Groomsmen Group Caricature

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Bringing your groomsmen together in a custom-made caricature with choice of background - now that could be one of the best groomsmen gifts out there. With so many tacky wall decoration ideas out there posing as cool, this brings guy leverage to have a say in what goes up. Not even the most stubborn woman will have the audacity to take this one down. This great groomsmen gift doesn't have a weakness.   

To add props click "HERE"!

Now onto the details. After you place your order for a groomsmen group caricature a customer service representative will be in touch with you to get the specifics of your order. The customer service representative will ask for pictures of all the people that you would like to appear in the group groomsmen caricature and a few other details, which you can email back to the email address that we provide you. The standard turn around time for the groomsmen caricature is 3 to 4 weeks. When the caricature is completed by our artist, you will have the opportunity to view a rough draft and approve the final version.  

All caricatures are hand drawn and then scanned into a computer, converted into an image file, and sent to you through email. Once you receive the picture through email you can then print the pictures yourself (at your local pharmacy or office supplies store) and have them framed.  The caricatures are delivered with a size of 5500 x 3570 pixels. The ideal size for them to be printed is 11" x 17".

You will receive one digital copy of the groomsmen caricature which you can print and frame as many times as you would like, so this awesome groomsmen gift is also an affordable option.  If you are thinking about ordering the groomsmen caricature and have questions, please contact us or visit this page to learn more about how our group groomsmen caricatures created.  

If you would like props added to the caricature (guys holding a beer, cigar, wearing hats, golf clubs, etc) there will be an additional $30 fee. The $30 fee covers all the props in the caricature and is not a per person fee.  

We have done hundreds of these group caricatures, if you would like to see more of our work be sure to check out our Pinterest page

 We also do bridesmaid group caricatures too!

Trusted Quality

Trusted Quality

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