23 Best Gifts for the Ushers at Your Wedding

by Chris Bajda April 17, 2020

Ushers come in all shapes, sizes … and ages. And sometimes someone that is under 21 years old makes their way into your wedding party and makes finding the right gift a little more difficult.

After all, tried-and-true groomsmen gifts include decanters, cigars, whiskey stones, and beer glasses. Your junior groomsmen gifts might appreciate any one of those gifts, but none is appropriate for teenagers — or groomsmen or ushers who are even younger.

So consider the following groomsmen gifts for the younger members of your wedding party. You’ll find that they are far more appropriate — and far more appreciated by the recipient.

Here are 23 of the best junior groomsmen gifts that you can choose from: 

23. Splendid Splinter 

The Splendid Splinter is an awesome personalized mini bat that makes a great gift for your ushers.  Let your kids swing on a 3-0 count with a bat that will feel great in his hands. There is no swinging and missing with this cool ushers gift.   

22. Personalized Basketball

    Let your ushers enjoy their favorite sport by giving them this personalized basketball. This is the perfect gift for the teenager who stood alongside you on your wedding day and the same group of young men you’d be playing with a week in and week out. You may choose the wording that will be engraved on the basketball, up to 3 lines of text. The wordings are engraved permanently into the leather.

    21. Bug Out Pack

    Embroidered Brown Groomsmen Back Pack

    Are you prepared for ANYTHING?  Make sure your ushers are with this Bug Out Transport Bag. This bag is lightweight and roomy enough to store essentials for survival for up to 72 hours. It's one functional gift he will treasure for a long time. 

    20. Personalized Football Sign 

    Every season is football season for boys, and good football memorabilia is always appreciated no matter what time of year. As a gift to your boy for his special day, get him his very own personalized football sign to celebrate his love for sports. He will want to hang it up right over his football collection so that he can see it every day and think how sick it is that his name is on a giant football.

    19. Personalized Leather Keychain

    Let him carry his important keys together with this classic dark brown leather keychain. This keyring is a useful tool and is available in black, dark brown and tan. Sweet and thoughtful, this gift is encased in a beautiful engraved wooden black gift box that can easily double as a keepsake box. Both keychain and box can be engraved separately and you can easily add a monogram or name to make it extra special. 

    18. Heightened Hydration

    Get your guys a groomsmen gift that will be used every day. Whether they are pumping iron or at work, this personalized water bottle will become a fixture in their everyday life. Our double-wall, the vacuum-insulated design ensures you're the only one who will sweat. No moisture in your bag or rings on your desk; this bottle is completely condensation-free and keeps liquids cold for 24 hours + so you can enjoy all-day, ice-cold refreshment even when temperatures soar. For warmer beverages, this bottle will keep it hot for up to 8 hours.

    17. Baseball Bag Tag           

    Your little slugger will definitely be delighted with this gift. This baseball bag tag is made from durable and top-quality fiber reinforced plastic and comes with a durable stainless steel metal screw clasp to make sure it stays where it’s supposed to be. It’s thick and sturdy with just the right size (the size of a credit card). No matter where he goes, finding this on his bag means remembering that you are all for his love for baseball. This gift can also be customized to make it extra special.     

    16. Survival Set 

    From the car to the boat to the campsite every guy should have a survival kit with him when out and about. Whatever life throws his way this kit has got him covered and then some with 14 tools in one durable easy to carry case. Makes a great gift for any guy in your life. This kit includes Survival Knife, Wire saw, Flashlight, Scraper, Fire Starters, Emergency Blanket, Water Bottle Buckle, Credit Card Knife, Tactical Pen, Pocket Bellow, Bracelet with whistle and compass, 7 in 1 survival spoon, spoon cover with a whistle, black waterproof box.

    15. Personalized Football

      Make your ushers feel like a Super Bowl MVP when you toss him a perfect spiral with this cool personalized football. This gift is a super cool engraved football coming in three sizes. It has a white top with a traditional football bottom with an engraving in a warm brown for solid contrast. Definitely the perfect usher gift. 

      14. Personalized Leather Belt

        A stylish gift will always be a welcome addition to his favorite accessories. let him have this handmade leather belt with a personalized engraving. Choose the color closest to his preference - dark brown, brown or black leather. It comes with a silver buckle and is neatly placed in a box that can also be engraved with his initials.  

        13. Selfie Socks   

        Get their selfies on their socks and have them wear it on your wedding day. They will surely be show stoppers and will look great on your wedding pictures too. You won't just have your ushers laughing but everyone who gets to see their socks on your wedding day. This is one gift that is both is fun and functional.   

