Make your guys crack up when you hand them one of these funny groomsmen gifts.

If you are looking to get a good laugh out of your groomsmen, we've got a collection of groomsmen gifts that will help make that happen.  From small token gifts like underwear to big ticket items like bobble heads dolls, we have a funny groomsmen gift for all the guys in your wedding party.


It's like no other gift in the world. Let your groomsmen enjoy the gift of laughter with a funny groomsmen gift that will make them crack up! Nothing makes a more memorable gift than one that will remind your groomsman of the fun times spent together on your big day.  No matter what you pick, a good laugh will last a lifetime with your favorite buddies right beside you on your wedding day.

Here are 14 funny groomsmen gifts you can choose from: 

14. Custom Bobblehead

No matter their sense of humor, this custom bobblehead will be sure to make even the most serious groomsman smile. These customized gifts can be tailored to your groomsman’s style and sense of humor, making it a personalized item they’ll proudly display in their home or office.

13. Groomsman Caricature Flask 


Placing his hand-drawn and digitally printed caricatured face on his very own flask simply speak of how special he is to you. Each time he drinks down that tasty beverage he is refreshed not just with the drink but the thought that you actually remembered him through this flask. But wait there’s more. You also get to receive the digital format of his caricature that you can easily share with him. 

12. Mug on a Mug

He's always been one who loves appreciating his good looks. Let him do just that as you give him this Mug on a Mug. This mug can contain up to 22 ounces of his favorite drink. The mug caricature is of high quality, 100% drawn and digitally printed. You can also place your retirement message as a caption.

11. Mug Life 

This personal, unconventional and funny groomsmen gift is simply perfect for him. This Mug Life is sure to make his day each time he gets to have that coffee in the morning and even all throughout the day. What's more, is that he gets to unlimitedly admire that good looking guy on the mug. He's sure to remember you and your beautiful wedding with this gift. 

10. Frost in Translation

How personalized could it get? Placing his hand-drawn and digitally printed caricatured face on his own mug simply speak of how fond you are of your groomsman. Each time he drinks down that glass of ice-cold beer on a hot day he is refreshed not just with his drink but the thought that you actually remembered him through this mug.

9. Xmas Ornament 

Stuff his stocking with this funny Xmas Ornament. It's one unexpected gift from you but one that will surely have him laughing. This gift is a photo ornament gift that will definitely end up on his Christmas tree. It is a crystal clear acrylic ornament that has a double-sided design. Each time your groomsman sees this on his tree, he is sure reminded of your wedding and how you made him laugh with this gift.     

8. Bota Wine Bag 

Here is one cool and funny gift you can give to your groomsman. Make him feel like Don Juan holding a Spanish guitar on one hand and this Bota Wine Bag on the other. He'll be ready to serenade her lady armed with this funny gift. This gift can be personalized with 3 initials and can hold up to 1 liter of his favorite drink.    

7. Funny Beard Mug 

Let your groomsman celebrate manhood with a bearded smile! This beard mug is made from ceramic and can contain up to 15 ounces of his favorite drink. It has a sleek back rim and handle. Make it a gift that will have him smiling each time he uses it and one that he will surely remember you and your awesome wedding by. 

5. Groomsmen Selfie Socks   

Get their selfies on their socks and have them wear it on your wedding day. They will surely be show stoppers and will look great on your wedding pictures too. You won't just have your groomsmen laughing but everyone who gets to see their socks on your wedding day. This is one gift that is both is fun and functional.   

4. Personalized Bottle Openers 

Have him remember which one to pick for his wine as you give him this personalized bottle opener. This opener is made from high-quality stainless steel while the head of the doll is made with polymer clay. A magnet may be added at the back if you want your groomsmen to use them as ref magnets. It's one gift he is sure to remember your wedding and his face by.   

3. Custom Caricature Portrait 

This is a hand-drawn group caricature portrait of your groomsmen. All you do is send high-resolution photos of each groomsman, decide on a theme and background, and the artist will do the rest. Once completed, the caricature is sent to you via a digital file. You can share it over social media, through email, or text, or you can have it printed and framed! It's one gift that is both fun and worth hanging on the wall.  

2. Personalized Boxer Shorts 

Have them wear personalized boxer shorts on your wedding day! These boxers are made from cotton and can be printed with text of your choice. Property of boxers will be printed in white with your name or married name underneath, any other role will be printed with the role and a name/date underneath. Let them show this off on your wedding day and you'll have one fun moment that's perfectly instagrammable! 

1. Mug Shots 

He has always fantasized on being a gangster. Let this funny gift of Mug Shots of six of America's most notorious gangsters make his dream come true! Each shot glass has a front and profile mug shot of a famous gangster. This gift includes six 2 ounces shot glasses in colorful packaging.