by Chris Bajda February 12, 2015

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times you'll ever have in your life. But, when you're on cloud nine, it can be very easy to forget what lies ahead — actually planning the wedding. As you've probably heard time and time again, wedding planning isn't all fun times and rainbows. Planning an amazing day takes lots of hard work, time, and money. And figuring out all the logistics, well, let's just say there are times when you're going to be so confused about what to do that you might consider pulling your hair out.

Fortunately, the Internet is ready and waiting to help you. These days, it only takes a quick Google search and a few minutes of your time to discover tons of wedding blogs that are packed full of helpful information about the intricacies of wedding planning. But, just like most things, all wedding blogs are not created equal. Which begs the question: Which wedding blogs are worth a click and which should you scroll on past? We spent countless hours scouring the web, and, after being in the wedding industry for more then 10 years we think we know a little more about weddings than just groomsmen gifts.  We're proud to report that after extensive investigations, we've narrowed it down for you. So, as you begin your journey on the sometimes bumpy road from "yes!" to "I do," keep these top 30 wedding blogs on your radar.


The Top Wedding Blogs by Category

Online Magazines
Specialized Wedding Blogs
Budget Blogs
Not Your Usual Wedding
Can't-Miss Wedding Planning Blogs


 Online Magazines

  1.  Martha Stewart Weddings


Martha Stewart Weddings is an award-winning bridal magazine from Martha Stewart. A great resource for elegant wedding ideas, this website is perfect for those couples who want their wedding to be extraordinary. With fresh ideas, how-to instructions, and photographs from real weddings, Martha Stewart Weddings guides the engaged couple through the whole wedding process. From the pre-planning stage, through to the wedding party, and even to the newly-married life after the honeymoon, this online magazine is the perfect wedding resource.




The online version of a wedding magazine, Brides is a haven of information for engaged couples looking for wedding ideas and inspiration. From wedding planning and beauty tips to wedding etiquette and honeymoon destinations, this site has all the information couples need all organized into easy-to-access sections and categories. Real weddings are a treat, and Brides offers a glimpse into these weddings by featuring them on the website as well.



  1. Bridal Guide

Another online bridal magazine, Bridal Guide is more than just your one-stop shop website for wedding information. The site itself is easy to navigate and searching for information is simple with just a click of a category. Here you’ll find a whole range of topics – from the latest trends in weddings to celebrity wedding fashion. Bridal Guide also has contests that give away awesome prizes for almost-married couples – with luck, your honeymoon may be on them!


Specialized Wedding Blogs 


  1. Style Me Pretty

SMP is one of the leading wedding blogs active online, and with good reason. A style-savvy website, it covers everything from planning, themes, invitation design, vendor-selection, photography, and real weddings showcasing real people. This wedding blog is devoted to the modern bride, and features only the most stylish and chic wedding trends – as well as up and coming talented vendors – as its content.


  1. Grey Likes Weddings

Elegance, refinement, and lady-like are three descriptions that hold true for this wedding blog. While a lot of wedding blogs have curated content that does not showcase personality or originality, Grey Likes Weddings differs in that it highlights actual work by the author herself. Aside from serving up some of the freshest wedding information, this site allows the reader to sort through content by color or season, making it one of the most fun blogs in the world of weddings.


  1. Intimate Weddings

Small weddings – the ones with 75 guests or less – have a certain appeal and intimacy that large weddings tend to lack. And what better way to get information on how to hold a small yet intimate wedding than by checking out THE blog that started it all? Intimate Weddings is the go-to website for such events and is the only major blog that caters to this specific niche in the wedding market. 


  1. Once Wed

This blog provides all the necessary information that a bride and a groom needs for a wedding. But it has something that not a lot of blogs have: Used wedding dresses. While it’s great to have new clothes for the wedding celebration, it may not always be practical. Once Wed offers the bride a chance to wear something pre-loved while saving up on costs that would otherwise go to a new wedding dress that may only be worn once. 


