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  • 10 Hilarious Wedding Pranks to Make Your Special Day Unforgettable

    by Chris Bajda September 26, 2023

    Celebrations like weddings are about love, joy, and… humor? Absolutely! Adding an amusing touch to the occasion will make it a moment never forgotten. Here, we'll look at ten light-hearted wedding pranks that promise guaranteed fun for all your attendees while also creating magical memories of this special day.

    Key Takeaways

    • Surprise your beloved with an unforgettable prank for your first look!
    • "Where's the ring?" will leave the bride speechless.
    • Hire a professional to deliver an entertaining soliloquy and photobomb in hilarious costumes - it's all about creating fun memories!

    1. The Ultimate First Look Pranks

    On the wedding day, one of the most captivating moments for both bride and groom is their first look. To add a funny touch to this memorable event, why not try out an amusing prank? Picture how surprised your wedding guests will be if when the moment arrives, instead of his beautiful fiancée, it's the best man dressed in bridal attire that appears! It is a sure way to make everyone laugh while creating lasting memories.

    Another eye-catching idea is a T-Rex costume gag. Picture what happens when, as she enters, you hear some roaring followed by her appearance wearing something dino-inspired! This unexpected element can create truly extraordinary photos from your special day.

    One last twist on this occasion could come about with someone playing around by dressing up the groom in nothing but tablecloth during his first glance at his wife-to-be – exposing only those shoes or cookies branded with "Groom" letters left inside - bringing amusement all around upon seeing such getup. Definitely capturing sense into each photo taken forevermore!

    2. Where's the Ring?

    The wedding ceremony might already be stressful, and it would take a complete turn if the lost ring happened to be that of the married couple! The best man and groomsmen could carry out an impressive act pretending they had dropped or misplaced the rings before presenting them with great flourish.

    The bride's reaction can only bring laughter as she is surely delighted by her partner's prank throughout their wedding day. This happy moment will create everlasting memories for both parties involved in marriage.

    3. The Huddle Prank

    At a wedding, the Huddle Prank is an entertaining way to inject a bit of fun into the ceremony.

    This prank kicks off when, in the middle of their vows, the groom suddenly breaks away from his bride and leaps into a huddle with his groomsmen as if making a crucial decision! After this unexpected team huddle, the groom trots back to his bride, looks her in the eyes, and triumphantly declares, "I do!"

    4. Drunk Groom on Wedding Day

    At the wedding reception, imagine the surprise of everyone when they find out that the groom has arrived slightly intoxicated. His outrageous Drunk Groom prank will be sure to leave a lasting impression! He'll entertain all with his lively performance, which involves wrapping himself in toilet paper, dancing on tables, and singing loudly but off-key while also trying to do a backflip.

    A stunt like this can only happen at an extraordinary wedding venue, making it one unique moment for the bride, groom, and guests alike. It is definitely something no one is ever going to forget!


    Ctto! Sanaol!

    ♬ original sound - vVon - Tito bon

    5. The Garter Removal Switcheroo

    A hilarious prank that involves the bride, the best man, and all the groomsmen is the "Garter Removal Switcheroo". In this wedding prank, the bride secretly switches places with the groom's best man. The setup requires the best man to be dressed up as the bride, complete with a bridal gown and a garter on his leg!

    During the garter removal ceremony, the groom is blindfolded and led to believe that he is about to remove the garter from his new wife's leg. Imagine the uproar of laughter when he realizes that the leg he's been caressing belongs to his best friend! This prank is a fantastic way to bring some good-hearted humor into the wedding celebrations, and it's sure to leave your wedding guests in stitches.

    Just make sure the groom has a good sense of humor and the best man is a good sport about it! The bride and groomsmen must be in on this prank to ensure its success. This hilarious gag will definitely make your wedding an unforgettable event, and it's a great way to create some fun and laughter on your special day.

    6. Wedding Objection

    Spicing up the wedding day with a touch of drama, the groom could hire an actor to stage a faux objection during the wedding ceremony.

    Imagine the surprise and amusement when, just as the officiant asks if anyone has any objections, a stranger stands up to voice his protest! The actor, perhaps playing the role of a disgruntled ex-lover or a long-lost friend, engages in a heated exchange with the groom. The confrontation escalates into a choreographed yet harmless brawl that leaves the crowd gasping. After the dust settles, the actor and groom share a hearty laugh, revealing the prank to the guests.

    This wedding prank will surely add a dose of humor and a memorable moment to the wedding day!

    Prank #1

    Prank #2

    In the video, they could point out all the things the groom will supposedly miss out on now that he's getting married. Imagine the laughter and surprise when, just as the officiant asks if anyone has any objections, the video starts playing on a big screen! The groomsmen, playing their parts to perfection, engage in a light-hearted lament about the groom's 'lost freedoms'.

