Romantic Rendezvous Gift Set

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Celebrate the essence of love with our luxurious Wine Lovers Valentine's Day Gift Setā€”a curated experience that unfolds in elegance and romance. Enclosed in a finely crafted wooden crate, this set is a symphony of thoughtful details.

šŸ¾Ā This set does not include a bottle of alcohol, you will have toĀ visit the liquor store and handpickĀ their favorite bottle of alcohol, making your gift truly complete and deeply thoughtful.

šŸ“¦Create an intimate ambiance with a personalized candle, carefully chosen for its enchanting fragrance. The warm glow enhances the romantic atmosphere, making every moment special. The scents are thoughtfully curated to complement the mood of your celebration.

The personalized cutting board adds a touch of sophistication to your shared culinary experiencesā€”a symbol of love and connection. It seamlessly blends practicality with elegance, making it a cherished addition to your romantic evening.

šŸŒŸThe wooden crate, a vessel of elegance, carries not just the gifts but also a custom message. Express your deepest sentiments, be it a declaration of love, a cherished memory, or a poetic verse. Your words become an integral part of this extraordinary gift, creating a lasting impression.

Indulge in the Wine Lovers Gift Crate ā€”a testament to the beauty of shared moments, personalized expressions, and the timeless celebration of love. May your Valentine's Day be filled with joy, romance, and the effervescence of Moet RosĆ©. Cheers to love!

āœļøHow To Personalize:

Using the personalization box above, please include the two names of couple you would like on the set along with a custom message. The first initials will be used on coasters and candle. The names will be used on the stemless flutes. The custom message will be used on the front of the crate.


Names: John and Adriana

Custom Message:Ā In the dance of love, we toast to forever with champagne kisses.Ā 


DoesĀ NOTĀ come with a bottle ofĀ alcohol

    Stemless Champagne Flutes:

    • Capacity: 5 Oz
    • Stunning Double Wall Design
    • Elegant and Modern packaging
    • Condensation Resistant
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Personalized with your names

    Cutting Board:

    • ļ»æ 9x6x1/2 Walnut Wood board with handle

    Cedar Crate:

    • Handcrafted from reclaimed cedar wood boards, these wood box crates are built with rustic reclaimed cedar. 13 inches x 9.75 inches x 6 inches
    • Personalized with a Custom Message

    Pine Wood Coasters:

    • Size ranges approximately 3.25"-3.75" wide per wooden circle
    • Thickness approximately 0.4"
    • Includes 25' of jute twine + mini twist drill bit set
    • Personalized with the first initials of your names


    • Wax is soy blend, blended to burn clean
    • Wicks are 100% cotton, lead and chemical free.
    • Lavender Vanilla had the aroma of pure English Lavender with notes of vanilla and lily.
    • Personalized with the first initials of your names

    Trusted Quality

    Trusted Quality

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    Fast Shipping