  1. Wedding Paper Divas Blog

While most wedding blogs have a wide variety of information that every bride and groom needs, this can sometimes make it a lot harder to actually find what you’re looking for. And when you’re looking for paper materials for things like invitations and thank you cards, then this website is for you. Wedding Paper Divas is a stationery haven that offers beautiful paper and fresh designs for all types of wedding themes. 

Groom-Centric Wedding Websites 


  1. The Plunge

In an industry that is solely attentive on the bride, The Plunge addresses and caters to the needs of the groom. From planning the proposal, to a step-by-step guide on surviving the planning stage, this wedding blog is a perfect resource for all engaged men. Grooms can also find to-do lists and other practical tips and advice on this wedding blog. 


  1. Well Groomed

Some grooms think that the wedding day is not just for the bride – and this is certainly true! Weddings should represent the couple. It’s as much the groom’s day as it is the bride’s, and this blog shows men how they can be more involved in the wedding rather than just being an accessory to the bride. Well Groomed Blog shows how men’s style can fit in with matrimony and all the preparations involved in it. 


  1. The Groom Guide

Men are starting to be more involved in the wedding preparation process, and brides have taken to expect just a bit more from their grooms. While grooms would have had some difficulty finding resources to rely on a few years back, we now have The Groom Guide. This website has all the essentials for the groom’s every move, from the proposal and engagement, and even some sex-pert advice for the husband-to-be!


  1. Go Groom

These days, there are a lot of websites and blogs that cater specifically to the needs of the grooms. But while most resources can be overwhelming with the amount of information that they can provide, Go Groom is an ideal choice for husbands-to-be who want straightforward yet helpful information. The layout of the website itself is easy to navigate, with articles categorized in such a way as to find the information you need a lot easier.



  1. Staggered

Grooms have had to deal with the reputation of being clueless about wedding planning – but not anymore! With Staggered, the men in the wedding party (grooms, fathers-in-law, best men) can get great tips and practical advice from the start of the planning process, all the way to the honeymoon. When you have absolutely no clue about where to start and what to expect, this blog is a great way to get oriented.


  1. The Groomslist

Wedding planning can be overwhelming to even the most organized of individuals. There’s just too much of everything to take in, and it can be pretty exhausting to have to go through each and every detail. Fortunately for grooms, The Groomslist has all the things grooms need to be sorted out in a comprehensive yet to-the-point guide – from the proposal to the honeymoon. All you need to do is sign up, and get started!


Budget Blogs 


  1. Broke-Ass Bride

Admittedly, not everyone has unlimited funds to appropriate to a wedding. But this does not mean that a wedding cannot take place. Let this website show you how it’s done. With ideas that are both creative and budget-friendly, a wedding can be extra special even without the large price tag that usually accompanies it. This blog is perfect for brides and grooms who make the most of what they have. 


  1. The Budget Savvy Bride

Wedding planning can be a pain, and the cost that it entails can give couples many sleepless nights. When a wedding needs to be planned, but the budget is limited, there are lots of ways to make it all work out in the end. Case in point: The Budget Savvy Bride. Browsing through this wedding blog opens up the reader to a wide array of resources and ideas that are both practical and creative without breaking the bank. 

Not Your Usual Wedding 


  1. Offbeat Bride

Weddings need not be stuffy. Rather, they should be filled with love and celebration as it is a special event that marks a new journey together for the bride and groom. When your idea of a perfect wedding does not exactly conform to traditional and customary ceremonies, then this blog is a perfect source of inspiration in order to turn your ideas into reality. 


  1. Green Wedding Shoes

Weddings should focus on the couple and their preferences. While traditional weddings may leave little room for individuality, Green Wedding Shoes makes it possible for the couple’s personalities to shine through and still pull off a wonderful wedding ceremony and celebration that can be remembered for years. Get new ideas on wedding venues, favors, and honeymoon destinations among others here.  


