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    Wooden Cases

    It always feels pretty good as a gift-giver when you know that you are basically affecting your recipients every day.  With this really cool Phone case, you afford your man a classy way for him to transport his phone & goods with a level of quality and safety he’s likely never imagined.  We love groomsmen gifts that put a spin of sophistication on a daily need. Every single case is going to be a one of a kind! Our responsibly resourced woods show an amazing grain with every pass of the blade. We ensure that your phone will fit the case and that the patterns and characteristics on your phone case are yours and yours alone! Did we mention that they are compatible with wireless chargers?!?

    Charred Tennessee:

    Like a Phoenix from the ashes, this Charred Oak Whiskey Barrel Stave has been given a second life as a phone case!  At one point this case was indeed a whiskey barrel! We shaved it down, lightly sanded it, and put a light varnish to seal in all of the character. Rumor has it that you can still smell a hint of whiskey if you hold it just right.

    Wooden Walnut:

    Walnut: Need we say more? Any wood worker will tell you that Walnut is a reliable, easy to work with lumber that is so pleasing to the eye. And we agree! Just look at that rich color and flowing grain!

    Wooden Ambrosia:

    Did you know Ambrosia Maple gets its look from a beetle infestation? As the beetles make their way through the Maple they create all of the beautiful wavy lines and knots that you see on the surface. Don't worry though, all the critters have moved on by the time we begin working with it!

    Wooden Zebrawood:

    Do you want some extra grain with that? There is no denying that Zebrawood is one of the most grain-covered woods that we offer. Not a single piece is lacking in character, which makes it easy for us to get you an amazing one-of-a-kind case! 

    Wooden Purpleheart:

    Fun Fact: Purpleheart transforms right before your eyes! When Purpleheart is milled, the inside of the wood is very clearly light brown, but as UV light sets in, the wood instantly starts to show purple hues from the reaction! 

    Wooden Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Oak:

    These cases are made out of actual Jack Daniel's Whiskey Barrels! We've taken the staves off of the barrel and shaved them down to bring you this truly beautiful Oak case.  The barrels have been holding Jack Daniel's for at least 4 years and now are given a second life to hold your phone!

    Wooden Mahogany Phone Case:

    Mahogany is definitely one of the most reliable, tried and true woods out there. We've all seen the furniture, but did you know that you can build boats out of Mahogany because it won't rot while in the water? It's also delicate enough to craft guitars and banjos out of too. Enjoy the rich color and durable feel of this Mahogany phone case every time you reach for it.

    Wooden Rosewood Phone Case:

    Rosewood has been used for years as luxury furniture material as well as the go-to for fine musical instruments. So clearly, we absolutely had to include Rosewood as an option for our phone cases. Though the name implies a red color, the wood grain is typically brown but if you look closely, there are streaks of dark reds and purples in the grain giving it a unique at every angle.

    Wooden Maple:

    Maple is one of the most reliable and consistent woods in the market. Works well, feels great, and it just goes with everything! Whether you're a fan of the look of the maple, or just a fan of the syrup, Maple will be the choice for you!

    Wood Sapele:

    Sapele has its roots in Nigeria and has made its way all the way to your pocket! What we love about this wood is the fine grain with beautiful knots. The grain hues and thickness is so defined that the knots appear to protrude from the case but are smooth to the touch!