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Chilled By Design

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It's an easy, practical way to take your engraved whiskey glass to the next level. The classic black box includes a fitted foam cut-out to hold and protect your custom round whiskey glass, three additional whiskey stones to complete the set, and a lid as well. Not only does the box help keep the glass safe, but it also helps refine your gift presentation. It's easy to gift wrap, or you can give the whiskey glass set as is. The sleek, lidded gift box looks great without any wrapping at all. You save yourself some extra hassle, and, for a cheap price, you get the three whiskey stones to upgrade your gift, turning your gift into a gift set. The perfect way to keep the traditional alcohol beverage cold without watering down your favorite fine whiskey or scotch. It’s an awesome idea for a wedding party favor, birthday gift, or even a Father’s Day present. Your groomsmen, best man, or best buds can enjoy their drink on the rocks in a classic round whiskey glass.

Please read the design options and personalization details below:


Established Groomsman:

  (12 Char): Groomsman
 (11 Char): Scott
Established in (included)
 (4 Char): 1982
Made to Last (included)

Modern Groomsman:

LINE 1 (12 Char): Cameron
LINE 2 (10 Char): Groomsman
LINE 3 (16 Char): 06.11.22

Groomsman Reserve:

LINE 1 (11 Char):Groomsman
LINE 2 (12 Char): 
RESERVE (included)
LINE 3 (4 Char): 

•  7.48" (L) x 5" (H) x 3.94" (W)
• Paper & Glass
• Contains one glass and three whiskey stones