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Help your men travel in style by giving him a personalized toiletry bag for all his manly essentials. Browse our collection of custom toiletry bags and dopp kits to get your groomsmen a personalized gift that he will use for years to come. Your men will thank you every time they use it. This gift is style and utility rolled into one. Whether you want to get him a real deal Dopp kit for the first time or just want to replace his old one, get him one that is designed for travel, stylish and large enough to fit all his essentials. A Dopp kit implies a roughly rectangular kit with one large main pocket. A personalized toiletry bag is something he can rely on any time he needs his precious products. Look for one that he can bring with him on an overnight business trip or to a 10-day excursion abroad with his bathroom gear set in one place.

At Groovy Groomsmen Gifts you can find a variety of personlized toiletry bags. From zippered bag to hanging bags, and structured, standing toiletry bags that open from above also known as Dopp kits. As simple as they may look, there are a lot of things to consider when buying him a toiletry bag. He may need a versatile bag for most travel situations - both for ground and air travel. Or probably a luxe leather bag for that perfect business look? Maybe a clear bag to cart through airport security or even a Dopp kit with lots of compartments. Hanging bags compact or big enough for family to share may be ideal for him. The choices are endless depending on his need. Consider the size of the toiletry bag. The most compact bag isn't always the answer to saves space nor is the largest so you can easily pack just about everything you think you need. It is always wise to strike a balance. Also take into consideration how it is organized. You have a choice if you want a single compartment (Dopp kit) or multiple compartment bag. How would you like to access and organize your grooming essentials? Here is where hanging toiletry bags become an option.

He might be the type who want to find the right containers for the right things so find him something with great pouches and straps. This one includes a hook that you can easily hang up in the bathroom for better accessibility. Lastly consider the material of your toiletry bag. Choose from clear plastic so you won't have to deal with airport security check or choose the tech fabric or something more rugged like the waxed canvas toiletry bag. Canvas Dopp kits are very popular because the thick material is durable and affordable. The thing about waxed canvas is that it really ages well with use, and because it’s mostly waterproof and seam-sealed, if something happens to break or leak, it won’t get on any of his belongings. Sometimes you need something with extra weatherproofing, especially if you’re taking it camping or on water. You may also want to consider giving him a quality vintage leather Dopp kit for style and durability.

Whether it's a weekend getaway or a summer out of the country, it is a must to have a reliable way to organize and carry his personal essentials. Finding a well-made personalized toiletry bag that fits the needs of your men is a great gift. Here are 17 of the best personalized toiletry bags that you can choose from: