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27 Fun Groomsmen Sunglasses For Your Best Men

by Chris Bajda July 07, 2020

Your groomsmen are not just friends but brothers who through time stuck with you in the good and the not so good seasons of your life. So wouldn't it be just right to get them a gift that expresses your gratitude but at the same time one that will make them look good? 

Whether it be for your groomsmen proposal or part of your groomsmen gift set, get your groomsmen a great pair of sunglasses simply because the future looks so bright they got to wear one!   

Here are 27 fun pairs of sunglasses for your groomsmen:

27. Groomsmen Sunglasses with Personalized Bamboo Box

Groomsmen Sunglasses with Personalized Box

These fun groomsmen sunglasses are one of the nicest pairs you can give to the guys in your wedding party.  They come with groomsmen on the side of them and the box can be personalized with each of your groomsmen initials, role, and your wedding date.  Impress your groomsmen with a super slick presentation when you lay out these boxes at your wedding or bachelor party.  

26. Topside Sunglasses

Take it back to that vintage old school sun-kissed Cali look with a set a shades that come with a salty breeze.  Slap a pair of these sunglasses on and you'll feel like you're high fiving Tony Hawk on a beach side quarter pipe.  If you want to gift your groomsmen a set of sunglasses that come with a styling swag, pop a few pairs of these to your groomsman party to accompany their big day ensemble.

25. LUENX Aviator Sunglasses


These classic metal framed Aviators come in 14 lens and frame color options to compliment every suit or tuxedo!  Impress your groomsmen with these customized, durable and shatterproof frames.  They are designed for driving and outdoor activity which can take these frames from your wedding day to a day of golf. 

24. Spectacular Groomsmen Specs

Make him ready for the scorching heat of summer. Let him hit the beach wearing these cool, stylish and expertly detailed sunglasses made from natural bamboo. These sunglasses provide UV400 protection for your eyes and come with a microfiber cloth and pouch. This sunglass comfortably fits and has flexible fit metal hinges. You even have 5 gorgeous styles to choose from. It's one gift that is functional yet one that makes your groomsmen look even better on your wedding day.

23. Custom Groomsmen Sunglasses

These Custom Groomsmen Sunglasses is perfect gift for your groomsmen. It's UV400 standard with every pair completely unique to each of them. It also comes with a sunglasses box ready to be handed to your favorite buddies. 

22. Groomsman Gift Sunglasses

The Groomsman Gift Sunglasses is an engraved wooden sun glasses with your personalized text. It uses top of the line laser technology to give his glasses professional cuts and design! This awesome sunglasses is made with 100% renewable bamboo wood with durable metal hinges. Each pair has a soft feel finish applied to the front which adds to the overall stylish look.

21. Personalized Wooden Sunglasses

These Personalized Wooden Sunglasses can be completely customized to your request. It features UV400 standard and is completely unique to your groomsmen. The lens width is 60mm with temple Length at 140mm. It comes with a sunglass box ready to be handed to your favorite buddies. 

20. Polarized Sunglasses for Men 


These Polarized Sunglasses for Men were created to protect his eyes while he's out under the harmful sun UV rays and to make him look irresistible at the same time. It comes with top rated polarized lenses reducing the glare reflected by mirrors, shiny or polished materials or any other kind of sun rays reflection.

19. Men's Rimless Aviator Sunglasses

It has multi-colored lenses. This Men's Rimless Aviator Sunglasses features a metal frame, non-polarized mirrored lens with mirror coating. SojoS's anti-glare lenses can block 100% of both UVA and UVB radiation. UV400 rated sunglasses are essential for filtering out sunlight reflected glare and protecting his eyes against long term UV damage when he goes out. It is also a gift packaged ready, making it a wonderful yet practical gift for your groomsmen. 

18. Unisex Polarized Retro Classic Sunglasses

The Unisex Polarized Retro Classic Sunglasses features a plastic frame, composite and polarized lens with mirror coating. Health and Style are important to him. So whether he's driving, walking or working, it would do him good to be prepared for all the attention he will get wearing this KALIYADI Sunglasses.

17. Sail Along Sunglasses

Another great vintage look with a modern gray and white finish around the lenses to set this sharp looking pair of sunglasses aside from the rest.  These Sail Along Sunglasses are the perfect accessory to top off your groomsmen black or gray tux's!  

16. Bachelor Party Wedding Sunglasses

These Bachelor Party Wedding Sunglasses are made from high-quality plastic and wood frame with dark smoke lenses powered with UV400 protection. Each pair of sunglasses is labeled as "Groomsman" to make sure he gets more attention and more glamour in the bachelor party. It comes in a black box that are perfect for the whole gang. 

    15. Bachelor Party Sunglasses

    These Bachelor Party Sunglasses contains a total of 1 Pair of 'Groom' Sunglasses,1 Pair of 'Best Man' Sunglasses, 5 Pairs of 'Groomsman' Sunglasses with shiny lettering. It has a classical style frame and dark smoke lenses. It features durable polycarbonate frames and premium UV 400 protection lenses, protecting him from harmful UVA and UVB sunlight.

    14. Groomsman Personalized Sunglasses

    The men in black happen to be your groomsmen too! And their get-up won't be complete without these personalized sunglasses. This sunglass is made from a high-quality PC frame. It's waterproof, FDA compliant and has scratch-resistant UV400 lenses. Your best buddies would love sporting these fun favors way after your wedding day. Have it personalized with their names, dates, locations and even your event hashtag. Your closest buddies will be delighted to wear these sunglasses!  

    13. Polarized Wood Sunglasses for Men

    Your groomsmen will surely love this classically shaped sunglasses. He already looks dapper with that suit, but wait until he wears these gorgeous sunglasses. It simply adds a sophisticated flair to their look. The frame has rainbow acetate inlay and has no spring hinges. This polarized wooden sunglasses are lightweight and comfortable. It's one gift that is easy to pair with a casual look.

    12. Boardwalk ShadesTaking outdoor wedding party photos on the beach or Marina?  We've got you covered. Surprise your groomsmen with these stylish, light-weight and modern Boardwalk Shades made of recycled bamboo with a polarized lens.  

    11. Personalized Wooden Walnut Sunglasses

    These Personalized Wooden Walnut Glasses are made from wood and plastic frame. These classic style sunglasses have non-polarized plastic lenses available in different colors. Also, the temples of the frame are made from walnut wood. This is one memorable gift that you can personalize and place in a bamboo box to make it extra special. Wait and see how it puts a big smile on his face the moment he opens this gift!   

    10. Groom Squad Adult Personalized Sunglasses

    Give your groomsmen an accessory they can remember you by. Let theme wear this Grooms Squad Personalized Sunglasses. It comes with UV400 lenses and provides 100% UVA and UVB protection. It's also durable with lenses that are scratch-resistant. It comes with permanent adhesive vinyl on one or both sides. Give it that personal touch as these sunglasses can be customized with your text, font, and colors of your choice.    

    9. Specsellent

    Make a statement with these fun and bold Specsellant Sunglasses.  Your groomsmen will enjoy these unique frames made of recycled and up-cycled skateboard pressed wood, bamboo, or rosewood and polarized Polycarbonate Lens. They're just the right casual high-quality touch to pair up with any suit or tux.  

    8. Personalized Aviator Wooden Sunglasses

    Make him feel like a real pilot in action! This unique and memorable gift will be a welcome addition to his collection of sunglasses. This Personalized Aviator Wooden Sunglasses are made of bamboo and metal and comes with UV400 lenses. It can also come with an engraved bamboo box. Have it personalized by engraving his name on one or both sides of the sunglasses to make it extra special. It's one gift that he will always have with him way after your wedding day.  

    7. Polarized Wood Sunglasses 

    It will definitely add that sophisticated flair on your groomsmen. This Polarized Wood Sunglasses are easy to pair with whether on formal or casual attire. It is lightweight and comfortable with a sky blue acetate frame and temples made from ebony, metal and acetate tips. It features a TAC Polarized UV400 lens with spring hinges. Your best buddies will definitely thank you for this gift!     

    6. Personalized Blue Square Frame Sunglasses

    Want to put that big smile on their faces? Let your groomsmen wear this Personalized Blue Square Frame Sunglasses on your wedding day. This high-grade wood sunglasses are precision cut and hand sanded. Have it engraved with their names or a saying of your choice on each side. It's one gift that is a welcome addition to his collection of sunglasses. You can be sure this one gets to be on top of his favorite list!   

    5. Engraved Wooden Sunglasses

    It's stylish and eco-friendly! This Engraved Wooden Sunglasses are made with natural recycled rosewood temples from India. It comes with black acetate frames with orange/ red Revo reflective lenses. This sunglass has stainless steel flex hinges making it durable and comfortable to wear. It has a Polarized UV 400 lens to give maximum eye protection. It can also be personalized by engraving the names of your groomsmen on the right arm of the sunglass. He already looks fantastic in that suit but wearing this gift will make him a 100% head turner. Your groomsmen will truly love these sunglasses!

    4. Personalized RB Style Sunglasses

    Get creative and make him look even better on your wedding day! Let your groomsmen get stylish on your wedding day by giving them this Personalized RB Style Sunglasses. This wood engraved sunglasses are perfect for your best buddies. They are made of high-grade wood, are precision cut and hand-sanded. This super cool glasses will be a welcome addition to his personal collection. Have the names of your groomsmen engraved on each arm of the glasses and you're all set for giving one awesome gift!

    3. Classic Aviator Sunglasses


    The Classic Aviator Sunglasses features a metal frame, non-polarized mirrored lens and mirror coating. You can also choose from metal gold, silver, or black frame colored mirror lens that will best fit his preference.

    2. Personalized Men's Sunglasses

    Impress him this unique and functional gift! This Personalized Men's Sunglasses is made of bamboo for legs and PC for lens frame. It’s stylish and comfortable to wear. This gift comes with a nice bamboo sunglass box. You can also have both sunglass and box personalized to make it more special. It's one gift that will be treasured by your groomsmen for a long time.

    1. Wayfarer Polarized Wood Bamboo Sunglasses  

    It's a gift that's a sure head turner! This Wayfarer Polarized Bamboo Sunglasses are made with Grade A natural recycled zebra wood temples. The black frames are equipped with Revo blue/green reflective polarized lenses. It comes with stainless steel spring hinges that make these sunglasses durable and comfortable for both wide and narrow faces. The Polarized UV 400 lens gives maximum eye protection too. Have this gift personalized by engraving it with their names on the outside of the right arm. This gift comes with a microfiber cloth and you can even add a bamboo wooden case to ensure premium protection for the sunglasses.

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