gifts, the aim is to find something that strikes the perfect balance between thoughtfulness, utility, and a dash of uniqueness.

    Enter the personalized lighter: not your everyday gift, but a flame-bearer of memories and camaraderie. This isn't just about giving a tool to spark up your cigar; it’s about igniting a smile with every use, reminding your groomsmen of the irreplaceable role they've played in your life's journey.


    Here are 18 of the best lighters for your groomsmen:  

    18. Light Them with Style - Flip Lighter

    Personalized Cigar Lighter

    This Light Them with Style - Flip Lighter sizes up at 1.5" x 2.25" x 0.5" and can be personalized with three initials. You know exactly what he wants. This classy flip lighter is an item every cigar lover wants to possess. Let this gift turn heads and get the job done as you give him this classic item. 

    17. Style Torch Lighter

    Great Cigar Torch Lighter Gift

    Help your guy light his stogies in style. This smooth looking torch lighter will quickly become the go to of any cigar aficionados arsenal. This powerful torch flame lighter features a smooth strong handle that feels good in the hand and an easy ignition button that helps make the flame easy to light. 

    16. Personalized Torch Lighter

    Put a smile on his face with this sleek looking personalized torch lighter.  This lighter comes with a built in cigar punch making for one less thing for your favorite cigar aficionados pockets to hold. Every guy needs a good lighter and he will be lighting his stogies with pride for years to come.

    15. All in One Cigar Lighter

    It's the perfect gift for cigar lovers! This Cigar Lighter has a has it all, it is a lighter, cigar punch, and cigar stand.  Your cigar lover will love this all in one cigar tool that can do it all.  It even has a cigar draw enhancer to help bring out the best in his cigars. 

    14. Engraved Torch Lighter

    Awesome Cigar Gift Lighter

    Each torch comes in a black gift box for epic presentation.  You can personalize this great gift with 1 line of up to 10 characters. This engraved torch lighter is a triple torch flame with a retractable built-in bullet cutter.  It comes with an adjustable flame height and butane is refillable.  

    13. Triple Torch Cigar Lighter 

    This awesome and affordable torch lighter is simply perfect for your cigar lover friend. The triple torch cigar lighter is sure to stay with your cigar lover friend for a very long time. The triple flame luxurious cigarette lighter with cigar punch is made of robust materials and can last for generations. It has an ergonomic grip design perfect for the easy one handed use. The flame is adjustable and is very light as it only weighs 89 grams.

    12. Custom-Monogram with Stripes Zippo Lighter

    It comes with superior wind-proof design in a white, black, or red matte finish. The Custom-Monogram with Stripes Zippo Lighter is a stylish monogrammed design with three stripes, for elegant people. It is available in four finishes and are windproof, durable, and has a lifetime guarantee.

    11. Tesla Coil Lighter

    It comes at the perfect size at 3” x 1.75” x 0.5” / Weight 3 oz (Arc length: 5mm), he can easily carry this one in his pocket anytime, anywhere. The Tesla Coil Lighters are safe and easy to use. It also lights at the click of a button and comes with a rechargeable USB. Fully charged, it can last up to a week or 100-300 uses. 

    10. Personalized Triple Torch Cigar Lighter


    black cigar lighter


    The wide, flat surface will also fit nicely into his hand or pocket. Have this Personalized Triple Torch Flame Cigar Lighter laser engraved to make it extra special. This Triple Torch cigar lighter features a trio of powerful butane flames, a simple two ignition process with its oversized activation trigger, and a flame height adjuster located in the base of this lighter. 

    9. Five Torch Jet Blue Flame Cigarette Lighter 

    It's the perfect lighter for cigars/cigarettes, culinary use, activities such as camping, fishing, hunting, welding, soldering, even BBQ, and so on. This Five Torch Jet Blue Flame Cigarette Lighter is made with high-quality materials for leak-free and long-lasting use. It is easily refillable and has a simple click-to-ignite function. It also features an adjustable flame control and a powerful five torch with wind-resistant flames. 

    8. Monogrammed Double Torch Cigar Lighter

    This Monogrammed Double Torch Cigar Lighter allows you to choose between a modern or classic font. This gift comes with the two jet torches that provide a strong flame without too much heat. A protective lid covers the torch heads when not in use. The bottom is equipped with a foldable punch cutter. Each lighter comes with an adjustable nozzle that makes it easy to adjust the strength of the flame. With monogramming, you can add that personalized touch too.

    7. Spectrum Sparker

    The Spectrum Sparker is a Zippo brand lighter with an ever-changing rainbow of colors that features an iridescent finish with a custom engraving. Your guy will use this with pride for years to come. Have it customized with precision laser engraving that's crisp and clean.

    6. Personalized Black Art Deco Zippo Lighter

    The Personalized Black Art Deco Zippo Lighter would make a great wedding favors for your best man or groomsmen. It comes in all-metal construction and superior wind-proof design. This fabulous masculine lighter in art deco theme of black on silver can be customized with a name or monogram initials.

    5. Torch Cigar Lighter

    It features an ergonomic grip design and is perfectly sized for easy one-handed use. The Torch Cigarette Lighter is a triple flame luxurious cigarette lighter with cigar punch. It is made of robust materials that's sure to last for generations. A word of warning, this Chobia cigar lighter is not cheap.

    4. Dupont Slim 7 Lighter - Chrome

    Definitely a gift a cigar aficionado friend will not easily forget. Brushed chrome and chrome finish, this S.T. Dupont Slim 7 Lighter - Chrome is said to be the World's slimmest lighter. It's 7mm thick and has a powerful, wind-resistant torch flame. 

    3. Classy Lighting

    The classic zippo is sought after by all guys. Add some personalization on it and you have a world class lighter. This lighter comes in 4 colors so you can't go wrong with this gift.  Your guy will light up when he opens this gift. You can't ever go wrong with a classic. 

    2. Zippo Color Ice Lighters

    For optimum performance, it is recommended to use genuine Zippo premium lighter fluid, flints, and wicks. The Zippo Color Ice Lighter are genuine Zippo windproof lighter with a distinctive Zippo "click." It comes in all-metal construction and a windproof design that works virtually anywhere. 

    1. Triple Threat Torch Lighter and Multi-Tool

    personalized torch cigar lighter

    Any cigar lover would be thrilled with this slick looking lighter. This awesome lighter is equipped with a built in cigar rest and cigar punch this multi-function accessory will be the pride of his cigar arsenal. One that he will be whipping out to show his buddies for years to come. 

    Looking for more engraved torch lighters CLICK HERE!

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