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Unique gifts are those that push the envelope of gift greatness.  They are gifts that aim for a star-struck reaction and will open the eyes of your groomsmen, often times they never see it coming.  These unique groomsmen gift ideas dig deep, may take more time to get comfortable with, but when confidence abounds, really make a splash.  They are meant to surprise your groomsmen and impress them with your unseen creativity. 

21 of Our Favorite Unique Groomsmen Gifts

They deserve more than just a "thank you" that comes with a gift. Let your groomsmen enjoy a unique gift that will show them that you went the extra mile to get to know them better and find out what will really give a smile on their faces. Your unique gift will definitely be treasured for a long time and a reminder of how special your wedding had been. 

Here are 21 unique groomsmen gifts that you can choose from: 

21. Leather Beer Can Cooler

With craft beer gaining popularity, your groomsman will be pleased to have this beer can cooler as a thank you gift from your wedding. These can coolers are made of 100% leather and 100% oil tanned. It can be laser etched with your wedding logo, personalization, or a quote. It is then hand cut, pinched and laced to finish. It can fit 16oz pint glass and any standard bottle or beer can. 

20. Pils Popper

Here’s a unique groomsmen gift that is sure to put a smile on his face. The Pils Popper is a personalized gift that comes with a wall hang bottle opener.  This one comes in Green Bottle, Black Label, Deer Hunter or Suit Up. This gift can be personalized to make it extra special for him.

19. Leather Suspenders

Get him ready for your rustic themed wedding with this leather suspender. This one is made from genuine cowhide leather and has thick, durable, solid and pliable surface. This gift comes with fashionable hand-painted edges and high-quality clips with teeth.  This adjustable suspender comes in reddish brown color. Definitely one functional gift your groomsman will treasure for a long time.

18. Caricature Mug

How personalized could it get? Placing their hand-drawn and digitally printed caricatured faces on their own mug simply speak of how fond you are of your beer buddies. Each time they drink down that glass of ice cold beer on a hot day they are refreshed not just with their drink but the thought that you actually remembered them through this mug.

17. Insulated Beer Carrier

Perfect for his beer bottles, this Insulated beer carrier is made of Neoprene, a stretchy material that keeps beverages cold and protected. It fits 12oz to most 22oz bottles and includes a built-in bottle opener. Easily slide beer bottles into their snug holder. You’re sure dad’s beer will stay cold for up to four hours. This beer carrier can be easily folded too for easy storage.

16. Viking Brew Horn

It’s not every day that you receive a gift that makes you want to portray what it’s like to drink like a true Viking. This Viking Brew Horn is 100% real bovine horn tankard and can contain from 18 up to 32 ounces of your favorite beer. It is coated with a food-safe lacquer on the inside while having a natural finish on the outside. Let your drinking buddies experience what it means to drink like a true Viking with the proper brew horn. Personalize it for them as you put their initials on each. 

15. Yukon Growlers Gift Set

Let him carry this rugged growler with ease as it fits perfectly into the neoprene growler case. This item is sure to deliver his cold and carbonated beer even on day two of his camp trip. It comes complete with 4-pint glasses and a stainless steel brew lid that is combined with strong polypropylene threads so you’re sure there will be no leaks and no condensation. You can be sure your groomsmen will be using this gift for a long time.   

14. Bourbon Barrel Beerheader

This wall mount opener features a bourbon barrel back and cast iron opener hardware. It also keeps your caps collected with the help of the stud magnet. No need to look for that bottle opener when it’s time to gather with your beer buddies. Wouldn’t it be nice to also have one at your buddy’s place? Let this be your way of telling him how thankful you are for all the time and effort that he’s given to make your wedding extra special.  

13. Dungeon Master Beer Mug  

While glassware for beer abounds as possible gifts for beer lovers, this one stands out as the mug uses natural wood oak and copper plaque. The inner portion of the mug is made up of stainless steel keeping your beer cold even after hours. It can contain up to 22 ounces of your drink. Have it personalized for your groomsmen by placing his name right in the middle of this artistically designed wooden Dungeon Master Beer Mug.

12. Personalized Docking Station

Your buddies would usually have a long tiring work day meeting deadlines, building connections, and closing deals. He will truly appreciate your effort to get his stuff organized the moment he’s home. This personalized docking station is a wooden organizer for his small things like phone, keys, tablet, watch, flash drives, coins and the like. Personalize it by having your groomsmen’s initials engraved on this holder. 