    7. Groom Arrested on Wedding Day

    A wedding day prank that is sure to be talked about for years, the groom-arrested gag can create a uniquely remarkable memory. The groomsman play-acting as an officer of law' arrests' the bridegroom in front of guests and his soon-to-be wife, all astonished just as if the cake had tumbled down.

    To ensure things don't go amiss, both partners must be aware this stunt will take place, so everyone gets their giggles from watching such humorous hijinks! A grand gesture signaling an unforgettable nuptial celebration: nothing tops off with a round of amusement better than this hilarious skit!

    8. Fake Cake Fall

    Imagine this: the wedding reception is in full swing, and the groom is walking towards his beautiful bride holding a cake. Suddenly, he stumbles and falls, and the cake goes flying! Gasps echo around the room...only for laughter to erupt when it's revealed that the cake was a fake! As soon as the groom picks himself up, still playing along with the wedding prank, the best man steps forward with a grin, presenting the real cake.

    This hilarious 'fake cake fall' prank not only spices up the reception but also guarantees a memorable moment that will be talked about fondly for years after! A Classy Alternative to the Cake Smash Wedding Pranks.

    While some couples might find the cake smash prank amusing, it can often come across as messy and inappropriate, especially when it's done without the other person's consent. It can also ruin the beautiful wedding attire, not to mention the delicious cake!

    On the other hand, the wedding prank mentioned above is all about creating a fun and light-hearted atmosphere without causing any discomfort or distress.



    9. Hilarious Speech Interruptions

    At a wedding party, humorous interruptions to the speeches can add some light-hearted fun and silliness. The best man or maid of honor could spice up the proceedings with funny jabs or anecdotes that evoke both laughter and good memories from all in attendance.

    This enjoyable prank will make sure everyone enjoys their special day even more than before! But always keep things tasteful - don't spoil anyone's celebration by trying to get too cheeky!

    10. Photobombing Guests

    Couples often look back fondly on their wedding photos for years to come, so why not bring some humor into these precious memories with the photobombing guests prank?

    Here's how it works: have members of your wedding party or other guests insert themselves slyly into the background shots while making funny faces and gestures. Capture that moment in time to give you hilarious snaps from your special day! To make things even more enjoyable, encourage everyone involved to dress up comically or do a silly dance as they crash those pics, and this will be a surefire way of creating laughter plus unforgettable images, too! 



    Couple-Approved Prank Guidelines

    The wedding day can become even more enjoyable with the perfect prank. For this to be possible, it is essential that both the bride and groom are involved in its execution so as not to ruin anyone's special moment.

    Consider enlisting a wedding planner or other professional for assistance when coming up with your funny plan. They will help you strategize while keeping all guests comfortable and content throughout the pull-off of pranks, which should ultimately create fun memories only!


    For an extra bit of fun, wedding pranks are a great way to create funny memories on the bride and groom's special day. Prank ideas like funny wedding gifts, hiding the groom's shoes, photobombing guests, or executing an epic first-look prank can ensure that everyone is having a blast. Though it might be tempting for some more naughty folks in attendance, make sure the wedding couple understands what's happening so no one gets hurt – humor should always take precedence!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are some funny first-look pranks?

    Surprise your partner with a funny first-look prank! Get creative and have the best man dress in a bridal outfit, the bride wearing a T-Rex costume, and the groom sporting a tablecloth for an unforgettable entrance.

    Make sure to capture the moment with photos and videos to remember the day forever.

    2. How can I add humor to my wedding speeches?

    At weddings, laughter is a must! To make the speeches more enjoyable, have the best man or maid of honor share humorous tales and embarrassing memories about the happy couple. And remember to deliver it all with a good sense of humor - that way, your words will stick in people's minds long after they've been said!

    3. What is a memorable wedding cake prank?

    Making your wedding one to remember can be achieved with a funny cake prank! Invite the best man and maid of honor into a joke by having them fooled by dropping either an imitation or dummy dessert onto their heads. When it is rubbed on them, you are sure to hear laughter from all the guests present for that special moment.

    Adding something fun and unique like this will guarantee that everyone on your big day walks away talking about how memorable it was! This creative twist on things is bound to put smiles on the faces of those attending, not just yours but also those closest in attendance.

    4. How can I ensure that my wedding pranks are fun and memorable without causing distress?

    Hire a wedding planner or professional to make sure that your pranks are planned perfectly, giving both the bride and groom an enjoyable time without any distress. This is certain to create memorable experiences with everyone in on the joke!

    5. What are some hilarious ways to photobomb wedding photos?

    At the wedding, make sure to have some of the party members or guests dress up in outrageous costumes and props while sneaking into the background of the couple's photos so that their big day becomes a truly memorable one filled with laughter when they see those photobombs!

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