Marco Yolo

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While we realize the real demand for most of your crazy groomsmen is a moral compass, those are unfortunately difficult to manufacture. Hence why we come to you with the next best thing. Fasten your seat belts for directional spontaneity, you don't need any plans when you have something that will tell you where you're heading. The reality is most guys aren't likely going to pull this gizmo out too much in practical life, but it's the symbolism and the straight out intricate coolness that makes any groomsmen smile when in the hand. Every guy dreams of being Christopher Columbus exploring the unknown world. While it's unlikely your groomsmen with ever live that out, this unique compass can definitely spur the imagination.  

When entering your personalization, please enter it in the following format:

Inside of Compass: Not all of those who wander are lost

Outside of Compass: For our adventures


  • The top and bottom side of the lid of the compass can be engraved.
  • Around 70-80 characters can be fit per side.
  • Any font can be used from the reference fonts in the picture. If you need another font to be used, kindly convey the name.
  • The size of the compass is approximately 2 inches
  • The material of the compass is brass.
  • The chain and the leather pouch is included with your order.