  1. A Practical Wedding

Weddings tend to be lavish and over-the-top, and this is understandable. However, circumstances may not allow for that fairy-tale wedding that the bride has envisioned since childhood. Yet this doesn’t mean that the perfect wedding is out of reach. Let A Practical Wedding show you how it’s done. With sections that focus on real-world wedding stories as well as touchy issues on family relationships, this blog has more to offer than the typical wedding website.


  1. Ruffled

For couples who are looking to get some handmade and vintage-inspired wedding ideas, then Ruffled is the perfect blog to check out. It’s a great resource for nostalgia-inducing vintage styles. This blog teaches couples how to perfectly combine their unique personalities with wedding traditions, and translate that into a gorgeous wedding event that will surely be remembered for a long time.


Wedding Planning Blogs 


  1. The Knot

One of the most visited wedding blogs in the blogosphere, The Knot is a one-stop shop website that provides information on all the newest and freshest trends in the world of weddings. Find inspiration and ideas on the latest wedding dresses and groom’s attire, hottest themes, and in-season colors all in one website. From budget weddings to celebrity features, if it’s trendy and it’s fresh, then it can be found here. 


  1. Wedding Wire Blog

If it’s real weddings that you need, it’s real weddings that you’ll find on this website. Wedding Wire features wedding submissions from different couples celebrating their matrimony in different ways. With real weddings from real people, this wedding blog is a perfect source of inspiration for brides and grooms who are at a loss as to what theme and ideas to apply for their own wedding. 


  1. Something Turquoise

A wedding blog that focuses on real people and real events – this is Something Turquoise. While most wedding magazines choose to focus on the glossier side of the matrimony, this blog opted to showcase real weddings with real budgets and real craft projects that are both practical and easy to accomplish. Couples looking for DIY ideas can head on over to this blog for in-depth tutorials. 


  1. Bridal Musings

This is the ideal wedding blog for hopeless romantics – and this goes out to both brides AND grooms. A great source for planning tips and wedding inspiration, this website caters to not just the almost-married couple, but also to wedding vendors, photographers, and simply anyone who’s all about weddings. Check back on this blog every week for new tips and advice that can help turn an ordinary wedding into an unforgettable event. 


  1. Emmaline Bride

This blog offers more than just inspiration and how-to guides for the DIY craft. In fact, it’s largely dedicated to handcrafted weddings that call for creativity and individuality. This blog is perfect for couples who want to get crafty and get hands-on in wedding preparations with Do-It-Yourself projects. With step-by-step guides from start to finish, Emmaline Bride is an ideal resource for handmade weddings. 


  1. Wedding Chicks

The Wedding Chicks is more than just your average wedding blog. It provides access to a list of trusted vendors that can make planning a wedding a whole lot easier. With free printable items and well-categorized content, it’s easy to see how this blog can be considered as a one-stop shop for couples looking to get inspiration and guidance for their planned nuptials. 


  1. 100 Layer Cake

This blog has all the necessary information that one planning a wedding needs but it caters to more than just wedding events. 100 Layer Cake is a website that celebrates and facilitates the most special events in life, which can also mean birthdays, anniversaries, and engagements. Having received critical praise from major publications such as The New York Times, 100 Layer Cake is a unique resource that helps people plan their special events. 


  1. Snippet & Ink

What started out as a creative hobby grew into a blog site that features a variety of wedding ideas and real weddings. Snippet & Ink showcases different wedding themes in order to provide inspiration to brides and grooms alike. No two weddings are the same, and this blog’s aim is to try to get the reader to understand that. If it’s inspiration that you need, then look no further than Snippet & Ink.


  1. The Sweetest Occasion

This blog is different in that it doesn’t cater solely to weddings, but rather to special entertainment events as a whole. For those who have a passion for entertaining, whether it’s for a birthday party, wedding reception, or anniversary celebration, The Sweetest Occasion should be on top of the list of blogs to visit. Here you’ll find entertainment ideas, as well as home and décor inspiration, design ideas, and fashion finds.

With these excellent wedding blogs in your arsenal of wedding planning tools, your wedding planning experience might just be filled with more fun times and rainbows than you ever imagined!  


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