Custom Tie Clip

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As a man matures, there are small strides made along the way to build up to a professional etiquette that can be called true “gentleman” status. There are manners of course, but there are also professional accessories that accumulate to a point where one can firmly qualify as distinguished. Along that road, items may be a quality watch, cuff-links, or a solid pocket square. If you really want to accelerate your man to the upper echelon, top-notch, an aristocrat, then this personalized tie clip is a small gesture to make that happen. Indulge your groomsmen in an accessory that will make anyone around him since they’re around a guy who is on the cusp of making it.  


  • Tie Bar Dimensions - 55mm x 8mm - No character limit - Laser engraved with any font. (Note: font #4 is not recommended for three capitalized initials or more due to the size differences among the letters. If font #4 is desired two initials or text with upper and lowercase letters always looks best!)