Smoking Aces

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If you want to pull that perfect pocket pal to come in strong when your beer needs capping most, then we have the tool for you.  The trick is up your sleeve when you deal this cap snap to behead your favorite beverage.  Not only will the smell of hops fill the air, but the amusement of a cool bottle opener will shimmer through the crowd.  Treat your groomsman to a small bottle opener that will fit right in his wallet.
  • The Smoking Aces is a laser engraved business card-sized bottle capper made with solid stainless steel with a matte black finish.  
  • It measures 3.9"  x 2" for perfect placement in your wallet or money clip and is ready to be pulled out fast action on a moment's notice.  Sizzle through those caps with this Ginsu of a capper.  
  • You can personalize this bottle opener with 3 lines of up to 10 characters per line.