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Weddings are coming!  While the Whitewalker will likely be the bride, the night will be long and you will require a vessel that brings your mead to life.  Make sure your groomsmen are well equipped to hold the wall while you say yes to your lady. This BrewHorn will be the talk of the party and everyone will want to know where you got it. The Men of the Nights Groovy Crew want you to impress your mates with the coolest gift out there.  Cast your wedding theme with Viking appeal, just don't make sure you drag your bride to the alter.   


  • 100% real bovine horn tankard, approx 18-32 oz size range (our XL tankard size)
  • The inside is coated with a food-safe lacquer
  • Outside is left with its natural finish (some horns are buffed to a polished, some are rough - all horns are 100% unique)
  • Width and height varies, but is approximately 4 x 4 x 6″ (may be much taller or wider, but we try and make sure all sets look good together and choose the largest horn for the groom)
  • The Brewhorn can be engraved with up to 20 Characters

How to Care for Brewhorn:

  1. Protect your horn from extreme heat or cold - Big swings in temperature (like a dishwasher) or pressure can cause the natural material of the horn to expand and contract. This can cause the base seal on the horn or tankard to be compromised.
  2. Avoid the dishwasher - As mentioned above, but worth mentioning again. We see a lot of leaks stemming from people mistakenly putting in with their normal wash.
  3. Clean using a bottle brush and a mild dish soap - Get into tight spots with the bottle brush and use a mild soap to preserve the food save coatings. No harsh chemicals.
  4. Baking Soda can help mitigate any horn scent - To reduce any horn scent, sprinkle some dry baking soda into the horn and leave it overnight. The absorbent properties of the baking soda will help speed up the "breaking in" process of the horn. Every horn will eventually have little to no smell at all. This helps speed up that process.
  5. Hot liquids are to be used with caution - They are safe, but keep in mind rule #1 above. Anything too hot may cause expansion/contraction and could lead to issues.
  6. For minor scrapes and touch up, use nail hardener (or superglue) - Yup, the same stuff used to harden manicured fingernails. Slap some of this stuff on any nick, puncture or leak and once cured, should be good as new. Use a UV light to cure for best results Super glue also works well and is safe to use although does not cure as hard as nail hardener.