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  • 11 Tips for Writing an Engaging Groom Speech

    by Chris Bajda February 28, 2023

    Writing a groom speech is a great way to share your story and express gratitude to those closest to you.

    Whether you are getting married for the first time or renewing your vows, it is important to have an engaging and heartfelt groom's speech.

    In this blog post, we will share eleven tips for writing a memorable Groom Speech.

     Groom Speech Tips to Make Your Wedding Day Extra Special

    Groom Speech Tips

    1. Start with a Joke

      Starting your groom's speech with a joke can be a great way to break the ice and get your guests laughing.

      • A well-timed joke in wedding speeches can help set the tone for the rest of your speech and make it more enjoyable for everyone.
      • Just ensure the joke is appropriate for the occasion and not too risqué or embarrassing! 
      • When deciding which joke to tell, keeping your audience in mind is a good idea.
      • For example, if you have an older crowd at the wedding party, you might want to avoid jokes about technology or trends that the older generations may not understand.
      • Instead, joke about love, marriage, or other topics everyone can relate to in your wedding speeches.
      • With a funny joke to start your groom's speech, you will be sure to keep your guests smiling!

       2. Thank the Guests

      Expressing gratitude to your guests is a great way to kick off your groom speech.

      • Give them a warm thank you for coming and let them know how much it means to you and your bride to have them share on your special day.
      • Let them know in your groom speech that you feel blessed and fortunate that so many people you care about are there with you on such an important occasion.
      • Let your guests know that their presence is truly appreciated.

       3. Thank the Parents and in-Laws

        The parents and new in-laws of the bride and groom are some of the most important people in their lives.

        It is important to take a moment to thank the bride's parents during the groom's speech. You can do it in a few words or a longer heartfelt statement.

        • Be sure to thank your own parents and mother and father in law for raising such amazing children and their love and support throughout your relationship.
        • Consider adding a funny story about how you and your spouse got together with their help. It is a great way to show appreciation for their part in your wedding planning.

         4. Talk about Your Bride

          When giving great groom speech about your bride on your wedding day, focus on the qualities that drew you to her in the first place.

          • Talk about how she makes you feel loved and appreciated, how she is the most understanding and patient person you know, and how you have been so lucky to find someone who loves you unconditionally in your wedding speech.
          • Talk about the moments you knew she was the one for you and why you are so excited to start this journey with her.

          The wedding celebrates your love, so express it when you give your groom speech!

          5. Share a Story about Your Relationship

          When doing groom speech preparation, one of the most important parts is to share a story about your relationship.

          It can be a funny story, a sweet memory, or anything else that helps convey your relationship's uniqueness.

          • Think of a moment you two shared that made you realize how much you loved each other and how happy you were together.
          • Start your groom's wedding speech by setting the stage. When and where did this moment take place? Describe the setting and any details that may help your guests envision the moment.
          • Then, go on to tell the story. Tell it in a way that will make everyone laugh, smile, or tear up. Make sure to include any funny details or memorable moments that stand out.
          • And don't forget to explain why this moment was so special to you both and what it meant to your relationship.
          • End the story by emphasizing how much you love each other and how excited you are to get married. Showing emotion in your groom speech is great and will add a special touch to your story.
          • If it feels right, try to wrap up the story with a quote, joke, or anything that reflects your personality as a couple!

          6. Share Your Excitement for the Future

          Your wedding day is the start of your life together and the beginning of a long and happy journey.

          • Show your excitement for the future by discussing everything you look forward to in the years ahead.
          • Talk about the honeymoon you have planned or the trips you will take together. Mention how excited you are to buy a home or start a family.
          • Talk about all the fun activities you will do together and all the memories you will make in your wedding speech.

          It will express your joy on your wedding day and let your bride know she is the one you want to share the rest of your life with.

          7. Offer Advice to Other Couples

            Your groom speech is the perfect time to share your wisdom when advising other couples.

            Whether you have been married for years or are just starting, everyone loves to hear words of encouragement and love.

            Here are some things you could mention in your groom speech:

            • Enjoy the little moments together – life passes by so quickly!
            • Be open to learning new things about each other – it keeps your relationship fresh and exciting.
            • Communicate openly and honestly – be sure to listen more than you speak.
            • Have fun together – date nights, game nights, or simply walking around the park can help you bond and reconnect.
            • Support each other in everything you do – share your successes and lift each other when needed.
            • Appreciate one another – small gestures like a hug or a "thank you" can mean a lot.

            Finally, above all else, don't forget that marriage is about love, patience, and commitment. Remember these tips and you will have a strong, lasting relationship!

            8. Length of a Groom's Speech

            Regarding the length of a groom's speech, it is important to keep it within the time frame allotted for your wedding day.

            Here are some groom speech ideas:

            • Generally speaking, the ideal length for a groom's speech is five to eight minutes.
            • Any longer than eight minutes can be overwhelming for your guests, while anything less than five minutes may not give you enough time to express your thoughts and feelings properly.
            • One way to ensure you stay within the right timeframe is to practice your groom's wedding speech before the wedding day.
            • Make sure to time yourself so that you can make adjustments during wedding planning.
            • Additionally, asking a friend or family member to listen to your speech before you deliver it on the wedding day might be a good idea. It will allow you to get feedback and make any changes that you need to to ensure that your speech is just right.

            With these great groom speech tips in mind, you should be able to craft an amazing groom's speech that your bride and all of your guests will love.

            Just remember to keep the groom's speech within the ideal five to eight-minute time and practice beforehand!

            9. Avoid Details

            When delivering your groom's speech, it is important to avoid going into too much detail about your relationship with your new wife or any other personal details in public speaking.

            • While you may feel tempted to share all the amazing stories of your relationship, it is best to keep these for a more private setting.
            • Your audience will likely appreciate it if you keep the details to a minimum and stick to your message.
            • Avoid talking about private jokes between you and your bride or inside jokes among family members that some guests may not understand.
            • Stick to topics everyone can relate to, such as how your bride has made you a better person or the adventures you plan on having together.

            10. Promise Your Partner

            A wedding is a great time to express your love and commitment to your new wife.

            • Make sure you make a promise to them during your groom's speech. It could be anything from always being there for each other or always trying to find joy and fun in your marriage.
            • It is important to make sure your promise is meaningful and something true to you.

            Remember, this is when you can express your feelings about your partner, so use it!

            11. End with a Bang!

            When it comes time to end your great groom speech, you want to ensure it ends with a bang! One of the best ways to do this is with a groom toast.

            • The groom toast should be short and sweet and express your gratitude for the day and your wishes for the future.
            • For example, you could say, "Here's to the future. May it be filled with love, laughter, and happiness!" After the groom's wedding toast, you can raise your glass and ask your guests to join you in cheers. Cheers!

              Bonus Tip:

              Try to get hold of a groom speech template. This can be really helpful for structure and for finding the right words for your groom speech.

              There are lots of groom speech examples available online that you can use as a guide (Check out this one Groom Speech Examples)

              With practice, you will have all the confidence you need to deliver the best groom speech that will be remembered long after the day has ended.


              13 Wedding Day Tips for the Groom from Who's Been There



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