Grooms Final Hour Whiskey Glass

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Imagine gifting your best mates a token of appreciation that marries sophistication with lasting kinship. Picture the refined clink of ice against top-quality glass as you toast to enduring friendship and new beginnings. These specially designed whiskey glasses are not only an ode to elegant taste but also serve as timeless mementos marking their role in your life's pivotal chapter.

Fashioned from heat-tempered, restaurant-grade glass, each 10.5 oz vessel stands proudly at 3½ inches—a sturdy yet graceful homage to the bond shared amongst gentlemen. Graced with laser etched quips about groomsmen valor, these dishwasher-safe companions pledge never-fading memories through every sip and cheer during countless future gatherings under any roof or sky.

Product Details:
  • Heat tempered restaurant quality glass
  • Size: 10.5 oz
  • Height: 3 1/2 in
  • Length: 3 3/16 in
  • Laser Etched Design will not fade
  • Dishwasher Safe
Trusted Quality

Trusted Quality

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