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  • How to Nail Your Wedding First Dance: Tips for Grooms

    by Melissa Bajda March 06, 2023

    Are you looking for Wedding First Dance Tips to make your special day more memorable? Look no further!  

    Whether you are a seasoned dancer or a beginner, performing your first dance as a married couple can be daunting.

    To ensure your first wedding dance is one to remember, here are 10 tips to help you prepare and make it an unforgettable experience.

    10 Wedding First Dance Tips to Make Your Day Special

    Wedding First Dance


    1. Decide on the Type of Dance You Want

    Your first wedding dance should reflect the two of you.

    • When deciding the type of dance you want, consider what dance wedding songs and dance moves best fit your personality. It is essential to pick something that feels comfortable and that you can both enjoy.
    • Consider whether you want a classic waltz, a modern hip-hop routine, or something. Do you want to stick to one type of dance, or do you want to combine a few? Do you want slow romantic dance wedding songs or an upbeat track?
    • Once you have chosen the type of dance you want, it is time to start choreographing your moves. Make sure to determine steps that are within your ability level, and that will make the dance enjoyable for both of you.
    • If you are looking for inspiration, plenty of YouTube videos online can help give you ideas. You can also talk to friends who have done their first dance and get their advice on what worked for them.

    No matter what kind of dance you choose, make sure it reflects your relationship and that it is something you both can look back on with fond memories.

    2. Choreograph the Dance Yourself

    If you are a DIY type of couple, choreographing the dance yourself can be a fun and meaningful experience. You can come up with a unique routine that reflects your relationship.

    Here are some tips for choreographing your dance:

    • Start by having each partner come up with individual moves they feel comfortable with.
    • Create a story arc for your dance. Think about the emotions you want to convey throughout the routine.
    • Once you have come up with moves, practice together until they come naturally.
    • Consider which parts of the dance wedding songs you'd like to focus on, which will help shape your routine.
    • Don't worry if you don't have much experience with dancing. With practice, you can pull off a memorable routine.
    • Add any signature moves that reflect your personality.

    Remember, it is about having fun and creating something special for your wedding day. Choreographing your dance is a great way to add a unique touch to your wedding and make it an unforgettable event!

    3. Take Dancing Lessons

    If you and your partner are unfamiliar with dancing, the first step is to take a dance lesson for first dance wedding song.

    There are many different types of dances, from traditional ballroom styles to hip-hop and salsa. Even if you want to do a basic waltz, it can be helpful to take a dance lesson so that you feel more confident on the dance floor.

    Learning a few simple steps can make a huge difference in making your wedding dance special.

    4. Tell a Story with Your Dance

    Your first wedding dance is an extraordinary moment and an excellent opportunity to tell your story as a couple. You don't have to go for a standard waltz or something traditional. Instead, why not tell your love story in the form of a dance?

    • Create your choreography or select an existing first dance song that tells the story of your relationship. Choose best first dance songs that speak to both of you and will make the moment memorable.
    • Think of a story that starts when you first met and ends with your happy ending.
    • As you create your story, think about your movements and how they can communicate your emotions and feelings.

    5. Let Your Personalities Show

    Your first wedding dance is the perfect time to let your personalities show. This is your chance to show your guests the connection between you and your partner.

    • Don't be afraid to add a unique spin to your first dance. If you both crazy love wedding songs, consider choreographing a short dance routine to one of your best first dance songs.
    • You can also add fun props, like a flower in the groom's lapel or a white veil for the bride, that will also show off your personality.
    • Showing off your true self will make for a memorable and meaningful first dance.

    6. Incorporate a Special Move

    A great way to make your first wedding dance extra special is to incorporate a special move into wedding music you and your partner enjoy.

    • Whether it is a salsa step, a twirl, or an epic dip, adding a unique first dance song moves to your routine can help create a memorable moment.
    • Take time to think of something creative that symbolizes your relationship. If you struggle to develop something original, ask a professional wedding dance instructor for dance song moves ideas.
    • A personalized move can make your dance even more meaningful and memorable. Don't forget to practice this move and add it to your wedding planning.

    7. Keep It Short and Sweet

    Your first dance is a beautiful moment to share with your partner, but it doesn't have to last forever. While the perfect first dance songs should be long enough to express your love for one another, you want it to be smooth.

    • Keeping your wedding first dance songs short and sweet is a great way to ensure that all of your wedding guests are engaged in your special moment and that it remains memorable.
    • Choose a first dance song that isn't too long and practice the choreography until you feel comfortable performing it. You want your best first dance songs to be magical, and it won't be if it seems like it will never end!

    8. Pick the Right Song

    When it comes to your wedding first dance, the first dance song you choose can make or break the moment.

    • Your first dance song should be unique and meaningful to the two of you, but it should also have a tempo that is easy to dance to.
    • Take some time to listen to different first dance songs and decide which feels right. Consider factors like the music's rhythm, the lyrics' meaning, and the overall feeling it conveys.
    • You might also want to think about picking a first dance song that can be enjoyed by all of your wedding guests or choose something special that only the two of you know.

    Here are some wedding songs lyrics everyone will love:

    1. Dave Matthews Band Lyrics: "Touch your lips just so I know/Stay, beautiful baby/Would you like to dance."
    2. Stevie Wonder Lyrics: "Sunshine of my life/My love will always stay forever/All is fair in love."
    3. Elton John Lyrics: "How wonderful life is/Hold me closer tiny dancer."
    4. Frank Sinatra Lyrics: Our love is here to stay/My wishful dream came true/Love is all that I can give it to you."
    5. Jason Mraz Lyrics: "When you love someone/Do you believe I'm yours/I won't give up on us."
    6. Jack Johnson Lyrics: "And finally, we made a family/Just me and you/It's always better when we're together."
    7. Ray Charles Lyrics: "I got a woman, way over town/On road, it leads back to you/If I give you my love."

    9. Slow Dance Songs Aren't the Only Option

    Many people think of slow and romantic first dance songs when choosing the right first dance song for your wedding. However, slow first dance songs aren't the only option!

    • You can choose a more upbeat dance song that will allow you to share a romantic moment while getting everyone on the dance floor.
    • Think of a favorite dance song with special meaning to you as a couple or dance songs you enjoy. It could be a rock ballad, a classic, a current hit, or unique.
    • If you are not confident in your dancing skills, pick a first dance song with a slower beat or ask your instructor for help finding the perfect dance song.

    Whatever first dance songs you decide, make sure this slow dance reflects your personality and relationship.

    10. Do a Trial Run

    Before your big day, it is essential to practice your first dance routine as much as possible.

    Rehearsing can help you gain confidence and ensure you get all of your first dance songs moves. It also allows you to ensure the first dance song length fits within your schedule.

    • Start by finding a quiet space with an excellent dance floor to practice on. You may want to take the time to lay down an area rug or use extra padding to avoid slips or falls.
    • Make sure that you and your partner wear the same type of shoes you will be wearing on your wedding day to practice in the same conditions.
    • Once you have a comfortable practice space, it is time to choreograph your first dance songs. If you need help coming up with ideas, there are plenty of helpful first dance songs tutorials online.

    Bonus Tip:

    Practice, Practice, Practice

    When it comes to your first wedding dance, practice makes perfect!

    • Taking dance lessons on wedding music beforehand is always a good idea, but once you have completed the steps, you must keep practicing them repeatedly.
    • It will help ensure you are comfortable and confident with your routine when you take to the floor on the big day.
    • If possible, have someone videotape your practice sessions so that you can go back and review your progress. That way, you can see what to improve and focus on getting it right. Alternatively, you can practice in front of a mirror to get a good sense of how your moves look.


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