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  • Epic Pictures that Celebrate Grooms and Their Groomsmen

    by Chris Bajda May 19, 2018

    Photos from the kick butt, creme de la creme wedding vendors, our marital best friends, the photographers.

    The wedding day is one of the most memorable occasions in anyone’s life. We pour our hearts into it, we want everyone to be amazed and we focus on the smallest of details to ensure everything is perfect. Yet as important as an event it is in each of our lives, wedding days come and go, and they do so fairly quickly. Flowers dispose, the music ends, but one thing lives on to bring those amazing memories back to life, the pictures.  

    We at Groovy Groomsmen Gifts want to celebrate the pictures that bring those spectacular memories to life. We want to highlight the bonds between grooms and their best bros; the laughs they share, the jokes they exchange and the fun they have before the groom walks down the aisle.

    Here, we bring you some of our favorite shots captured by vendors who are ever present during the wedding day, our best buddy of vendors, the photographer. 


    The groomsmen showing some love a little more than the groom could take! Credits to Sam Hurd Photography for this cute shot.

    Boys will always be boys! The groom takes one more crazy drink with the boys before tying the knot as shown in this image by Wasio Photography.

    This fun shot by Henry Chen of Aevitas Weddings shows the more humorous portrait of the groom, Brady, with his guys touching his head. Aevitas Weddings is a wedding photography studio based in Southern CA with a decade and 400+ weddings of experience.

    Taking a breather. The male entourage remains dapper with classic cigars as captured by Rob Spring Photography.

    The dashing male entourage checks themselves out in these candid shots by onelove photography. Dressing up couldn't be any more fun!

    Superstar for a day! The groomsmen couldn't hide their excitement and take a snap of the handsome groom in this mirror photography by Jeff Hatcher Photography.

    Who says only girls can do a duckface selfie? Angel Navarro Photography captures the groomsmen cheekily taking a groufie.

    It's been a long day but the night has just begun for the groom and his men! This image by Tracy Autem shows us the right way to celebrate your buddy's big day.

    The groom and his men look extra masculine in their charro suits. The locale was well suited in this vivid photo by Matt Montalvo.

    The boys, both small and big, show a lot of teamwork and a bit of brawns in this feel-good shot by Cassie Claire. From suit to sunglasses to hairstyle, this group is all about collaboration.

    This photo, captured by Emma Cleary Photo and Video, a boutique wedding photography studio based in NYC, shows the groom and his groomsmen looking dashing in the middle of the Big Apple.

    Jumping for joy! Hendrick Moy, an award-winning wedding photographer based in NY and NJ, captures the groom and his men not being shy about their excitement.

    Erica Camille Productions creates a good balance of serious and wacky with a dramatic black and white photo capturing animated expressions of the male entourage.

    No one does jump shots better than a bunch of comical groomsmen! This shot by Fatchett showcases well-balanced scenery of nature and skyscrapers.

    Showing off the fun and quirky socks they were sporting, the groom and his groomsmen looked entertained by what could be an inside joke incorporated in their outfits. Pat Furey Blog was there to capture the moment.

    The groom with his male entourage takes a quick groufie with Nicholas Purcell Studio being there to capture it.

    Cheers to mixed emotions! Kaysha Weiner captures the groom party having some quick drink in their matching flasks.

    The groomsmen assist the groom in this candid photo by Parker J Photo. Whatever they were whispering sure made the groom take a deep breath on his big day.

    The groom and his groomsmen in neat suits, pastel ties, and cool specs. Markow Photography chose the perfect scenery for this delightful shot.

    All hail the king! This wacky photo, taken by Matthew Delamater of Emily Delamater Photography, captures the male entourage's playful side against the stunning nature backdrop.

    Jenna Bechtholt is celebrated for capturing intimate wedding shots while highlighting the event detail and styling.

    The adorable ring bearers join the groom and groomsmen in this light-hearted shot by Sean Lara. The matching Chuck Taylors and the Batman capes are enough to tell us how fun this bunch is.

    The groom and his crew were all smiles while marching together in this image by The Youngrens. Assuring looks from your buddies will surely make any groom feel more relaxed on his wedding day.

    Lin and Jirsa excellently maneuvers a theatrical twist to your wedding photos. You'd be convinced these groomsmen are actually aiming to fly with the aid of an umbrella!

    A mesmerizing shot by Tim Halberg which captures the groom party in their traditional formal kilt attire. The filtered sky adds another layer of emotion in this powerful photo.

    In good hands! The groomsmen lift the groom to show full support when he says 'I do' in this tongue-in-cheek photo by Trecreative.

    Nothing but support! The groom is surrounded by his smiling men in this shot by Andrena Photo.

    The groom and his party in a romantic woodland wedding. This shot outside a rustic cottage was taken by Gina and Ryan.

