Camping, throwing, or hunting our personalized hatchets will be a very impressive gift to any groomsman. Get your groomsman a custom engraved gift that won't get lost in the closet but will be thrown around for fun every weekend. "Ax" your groomsmen to stand by your side in style with one of these personalized axes!

12 of the Best Engraved Axes & Hatchets

They have been working really hard to be able to make your wedding day extra special. There's never been a time when you have felt valued and treasured by your best buddies other than this time. Now it's your turn to make them feel the same way. One of the many things that have bonded your relationship with them is the common love for the outdoors. This would require them to have a handy tool that would remind them of your friendship. Nothing beats being able to give a gift that is as manly as a personalized ax.

Here are 12 of the best personalized axes for your groomsmen you can choose from:  

12. M-Tech USA Throwing Axe With Tactical Sheath

This M-Tech USA Throwing Axe With Tactical Sheath will help him hone his throw to perfection. The 4.75" black stainless steel blade is extremely sharp and runs seamlessly into the Pakka wood handle. Comfortable to grip, the axe is full tang which adds extra durability and power to each throw. It is well balanced and will penetrate and imbed into almost any target. 

11. Tomahawk Axe with Sheath

This Tomahawk Axe with Sheath is a great quality single edge Tomahawk axe. You may put the EXACT name or initials you would like in the "note to seller" section at checkout. Please note, the longer the name is, the smaller the letters will be. This gift also includes the NYLON Sheath. 

10. Custom Hatchet

Let him have the right accessory he needs with this engraved hatchet. It's a handmade, stainless steel hatchet with a blade that has several wrench holes and a gut hook in the back. The wooden handle can be engraved and the ax comes with a nylon sheath to protect the blade. It will certainly end up as one of his most prized possessions.

9. Engraved Axe 

This Engraved Axe comes with his name and that will always remind him of your thoughtful gift. It features a one-piece black finish 440 stainless construction that measures 4-1/2" head with 3" sharpened chopping-edge. The opposite end has a sharpened spike and comes with a Pakkawood handle.  

8. Paul Bunyon Personalized Hatchet

Each hatchet is fitted with a nylon sheath cover to protect the sharp blade. This Personalized Hatchet is a fully functional handmade ax, crafted with tough stainless steel. The smooth wooden handle can be personalized with a single line of text. Four standard size hex head cutouts and a gut hook in the back, this hatchet has multiple uses.

7. Doube Engraved Hatchet

You can be sure that he will remember you each time he reaches for this amazing tool. It comes with a one-piece black finish 440 stainless construction and a Pakkawood handle. The ax head and handle can be engraved with up to 2 lines each up to or more than 10 characters. It's both sentimental and functional.

6. Bone Thrown Axe

This Bone Thrown Axe is perfect for all of his outdoor activities including cracking the skulls of his enemies. The bone handle is perfect for engraving and also comes with its leather sheath for easy transportation. Perfect for his weekend lumberjack, forest ranger or just any crazy guy!

5. Engraved Axe Head

It makes use of top of the line laser technology to ensure preside cuts and details of the design. This Engraved Axe Head comes with a  double-bladed traditional ax and wooden handle. It's one reliable tool he can turn to especially for his outdoor adventures.  

4. Sudden Impax

This Sudden Impax is a rock star custom engraved mini axes and sheaths. These axes are strong, sharp and personalized.  It has a total length of 9" with the blade length at 3" and the axe head at 4.5". The blade material is made from 440 stainless steel.  The handle comes in green and gray camo cord rrap
sheath made from nylon. 
This Personalized Axe Multi Tool  has everything you need for those odd jobs at home or out and about. The wooden handle is engraved with the message of your choice. The Wood Hammer Axe Multi-Tool has 10 tools in 1. Tools included: Axe/Hammer, flat head screwdriver, bottle opener, reamer, saw blade, file, knife blade, phillips head screwdriver, pliers and wire cutters.

2. Throwing Axes

This Throwing Axes has a solid Hickory wood handle that can be used for camping, scouts, and outdoors. It is made out of Vulcan Steel at 1.5 LB Head for smaller wood chopping. It is designed for one handed cutting and chopping. 
All text is engraved on the body of the tool with the utmost precision and care.

This Viking Axe is carved with an animal or fish head. It is a compact outdoors axe, engraved with etched Tree of Life and Celtic signs (Celtic knots), hand-forged and made from carbon steel using traditional blacksmith methods. The steel is stuck several times, increasing its density and thereby the durability of the axe. Perfect for packing in a rucksack, the axe can also be worn on a belt. It will be a perfect companion in your ventures through the wilds.