25+ Groomsmen Suspenders: The Ultimate Wedding Day Accessory

by Eds Alvarez October 25, 2022

When you want your groomsmen to do away with the bulging belt on your special day, a suspender is a groomsmen gift that will make them look like studs.

Groomsmen suspenders are the perfect choice because they match any Tuxedos and won’t come undone until you take them off. They add just the right amount of flair to your outfit without being gaudy or tacky.

Check out these 25+ different wedding suspenders your groomsmen will love!

1. Premium Men's Suspenders

These Premium Men's Suspenders are perfect for any occasion!

It comes in a Navy Blue color and is made with high-quality elastic that stretches well and doesn't deform.

These wedding suspenders also feature strong silver clamps that hold it in place! It will go with the style of your groomsmen. 

2. Genuine Leather Suspenders

With all of them wearing this suspender, they would look stunning in person and in the pics.

These Genuine Leather Suspenders are made with selected genuine leather and antirust brass hardware.

The width of the suspenders is 1 inch, and it comes in the color brown. Perfect for your rustic-themed wedding party. 

3. Trilece Suspenders for Men with Bow Tie Set

This Trilece Suspenders for Men with Bow Tie Set is elastic and has a clip closure.

It is made with high-quality materials and 100% polyester-weaved adjustable elastic bands.

The heavy-duty clips give a stronghold so you can move comfortably at work on any special occasion or for daily use. Smooth edge shape braces won't hurt their skin or damage their outfit.  

4. Fine Leather Adjustable Suspenders

These Fine Leather Adjustable Suspenders features a strap width: of 2 cm ( 3/4") and comes in the color brown.

The material used for this one is genuine leather, brass hardware, nylon thread, and beeswax on the trim.

Plus, it has an elastic part on the back for wedding party or comfortable everyday use.

5. Brown Leather Suspenders

This Brown Leather Suspenders can fit adult men of all sizes and heights! It is fully adjustable for a comfortable and charming fit.

It is made with vegan leather with a total length of 54 inches; the width is 1 inch wide.

Your groomsmen will look dapper for all the festivities he is attending with this wedding suspender!

6. Dark Hunter Green Men's Clip-On Suspender

This Dark Hunter Green Men's Clip-On Suspender uses USA-made cotton poly-blend flat finish elastic fabric.

It features a clip closure and is a patented NO-SLIP suspender clip in a gold-tone finish with needle sharp center pin for lasting holdup power.

Plus, it gets extra support from the four cotton poly-blend course weave straps. 

7. Adjustable Personalized Leather Suspenders

These Adjustable Personalized Leather Suspenders are a classic leather suspender for you!

You can also adjust leather suspenders to fit the width of their back. These leather suspenders are made of superior-quality leather.

The fittings are made of chromed steel and you can be sure they will use it for a long time. 

8. Rustic Style Wedding Suspenders Retro

This Rustic Style Wedding Suspender Retro is an accessory that allows play with style, change its appearance, and be fashionable, extravagant, and presentable, all at the same time.

The braces have a Minimalist design and are unisex, and the wedding suspenders are made of 100% mat genuine leather with a waxy coating.

9. Tuxedo Braces

These Tuxedo Braces are elastic and microfiber, while the back is composed of high-density elastic jacquard webbing.

It features a clip closure, and the straps are 1.18 inches / 3 cm wide. Length can be adjusted from 31.5-47.6 inch / 80-121cm.

Each wedding suspender has four clips (two in front, two in back) that fit securely on the trousers. 

10. Toffee Tan Brown Elastic Y-Back Suspenders

These Toffee Tan Brown Elastic Y-Back Suspenders comes in Toffee / Tan/ Brown colors. It has an adjustable design with an elastic material.

Due to the use of flash photography and monitor difference, there may be slight or no color variation of the item described.

It is packed professionally with appropriate shipping materials to ensure your package arrives in the same condition as it was sent.

11. Black Leather Suspender

This Black Leather Suspender comes in the color black.

This personalized suspender is made from quality woven elastic band. Also used is leather "Crazy Horse," which gives the suspenders an antique look.

Personalize these wedding suspenders with your name, date, and initials by entering them in a special box when ordering.

12. Black Men's Suspenders

These Black Men's Suspenders will be perfect for your groomsmen to wear to your rustic-themed wedding.

The suspender dimensions are as follows: 1" (2.5cm) wide and adjustable from 25" (63.5cm) to 38" (96.52cm).

