Top 19 Golf Bachelor Party Gifts for Groomsmen

by athisham ulhaq February 11, 2024

Are you planning a golf-themed bachelor party for the groom and his groomsmen? Look no further, as we have compiled a list of the top 19 golf bachelor party gifts that are perfect for the occasion. Whether your group of guys are avid golfers or just enjoy a friendly game, these groomsmen gifts and favors will be a hit. From practical items to unique and personalized options, there is something for every type of groomsman.

These golf groomsmen gifts not only show your appreciation for their friendship and support, but also add a fun and memorable element to the bachelor party. So, let's tee off and explore the top golf bachelor party gifts that will have your groomsmen feeling like the ultimate golfing squad.

Mugged Up Golf Balls

Mugged Up Golf Balls

Get the party rolling with the Mugged Up Golf Balls. These personalized bachelor party golf balls feature a cartooned photo of your face, turning each swing into a humorous event.

It is a great way for the groomsmen to recognize their balls on the course. Additionally, you can add a custom text on the back, like a joke or nickname.

These bachelor party golf balls are not just fun, they're also practical, perfect for a day out on the greens.

Bachelor Golf Affair Gift Set

Bachelor Golf Affair Gift Set

Delight the groomsmen with a Bachelor Golf Affair Gift Set.

This unique golfing present includes a rosewood box that can fit 12 golf balls and features a sleek, laser-engraved design. The set is completed with 12 Pinnacle Soft Golf Balls, known for their incredibly soft feel and low spin for longer shots, thanks to their advanced 332 icosahedral dimple design.

This is a standout amongst golf bachelor party gifts, appealing to both the aesthetic and the practical sides of golfing aficionados.

Last Swing Tee Shirt

Last Swing Tee Shirt

Gift your groomsmen the "Last Swing Before the Ring" Tee Shirt, a fun and quirky golf bachelor party gift.

These funny groomsmen gifts are available in a wide range of sizes and either black or white, are made from 60% combed ringspun cotton and 40% polyester jersey, providing comfort and durability.

Plus, the fabric is pre-laundered to prevent shrinkage, ensuring a perfect fit even after washing. Its humorous phrase makes it a hit at any golf-themed bachelor party.

Golf Caddy Cooler

Golf Caddy Cooler

The Golf Caddy Cooler is the perfect addition to your groomsmen proposal gifts.

Made from durable 600-Denier Polyester with a PVC free PEVA lining, this cooler comes in navy, green, and black. It holds up to 12 bottles or 18 cans, making it ideal for keeping beverages cold during a day on the course. An adjustable shoulder strap ensures comfort, while front pocket storage provides convenience.

These fun bachelor party gift ideas will surely be a hit among your golf-loving friends.

Animal Golf Headcovers

Animal Golf Headcovers are another entertaining addition to your collection of golf bachelor party gifts.

These headcovers come in various animal designs, adding a playful touch to the golf clubs. Besides being fun, they also protect the clubs from the wear-and-tear of the sun’s UV rays.

Our headcovers fit up to the 460cc driver, ensuring they’re perfect for any club in the bag. They are not just fun; they’re practical too.

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Snap Snot Golfers Hat

Snap Snot Golfers Hat

Our Snap Snot Golfers Hat is a must-have for your bachelor party gift ideas.

The hat, made of 100% lightweight cotton twill, comes in your choice of color, matched with a customized leather patch. The patch features a cartooned photo of your groomsmen, positioned in the middle of the golf balls design, adding a personal touch to the game. The hat features two lines of personalization, a structured five-panel, mid-profile design, and a retro fit with woven rope.

Perfect for a golf-themed weekend, these personalized bachelor party gift ideas uniquely combines style and humor.

Bachelor Golf Tees

Bachelor Golf Tees

These 3-inch, white coated wood tees add a touch of personal flair to any golf round.

Perfectly sized for optimal performance, these Golf Tees can be personalized with up to 30 characters. It's an excellent chance to engrave a nickname, a memorable date, or a witty slogan.

Offering both style and practicality, these golf groomsmen gifts make ideal golf bachelor party gifts for your groomsmen.

Par Tee Time Golf Koozie

Par Tee Time Golf Koozie

The Par Tee Time Golf Koozie is an excellent addition to your golf bachelor party gifts. Made from faux leather and lasered in black, this koozie can be personalized with two lines of text.

Whether it is a funny quote or the wedding date, these funny groomsmen gifts will be a hit among your closest friends. Plus, it keeps their drinks cool while they enjoy their time on the course.

Par-Tee Golf Set

Par-Tee Golf Set

The Par-Tee Golf Set is the pinnacle of groomsmen proposal bachelor party gifts.

The set includes an aluminum double prong divot tool, a 6-ounce engraved stainless steel flask with black coating for celebratory sips, and a brown vegan leather golf bag tag, adding a touch of sophistication. Included are three golf tees, perfect for the day on the course.

This set combines the perfect blend of fun and functionality for your golf-loving groomsmen.

Last Free Weekend Flask

Last Free Weekend Flask

This black matte Last Free Weekend Flask is the ideal choice for a naughty touch.

It comfortably holds six ounces, perfect for toasting to the groom's last free weekend. It not only elevates the spirit but also makes bachelor party golfing more fun.

Providing both amusement and practicality, this flask is a must-have among your golf bachelor party gifts.

Golf Ball Dimpled Tumbler

Golf Ball Dimpled Tumbler

Add some fun to the golf bachelor party with this Golf Ball Dimpled Tumbler.

