11 Best Groomsmen Pocket Watches

Let him know how important they are to you. While a watch may look good on your groomsmen, giving them a pocket watch would be a thoughtful gesture and will speak much of your gratitude for all the work they did for your wedding day. Choose one that fits their personality. If they love the classic stuff, choose a vintage pocket watch. There are also specially designed pocket watches that you can choose for them depending on their inclinations. Bring them down memory lane with this thoughtful gift from you.

Here are 11 best groomsmen pocket watches you can choose from: 

11. Brass Tacks 

These Brass Tacks will let him reflect on your best times. Take classic to a whole new dimension with this gift. A personalized pocket watch is a gift that carries an immediate air of distinction. It is battery operated, battery can be easily replaced by twisting the back of the Watch off. Plus, it comes with a real leather case to keep it clean and safe.

10. Transparent Open Face Pocket Watch

This Transparent Open Face Pocket Watch is a hand-wind mechanical pocket watch and is the best gift for your groomsman. It has a vintage style design and comes with a chain and gift box. The unique skeleton dial adds an undeniable style and class. Plus, it comes in a bronze case ready to be handed to your best buddies  

9. Pocket Watch 

    Bar - Classic Midnight Pocket Watch

    This Pocket Watch is handsome and a little bit mysterious. It is a personalized classic with a modern twist, featuring an attractive black finish and matching black face adorned with white Roman numerals. Secured with a sturdy matching chain, the watch features quartz movement.This groomsmen gift measures 1 1/2" in diameter and includes a 14" removable chain

    8. Mudder Vintage Quartz Pocket Watch 


    This classic pocket watch features roman numerals scale and is heavily engraved on the front and back with exquisite patterns. The Mudder Vintage Quartz Pocket Watch has a vintage appearance design and looks really good as a fashion accessory. It's a practical item functioning as a timepiece for his everyday use.

    7. Sherlock Homey

    This Sherlock Homey is a classic contemporary. This personalized watch has a handsome black face with Roman numerals and includes a gunmetal gray finish. It has a sturdy chain and clip included for safekeeping. Plus, it comes  with a box that makes this pocket watch an awesome groomsmen gift.

    6. ManChDa Mechanical Skeleton Pocket Watch


    The ManChDa Mechanical Skeleton Pocket Watch can be engraved with message, name or date in any of the font style. It has excellent workmanship, and features precise mechanical movement. The elegant case comes with long chain and a front face made of acrylic instead of glass. It's the perfect gift for him. 

    5. Custom Pocket Watch

    This Custom Pocket Watch is a fully functional Victorian Pocket Watch made from brass and glass. It can be engraved with a name, any note, symbol or quote. It is one of the best gifts you can give to your groomsmen to remember you during any time of the day as you can have any note or symbol engraved on the watch. 

    4. Personalized Pocket Watch

    This Personalized Pocket Watch comes with an attractive wooden case, exquisite dials, and stylish brass chain. This wooden pocket watch design is unique in its own way! It exhibits an aesthetically antique style and is subtly designed to give a vintage look. It has an analog quartz movement and features numeral hour markers. On the back is an engraving area with room for up to five lines of text. It is delivered in a genuine leather holster that makes it a great gift for your groomsmen. 

    3. Groomsmen Pocket Watch

    This Groomsmen Pocket Watch is the ideal groomsmen gift. These watches can be used as part of your groomsmen's outfit on the day – a unique final touch! This wedding pocket watch range is truly unique and stunning – they boast delicate etched (not laser) engraving on polished stainless-steel surface with Quartz engineering and a Roman Numeral style watch face.

    2. Pocket Watch With Engraving

    This Pocket Watch With Engraving is enclosed by the black stainless steel case. It contains a white dial with large numerals and vintage hands. The acrylic glass provides protection against external influences. The timepiece is completed by the chain in the matching design. In its classic design, this model is an elegant companion for every occasion. Your groomsmen will truly treasure this gift. 

    1. Engraved Pocket Watch

    This Engraved Pocket Watch is a classic style personalized pocket watch. It is the perfect gift for your groomsmen. This Quartz watch features an attractive finish, a push button opening, and will make for a memorable gift. Plus, it has a  sturdy chain and clip included for safe keeping.