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Classy Lighting

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What do you get for the persistent guy who knows what the hell he wants, but just can’t seem to get?

You can’t escape a good design. Once you see it, nothing else can ever compare. This classic Zippo lighter is sought-out by all types, even guys with shoe fetishes and those with horrifically embarrassing zipper mishaps they’ll never live down. It’s as universal as hair gel, or relieving stress before an exciting date with a foxy lady. Give your guy a classic that is sure to turn heads and get the job done. When you keep coming back to something this good, it’s 100% stalker-approved.

The Zippo Lighter sizes up at 1 1/2" x 2 1/8" x 1/2" 


LINE 1 (11 Char):
LINE 2 (15 Char):

Canadian Buyers Beware: The Flash Zippo Lighter cannot be shipped to Canada.