Ready Player One

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You are the first player in the video game of life and the paths you have chosen have brought you to your princess. Now she has accepted your invitation to spend the rest of the game with her. It is your time to plan your quest and pick the best group of groomsmen to get you through your journey. Make sure you choose wisely because the trip to your wedding day will be full of big choices like napkin color and how many flowers per table. This flask is the best gift for your 90s groomsmen let them relive their childhood days by drinking out of a gaming flask.

Name: Alexander Smith
Role: Groomsman 
Date: 08-19-2024


  • Size: 3 5/8" Length x 4 3/8" Height
  • Holds: 6 ounces
  • Color: Black Matte
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Trusted Quality

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