These bachelor party golf balls tumblers feature a stainless steel double wall vacuum insulation, making it 2x heat and cold resistant. These top-shelf dishwasher safe tumblers come in various funny designs, perfect for a laugh while enjoying a cold one on the course.

This is not only a fun golf bachelor party gift, but it's also very practical.

You Suck Golf Glove

You Suck Golf Glove

Made from premium Cabretta leather, the "You Suck" Golf Glove is a playful, yet practical golf bachelor party gift.

Its Velcro tab makes re-adjusting your wrist strap a breeze, keeping the boys ready for the game they love. You can order these gloves in various sizes to ensure the perfect fit for your groomsmen.

This unique glove adds a fun twist to their golf attire.

Custom Cigar Labels

Custom Cigar Labels

These matte White Paper Labels are an exciting addition to your golf bachelor party gift ideas.

Coming in a variety of designs and colors, these custom cigar labels can be personalized with a top and bottom line of your choice.

Add a touch of sophistication to the cigars while creating a memorable keepsake for the groomsmen. This is a unique and classy gift they'll surely appreciate.

Birdie Bonanza Ball Markers

Birdie Bonanza Ball Markers

The Birdie Bonanza Ball Markers are a winning addition to your golf bachelor party gifts.

Included in the package is a hat clip and three different ball markers, each adding a unique touch to the game. These markers are easily visible, making it simple for the groomsmen to spot their balls. The markers come in a stylish gift box, adding an extra layer of sophistication.

This practical yet stylish gift will undoubtedly be appreciated by your golf-loving groomsmen.

Groomsmen Golf Socks

Groomsmen Golf Socks

Finish your golf bachelor party gifts with these premium cotton Dress Socks.

Designed with a non-slip weave, these groomsmen gifts ensure comfort and stability throughout the golfing round. The quirky golf cart design adds a touch of humor and style, making them a perfect memento of the day.

Fun and functional, these bachelor party gift ideas are an excellent choice for your golf-loving groomsmen.

Whale Tail Golf Polo

Dress your groomsmen in style with the Whale Tail Golf Polo.

Made from a blend of 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex, this polo is super stretchy and provides a premium feel, ensuring utmost comfort on the golf course. The fun patterns, which resemble playful booties, bring a lighthearted touch to the occasion.

These bachelor party gift ideas are not only practical but also make fun bachelor party gifts for groomsmen.

Tee-Off Tag

Tee-Off Tag

The Tee-Off Tag, made from Rawhide faux leather, is a classy addition to your golf bachelor party gifts.

These tags offer customization on the front and back, allowing you to add a name and a special message for each groomsman. This stylish and personalized touch will definitely make your friends feel special during the game.

This bachelor party gift is not just a fashionable accessory, it’s a memento they can keep for years.

Personalized Groomsmen Golf Towel

Personalized Groomsmen Golf Towel

The Personalized Groomsmen Golf Towel is another handy addition to your golf bachelor party gifts.

It features a tri-fold design with a center silver carabiner for easy attachment to a golf bag. This fully hemmed, clean-looking towel can be personalized, making it a special keepsake for your groomsmen.

These fun bachelor party gift ideas serve a practical use on the course, keeping clubs clean and dry.

Golf Party Shot Labels

Golf Party Shot Labels

Keep the party lively with our Golf Party Shot Labels.

Each 2x4 inch label can be easily peeled and stuck over the original labels of your favorite spirits. With each sheet containing ten labels, you can personalize each bottle to add a fun twist to the bachelor party.

Sold per sheet, these bachelor party gift ideas are a practical yet creative addition to your golf bachelor party decor.

Making Memories on the Greens

Planning a bachelor party on the greens is not only about the game, but it's also about making lasting memories.

Here are some ideas to make the day more memorable:

  1. Commemorate the day with a pre-game toast. Using the personalized Last Free Weekend Flask, each groomsman can share a toast to the groom’s last days of bachelorhood.

  2. Don’t forget to bring the Golf Ball Dimpled Tumblers for some chilled drinks while playing. Every swing and sip can be a cause for laughter and fun.

  3. Add a fun competitive twist by awarding the "You Suck" Golf Glove to the golfer with the most off-mark shots.

  4. Capture the moment with a photo session at the golf course. You could have some fun posing with the Animal Golf Headcovers, pulling faces while wearing the Snap Snot Golfers Hat, or cheering with the Par Tee Time Golf Koozie in hand.

  5. The groomsmen can put their Custom Cigar Labels on the cigars smoked during the party. It will create a unique bonding moment while also serving as a keepsake of the day.

Wrap up the day with a post-game celebration. Make it a tradition to recount the day’s highlights and antics. Every memory shared will only make your friendship stronger.

Remember, a bachelor party is a chance for the groom and his groomsmen to celebrate the upcoming nuptials while also reminiscing about their shared past. These golf bachelor party gifts will not only bring lots of laughs and cheers but also create lasting memories that you all will cherish forever.

For the Ultimate Golf Bachelor Party

For the ultimate golf bachelor party, imagine the groom and his groomsmen hitting the lush fairways of some of the most renowned golf destinations. It's not just about the game; it's about creating unforgettable moments with close friends, enjoying the serene landscapes, and maybe even indulging in a little friendly competition.

Ready to start planning and need some inspiration or tips on making it memorable? Click here for more ideas: Plan Your Ultimate Golf Bachelor Party with These Destinations.


Elevate your groomsmen's game with our selection of Golf Gifts, perfect for thanking your squad in style.

Kick off the ultimate Bachelor Party with Gifts that guarantee a legendary celebration for the groom-to-be.

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