    Right behind you! The groomsmen follow the groom in this relaxed capture by Clique Photography.

    Ever so candid, this image by Viera Photographics shows the unguarded moments of the groom party before the ceremony. What could have cracked these boys up?

    Looks a lot of fun being around this group! The groom shares a jump shot with the groomsmen in time for photographer Rob Greer to snap it.

    Now this looks like a real celebration! Wedding Documentary documents how the groom and his men look enthusiastic, in their bright traditional outfits, for his special day.

    Genuine smile from the groom as he is being surrounded by his crew in this captivating image from Next Exit Photography.

    Taking time to smell the flowers, the male entourage does their own version of this famous life advice as captured by True Photography. Of course, a few stretches here and there always calms the nerve!

    In dark spectacles and with a flashy car behind them, the groom and his entourage are nothing short of suave. This stylish shot is by Embrace Life Photography.

    Keeping his cool, the groom enjoys a game of billiards with his groomsmen in-between preparation as seen in this shot by Judy and Gavin.

    The groom and his groomsmen display their colorful bright socks in the middle of a scenic garden in this lively shot by Cameron Ingalls.

    Not all heroes wear capes... others wear suits. The groom and his men whimsically show off their superhero shirts in this photo by Bauman Photographers.

    Either these guys are pensively looking into the horizon or amused with the thought of their friend getting married! Either way, this vibrant shot by Bergreen Photography allows a showcase of the refreshing landscape.

    Bruce Berg Photography

    This black and white shot by Bruce Berg shows the groom and his groomsmen carrying personalized baseball bats.

    Fresh and easy on the eyes, this picture by Jenny DeMarco channels the camaraderie of the groom's team.

    This raw and authentic image shows the groom goofing around with his groomsmen. Credits to Joseph West Photography for this well-balanced shot of serious and comedic.

    Look at that satisfied smirk on the groom's face! His groomsmen all look happy for him too in this captured moment by Cory Ryan.

    Edmonson Weddings

    Line and light. This striking image by Edmonson Weddings shows the groom and his male entourage in their impressive outfits.

    Cheers! Between getting ready, the male entourage finds time to toast for one man's special day, in this well-captured photo by Day 7 Photography.

    Did somebody say open bar? Jonathan Ivy Photo captures the groomsmen chilling out with some drinks because that's undeniably one of the best things about weddings.

    Caroline Studios

    The male entourage sports traditional kilt attires, loud and proud, in this dramatic dusk shot by Caroline Studios.

    The boys strip off their alter egos and display their superhero versions in this photo by Monica Salazar. What a way to add a little fun to your average wedding attires!

    Alex M Photography

    Even in their grey formal suit, these men can show their hilarious side in this shot by Alex M Photography.

    Taking a leap of faith? It's much easier when you do it with your best buddies as evident in this witty photo by Paisley Layne Photography.

    K and S Photography nails the reflection photography technique in this creative shot. This one shows the groom and his groomsmen looking calm in their coordinated ensemble.

    Road trip to love! Catherine Guidry documents the groom and his groomsmen thrilled and smiling inside a stylish, vintage coach.

    The image, featuring the groom and groomsmen in famous British bicycles, was taken in March last year near The Guildhall in London by Alison Jenkins Photography. In this beautiful wedding, the couple were married in the church at the Guild Hall and then had the reception in the crypt of the Guild Hall.

    Brightly printed socks make a smart contrast to the groom and groomsmen's poker faces. This fun outdoor shot is from Manny Avila Photography.

    Looking sharp on your wedding day is so much easier when you have your groomsmen assisting you, whether heartily or humorously. Credits to Affinity Photography and Lydia Brewer for this sly capture.

    George Street Photo

    This is a classic shot of the groom with his groomsmen smiling approvingly in the background captured by George Street Photo and Video.

    Photographer Ryan Brenizer plays with lighting in this shot, which highlights the groom's facial expression. He is looking determined and excited to conquer the day with his smirking groomsmen surrounding him.

    The men enjoy some downtime together in this shot by Thompson Photography Group. The shiny pairs of shoes and well-tailored trousers pretty much tell us how good looking these ones are.

    With drinks in hand, the groomsmen share a laugh, most likely about an embarrassing story of the groom, in this candid and raw shot by Sarah Tew Photography.

    In this shot by Bruce Plotkin, the male entourage arrives in style, looking slick in their identical suits.

    This line-up sure knows how to have fun! Therese Photo documents the fun-loving side of the groom and his groomsmen in the breathtaking outdoors.

    Jeremy Chou captures the groom and his crew looking dazzling and eager for the day.


    Did anybody call for a boyband? Bruce Berg captures a cool moment of the groom and his groomsmen before the wedding.


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