        12. Ball Breaker 

        These Personalized Rawlings Baseballs make for the perfect gift for your junior groomsmen or ring bearers.  These custom baseballs get it right from sentiment to quality.

        11. Kick Back Pack 

        Hiking, work or weekend with the boys, this Kick Back Pack is perfect for anything going on in your life. This classic style backpack made from vintage washed cotton canvas for a hike up or fall down any mountain. This Knapsack is stacked with 1 large main compartment perfect for books and other supplies, 3 outside zippered pouches hold additional gear, 2 elastic side pockets with tie-down straps keeps water bottles and other items secure. comfortable padded and adjustable shoulder straps for all-day wear!

        10. Jack It Out Jug

        The personalized water bottle is designed for baseball enthusiasts for both indoor and outdoor activities. 100% healthy, non-toxic materials, and safe. Totally BPA -free. Easy to use, easy to clean. A safe, healthy alternative to plastic bottles and cups. Reusable, unbreakable, and easy to wash, all while looking slick.

        9. The Mug Shot

        White Beer Stein Wit Printer Caricature On Front

        “Mug shot” suddenly has a whole new meaning. Give your ushers a mug shot they actually want to remember with this personalized 22-ounce beer stein. Take a photo of your ushers and watch it come to life with a hand-drawn caricature digitally printed onto the face of the stein. We’ll even include a caption of your choosing. You’ll receive the digital file of the drawings for safekeeping in your revenge folder on your computer.

        8. Travel Marvel

        If you love the look, feel, and smell of quality leather this Dopp kit will not disappoint. Perfect for use as a travel bag for toiletries or other accouterments, the Travel Marvel is rugged and roomy measuring 9 x 4 x 4 inches for the standard sized bag and 10 x 5 x 4 inches for the large bag. 

        7. Rugged Tumbler 

        Caricature Printed On Coffee Travel Mug

        Looking for the gift that will really be all about your leading junior groomsmen. If this sounds more like what you had in mind, you can stop looking because this tumbler has it all: playfulness, personality, and practicality. What better way to show your ushers your adoration by presenting them with tumblers showcasing their rugged faces on them? 

        6. Superstar Keychain 

        These personalized keychains make a great gift for any sport lover in your life. Rep your own personal favorite player everywhere you go. These quality prints are fused inks and are permanent. They will not scratch or peel off.

        5. Groomsmen Group Caricature 

        Bringing your groomsmen together in a custom-made caricature with choice of background - now that could be one of the best groomsmen gifts out there. With so many tacky wall decoration ideas out there posing as cool, this brings guy leverage to have a say in what goes up. Not even the most stubborn woman will have the audacity to take this one down. This great groomsmen gift doesn't have a weakness.   

        4. Muscle Duffle

        Here is the bag equivalent of that guy - strong, tough, versatile, ready for all occasions. The Muscle Duffle works for anything, whether for overnight, travel, gym, work or sports. This tough bag features one large exterior pocket with a flap and 2 zipped side pockets.  It has leather accents brass closures. This cool junior sack also comes with an adjustable should strap and features two handles with leather connectors for easy carrying. It will last a lifetime for that guy that will put it through the ringer.  The Bag Also Features 2 Convenient Carry Handles, An Adjustable Shoulder Strap, And Leather Zip Pulls.

        3. Men's Personalized Bracelet

        Elegant and stylish, this leather bracelet is as comfortable for everyday wear as it is fashionable for formal occasions. He'll appreciate the good looks and versatility this custom leather bracelet affords. The polished, hammered plate is ready to be custom engraved: with a name, initials, date or any words of love. This cuff makes great personal gift for your boyfriend, husband, nephew or best friend!

        2. Shaving Kit

        This beautiful vintage and rustic grooming shave kit is one gift your ushers will really treasure for a long time. Give him the perfect accessories for the modern gentleman. This gift set comes with shave products including a personalized box, razor, brush, bowl shave soap, and balm. Thank him by completing his shaving essentials with this gift box.

        1. High Society

        Wooden Box Set With Stainless Steel Cufflinks, Tie Bar and Money Clip

        Class up your ushers with this high society starter pack, if only for one night! This tri-pack of items includes a money clip, tie bar, and a set of cufflinks. All items are silver and stainless steel, personalized to your liking, and even comes in a wooden box for safekeeping. Give them this set and get some peace of mind in knowing your ushers will look top-notch on your big day.

        Practical Ideas

        As with any gift, you want your groomsman or usher gifts for the young gun to actually get used. So, start by looking for practical things that your young groomsmen may not have yet.

