Travel Marvel

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If you want to spoil your guys and give them a little extra something to make a difference, then this is a high-quality groomsmen gift that is going to resonate. Quality matters to men, especially when it comes to leathered goods. The look, the feel, the construction, it makes a difference when it comes to a gift. Pass this to your buddy on game day and you’re going to see a guy who is going to observe the details and to feel and smell the quality of what he’s just been given. A functional groomsmen gift of the highest quality, personalized, makes any man a happy one. 

The Travel Marvel is extraordinarily classy with deep brown and rich burgundy hues. Weather resistant, with a heavy duty brass zipper.  This awesome toiletry bag comes in 3 different sizes:

  • Small - 10”x 3”x 3”
  • Medium - 10”x 4”x 4”
  • Large - 10”x 5”x 5” 

The medium size is a standard toiletry bag size and the size that we recommend, but if you want one that is slightly smaller or larger we offer the small and large sizes.

Each bag is hand-cut and stitched with precision only using top grain premium leather. The quality is inside out as it comes with an interior black nylon lining that is both durable and easily cleaned. It is the last travel bag any guy may need.   

Personalize it with the three initials of choice and you have one banging travel bag.   Please note: This bag is handcrafted and takes 3-5 days to create on top of the 8-12 shipping days. 

Photo Credit: Levi Mecham Photography