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Zippo Flippo

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If Superman used a wallet, this would be what he packed away in the pocket of his blue suit.  This bad boy will bounce off anything without damage and give your groomsman the kind of wallet flick that has oomph.  A great gift for a groomsman that needs a lean and mean wallet replacement with some class and strength.  

This super lightweight Zippo wallet is made of stainless steel and heavy duty rubber, making it virtually indestructible. Get this, it also provides credit card theft protection by deflecting signals sent from a Radio Frequency ID chip.  It holds up to six credit cards in addition to cash.

The Titanium Bifold measures 4.5" x 3" x 1/2".

You can personalize this wallet with a name.  We will take the first letter of the name and use it as the larger letter that surrounds the full name.