11. Leather Passport Holder

Let him travel in style with this full-grain leather passport cover. This leather naturally conditions while being used and develops the patina and unique character. The more he uses it the better it will look and feel. A handcrafted gift that is sure to last.  It is designed to carry one U.S. passport, his cash and credit cards plus other travel documents. It comes complete with a leather pocket at the cover’s back that holds the passport securely in place.  The front pocket also features slots that can hold his credit cards. You may also choose from a classic holder or the one that comes with a sturdy snap for added security. Choose from the available colors: Saddle (light colored - tan to medium tan), Hickory (smooth reddish-brown) and Canyon (a distressed, dark brown). Personalize it by choosing a firebrand image for free together with his name or initials on the cover and you’re all set to give a gift that’s truly functional for all his travels.   

10. Shaving Gift Set

Let your groomsmen do his shaving in style as you present him with this blade set. This shaving gift setcomes complete with a Gillette Mach 3 standard shaver blades and a razor with one blade. Have the case personalized with his name or initials. This is one gift that he can bring with him especially when there’s a call to shave when he’s on call for business out of town.

9. Leather Travel Tech Organizer

This gadget travel bag has a functional minimalist design that is a perfect fit for your groomsmen who loves to travel. Handcrafted and made with premium materials, this full grain leather has 7 slots of different sizes to hold the smaller items, a dedicated Apple Pencil holder and a secret pocket for money. You may choose from linen or leather interior for that luxurious touch. Simple and functional, it’s a perfect companion to help him get organized. This is definitely a gift that your groomsmen will treasure for a long time.   

8. Hanging Toiletry Bag

The thoughtful and elegant design of this gift will surely help your groomsmen get organized with his traveling essentials. Using only premium quality materials, this toiletry bag comes with an extra-large capacity to fit all toiletries. It has a stable bottom, durable seams, and a convenient handle. It also comes with a blue pouch where dad can place his footwear, underclothes and the like. With 17 compartments, useful dividers and elastic loops in each pocket, his belongings can stay organized and upright all throughout his travel. He can also easily hang this gift for easy access without cluttering up countertops. It is spacious but compact and lightweight. This is one multi-functional travel accessory gift that your groomsmen will definitely appreciate!

7. Stoneware Pottery Beer Mug

Delicately made by hand on a potter’s wheel with a pulled handle, this stoneware pottery beer mug will definitely be a treasure to cherish as a groomsmen gift. Designed with historical banding pattern, this mug is sure to keep his home-brewed or craft beer cold. It can even come in his favorite color as you have a variety of colors to choose from.   

6. Caricature Flask

Placing your groomsman’s hand-drawn and digitally printed caricatured face on his very own mug simply speak of how special he is to you. Each time he drinks down that ice cold beer on a hot day he is refreshed not just with the drink but the thought that you actually remembered to thank him through this flask. But wait there’s more. You also get to receive the digital format of his caricature that you can easily share with him. 

5. Wine Gift Box Set

Say thank you to your groomsman with this elegant wine gift box set. The box is made from real bamboo wood with matching bamboo accessories that will allow your wine enthusiast groomsman to be the perfect host for any occasion. Have his favorite wine placed inside this stylish case. This wine gift box keeps your wine protected and securely wrapped and tight inside the case. It can fit any standard 750ml bottle of wine.

4. North Star

Make it a sentimental yet functional gift as you give your groomsman this personalized compass gift. No matter where he travels, he can always be directed by this sterling piece. This compass comes in a compact wooden box and both can be personalized with his name or initials. No doubt about it, his thoughts will always be directed to you and how you remembered to thank him with this special gift.  


Engraved Groomsmen Fashion Set

What do you get when you mix a great guy with a great girl? A wedding!  What do you get when you mix a stylish watch, fancy flask, nice shades, comfy socks, and engraved humidor? A groomsmen gift that will have everyone talking! This box set is a one stop shop for any groom. Once the tux is purchased all you need to do is buy your groomsmen this amazing box set and the wedding will be complete.

This set has everything you could need and will need for that special day. Humidor for cigars with the guys, fun socks to make those tight new shoes bearable to dance in. Your photographer will love the shades for photos and the watch will keep your groomsmen on time after they polish off the engraved flask.  

2. VIP Package  

Engraved Groomsmen Gift Box

This personalized black box has him covered for his all-day everyday needs. This set comes with 5 gifts neatly placed in a personalized VIP box that doubles as a humidor and is lined with Spanish cedar. The box can contain up to 20 cigars. It includes a slim body aluminum minimalist wallet, a 6-ounce personalized flask, a black steel pocket knife, and an 8.5-inch bottle opener. You are free to choose just the items you want. No need to get all the items. The best part is you can have his initials engraved on the flask, wallet, bottle opener, knife, and the box. 

1. Groomsmen Bobblehead Doll

Make your gift as unique as possible with this groomsmen Bobblehead Doll. These dolls are made of clay, molded and baked to harden. This gift is completely customizable and you can choose the face, outfit and what will be written on the base. This gift will definitely become a centerpiece of your groomsmen’s desktop decoration.


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