These wedding suspenders are also perfect for your picture-perfect social media posts. 

13. Cognac Leather Suspenders

These Cognac Leather Suspenders have a glorious color that can match any cognac colored shoes.

It is made with premium brass hardware and three sturdy brass hardware clips that will hold their pants tightly.

These wedding suspenders are a perfect and ideal gift for your special buddies. 

14. Wooden Suspenders

This Wooden Suspender is a unique wooden, personalized suspender made by SKEGGOX.

It is the perfect suspender for your groomsmen! You can also choose the wood type: American walnut or Santos Polisander.

All wedding suspenders can be engraved and come in a solid, luxurious matte black box!

15. Men's Suspenders X Back Design Leather


The Men's Suspender X Back Design Leather is made from100% genuine cowhide leather. It is made of high-quality genuine leather with 4 Snap hooks of high-quality strong metal.

It is perfect for attaching and holding wedding attire, tuxedos, and more. It does not hurt the clothes at your wedding party.

These wedding suspenders are easy to operate, sturdy, and durable.

16. The Brofessor Suspenders

These Brofessor Suspenders make for a unique way to customize the groom and groomsmen's attire.

Rustic or country, you can add a formal flair to a casual wedding by making your groomsmen look stylish in or out of wedding attire and tuxedos.

Have it embroidered with their monogram initials to personalize the wedding suspenders making them the best gift idea. 

17. Timiot Men’s Y-Back Elastic Suspenders

Made of lightweight but sturdy material, these Suspenders from Timiot are great for formal and casual events.

With a button at each end, these wedding suspenders will help keep you looking crisp and polished without constricting or riding up your back.

These are perfect for wedding party, funerals, and any other black-tie event where you want to look good.

18. JAIFEI Suspenders & Bowtie Set

If you want to ensure your groomsmen look as sharp as possible on your big day, consider getting him a pair of JAIFEI Suspenders to wear with his tuxedo.

Whether or not he wears them underneath is up to him, but there’s no doubt they add a sleek and sophisticated look.

19. MENDENG Suspenders

For a versatile suspender that fits all sizes, check out MENDENG’s wedding suspenders.

These comfortable wedding suspenders are made of breathable cotton and feature heavy-duty swivel hooks and an X-back for a customized fit.

Each pair also comes with four adjustable straps that you can adjust to fit any groom or groomsman at your wedding.

20. USA Flag Suspenders

If you are attending a friend’s wedding, you will need to dress up. After all, wedding party involves rings, vows, and other formalities that don’t allow for jeans and sneakers.

But even if you do have to wear a wedding attire (or a tux) to attend your pal’s big day, there are still ways to make things interesting with these USA flag Suspenders.

21. DiBanGu Paisley Bow Tie and Suspenders Set

Every groomsman needs a matching bow tie for the wedding day, and if you are going with wedding suspenders to complete your look, then you need these Paisley Suspenders.

The bow tie and cufflinks will add more to your sophisticated look, featuring black and white paisley!

22. Taupe Bow Tie & Vegan Brown Suspenders

This color combination is trendy for weddings due to its neutral and organic look.

Since taupe is a darker shade of brown, it helps to balance out any of your groomsmen that may have on a lighter-colored suit or shirt.

These Taupe Suspenders are one of my favorite in this list!

23. Burnt Orange Floral Bow Tie & Suspenders

Bow ties are all well and good, but when it comes to weddings, suspenders are mandatory.

With matching waistcoats or without them, these good Set of Suspenders can add that finishing touch to your groomsmen’s look and complete their bow tie look.

24. Silver Suspenders

Whether a groomsman or a groom, you always want to look sharp on your friend or family member’s wedding day.

Looking your best means being well-dressed, which does not mean only one suit will do. That is why one of these Silver Suspenders is perfect for his day!

25. Ivory Suspenders

Ivory is a classy color and would be an excellent choice for any groomsman who wants to stand out among your other wedding party members.

Ivory Suspenders are perfect for white and ivory-colored outfits and tan suits.

Since ivory is a neutral color, it also pairs perfectly with almost any shirt or ties you choose to wear.

26. Black and Gold Bow Tie

Wearing a bowtie is a way to bring attention to your personality and allow it to shine through at wedding party. Wearing one will enable you to show off your personality in subtle ways.

These Bowtie and Suspenders feature black and gold colors with a vintage feel.

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