        Luggage can be a great groomsmen gift for all ages, but younger groomsmen could probably use an upgrade in this area. Many are most likely using backpacks as overnight bags and hand-me-downs for longer trips.








        So consider a nicer, monogrammed overnight bag or an over-the-shoulder travel bag. You can find quality, attractive options at relatively affordable prices, and the monogram helps make the gift more personal.

         You can also opt to give shaving kits as groomsmen gifts for under-21 members of your wedding party. Again, you can find quality, attractive options at affordable prices, and most teenagers don’t yet have a nice shaving kit for their toiletries.

        Tech Ideas

        If there’s one thing that junior groomsmen will appreciate, it’s technology. If your groomsmen have their own phones, consider portable chargers that will give them a little extra juice at the end of long days.

        Another great tech gift could be wireless headphones. Of course, you can spend a lot of money on noise-canceling wireless headphones, but you can also find great options at the lower end of the price scale.


        Style Ideas

        Let’s be honest: Most teenagers can use a few fashion upgrades. Consider giving them a style gift that is super useful but that also provides a boost to your under 21 groomsmen’s overall wardrobes.

        You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of wayfarer sunglasses. Some young men may be using sunglasses bought off the rack at a convenience store. You can find quality, stylish, polarized options for as much as you might spend on a gift for your older groomsmen.

        A nice watch with a leather band is another good style option. The cool thing about giving a watch as groomsmen gifts for under-21 members of your wedding party is that you can include a meaningful inscription under the watch face.

        Finally, get your under 21-year-old groomsmen’s shoe sizes and give them a nice pair of fashion sneakers. You can find great pairs for far less than $100, and sneakers are always something a teenager can use.

        Sentimental Ideas

        When a young man takes time out of his busy schedule to participate in your wedding, it’s only natural to want to say “thank you” in a meaningful way. And one of the best ways to express your gratitude is to write a heartfelt note.

        So, think about a book that meant something to you when you first read it — a book that has some sort of important message that would resonate with a young man. Give the book as a gift to your junior groomsman or usher, and write a note in the front that tells him how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them being in your wedding.

        Also, be sure to write about why you chose that specific book for them. The book could be anything from classics like The Red Badge of Courage and The Adventures or Huckleberry Finn to well-known non-fiction like The Right Stuff or Friday Night Lights.

        Easy Ideas

        There’s always the biggest gift-giving copout — a gift card. There are two ways to approach giving gift cards. First, you can give a gift card that you know the recipient will use. For young men, you can choose iTunes gift cards, gaming gift cards or gift cards to other stores that you know they frequent.

        The second approach is giving gift cards as add-on gifts, pairing them with a pocketknife, tie clip or something else that can be monogrammed. After all, there’s not much that’s meaningful about a gift card. Pairing a gift card with another, more meaningful gift makes it more personal.

        Final Idea: Always Write a Note

         As you’re considering groomsmen gifts the younger members of your wedding party, remember the cardinal rule of giving groomsmen gifts — always write a note.

        We give gifts as a token of appreciation — a gesture that indicates what the recipient means to the giver. The gift is an unspoken way of saying “thank you,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t write out your thanks, too.

        And consider this: Very few times in life do we have the opportunity to tell people how much they mean to us. At your wedding, you’ll be toasted and your friends and family members will get a chance to let you know how much they love you. But writing a note along with your groomsmen gifts is your opportunity to tell your friends and family members how much you love them — so don’t miss that opportunity.

        Your under 21-year-old groomsmen or usher most likely haven’t had a chance to get sentimental either. They’re just too young. So take this chance to show them that men can tell each other how appreciative they are and how much they love each other. It’s a learning opportunity for your youngest groomsmen, who may be participating in the first of dozens of weddings to come in the next few years.

        Find the Perfect Groomsmen Gifts for the Under 21-Year-Olds

        If you’re looking for the perfect groomsmen gifts for the under 21-year-old members of your wedding party, you’ve come to the right place. At GroovyGroomsmenGifts.com, we offer a huge selection of different items, giving you options as you search for something that fits your preferences and that sends the message you want to send.

        Many of the gift ideas above are available in our inventory. Start by browsing through our best-sellers, and find the perfect groomsmen gifts for the under 21-year-old members of your wedding party.

        They are under 21-years-old  and most likely haven’t had a chance to be part of the wedding party. They may be young but that doesn't keep them from letting you know that they are willing to give their time and resources to bless and serve you on your wedding day. So take this opportunity to show them how much their mere presence in your wedding means to you by giving them gifts that are both functional and fun. 


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