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  • 63 Unique Whiskey Glasses for Your Best Man

    by Chris Bajda July 24, 2023

    Looking for fun and unique glasses that will make the perfect gift for your whiskey lover?

    Don’t ruin serving his whiskey in a coffee cup! Give it the impactful presentation by placing it in a whiskey glass that will give him the kind of whiskey experience he deserves.

    Choose a whiskey glass design and composition that will have a strong effect on the whiskey it contains. How will it feel in his hand? How does it look when displayed on his man cave? Consider also the base weight, wall slope angle, and the diameter of the brim for the ease of drinking from the glass. Would he prefer a narrow mouth or a wider bowl? Smell and aroma may matter to him a lot so better be aware of his preference too.

    Here are 63 of the unique & personalized whiskey glasses you can choose from: 

    63. Unique Bullet Whiskey Glass

    birthday gift whiskey glass

    Get your guy the ultimate birthday gift. This unique whiskey glass offers the illusion of being shot through with a 50 cal bullet, making for one dramatic drink. Whether he's enjoying a drink on his own pondering life or serving his friends a glass he will be doing it with pride.


    62. Wobbly Scotch Glass

    This Da Wobble Glass has a dimple on the bottom of glass that allows the glass to rotate or "wobble" in a circular motion. It is ridiculously fun, sure to bring a smile to whoever uses it. It is about 3" tall and 3.5" wide, and holds a 10oz. pour (remember these are handmade and dimensions will vary slightly). This glass is a great multi-functional glass and is great for beer, bourbon or whiskey.

    61. Host Freeze Whiskey Glasses

    Bourbon and scotch benefit from a well-designed drinking experience. TheHost Freeze Cooling Cups for Whiskey are engineered specifically to keep whiskey chilled without watering it down. The insulated plastic walls of these whiskey tumblers are filled with proprietary cooling gel. This works as a beverage chiller when frozen. Freeze for two hours to chill the tumbler gel and keep his drinks at ideal temperature. 

    60. Crystal Whiskey Rocks Glass

    crystal whiskey glass

    The Crystal Whiskey Beer Glass Cup will let him enjoy his alcoholic beverages in a whole new way. This easy to clean and fun to display alcohol glasses are the perfect addition to his bar ware collection.  Aside from being an accessory to compliment his elegant affair, its a perfect gift for a whiskey lover!

    59. Unique Whiskey Glass Set

     The Whiskey Glasses Set of 2 With Whiskey Stones comes in a luxury box with two pieces of stainless steel Ice Cube, especially perfect for a whiskey lover. The CHATEAU TROUVAILLE double-walled whiskey glasseses' weight, shape, capacity, inner curve and angle are precisely calculated and designed by talented designers. The material used is hand-blown double-walled borosilicate glass. The design feels natural and comfortable when cradled in the hand while also allowing whiskey to breathe enhancing flavors and releasing its decadent aromas.

    58. Funny Golfing Whiskey Glass

    The Whiskey Glass with Real Golf Ball has a classic thick base and can contain 11 ounces of his favorite drink. This novelty golf gift comes with a real golf ball embedded into the side of the glass. Golf gifts for men don’t come much better this. The golf ball embedded glassware also makes a great prize for a golf society day, company golf day or golf club tournament event.

    57. Classy Whiskey Glass Set

    This High End Whiskey Glasses Set of Two is made from high quality borosilicate glass. It can contain up to 120 ml or 4 ounces of his favorite drink.  These glasses feel and look good. With a handcrafted wooden base and a unique design,  these are perfect for any occasion.

    56. Old Fashioned Whiskey Rocks Glass 

    This Old Fashioned Whiskey Rocks Glass has a base featuring the touchmark of the English Pewter Company. It is Lacqueuer coated to prevent tarnishing.  This gift comes ready to behanded to your man in a cream and black presentation box complete with velvet bag. 

    55. Hexagon Bourbon Glasses

    These Hexagon Whiskey Glass aree handmade and can come in your prefered color: Rainbow ombré or Amber (custom Boosted Aesthetics colours, handmade) It is 100% lead-free and are made by 1st class crystal glass, so  it looks quite transparent and clear! They provide a gorgeous modern finish to your table whilst serving up a timeless yet vintage design. It makes an artistic alternative to regular bar ware.

    54. “Chocolate-Sand Swirl” Unique Scotch Glasses

    These Whiskey Glasses "Chocolate-Sand Swirl" is handcrafted and cooked at 1400 Celsius degrees using centuries-old techniques and are one-of-a-kind creation. You can be sure this will end up as one of his favorites from his whiskey glass collection. It will definitely make his drink taste awesome!

    53. Clear Square Whiskey Bourbon Glasses

    These Clear Glasses from Jack Daniels Whiskey Bottles is a set of 2 - 10oz rocks glasses made from classic square 750ml Jack Daniels Whiskey bottles. These rocks glasses are clear with a distinctive square footed shape and can be personalized. These attractive glasses will make an edgy addition to his barware!

    52. Whiskey Glasses with Embedded Dart

    Want a unique gift for him?  Give him this Whiskey Glass with Embedded Dart. This 11oz whisky glass has a real 2.5g steel miniature style dart embedded into the side of the glass making this a classic gift for a darts enthusiast. This is the original and the only dart embedded whiskey glass on the planet. The whisky glass can be personalized too. 

    51. 19th Hole and Golf Ball Whiskey Rocks Glass 

    This 19th Hole and Golf Ball Whiskey Rocks Glass is definitely high quality. It can contain up to 10 ounces of his favorite rocks. The unique design with golf ball etched on the bottom and 19th hole flag etched on the side of the glass is perfect for the golf and whiskey enthusiast. The design is engraved by hand in the USA and will never wear off.

    50. Japanese Style Mountain Whiskey Glass

    It's the most incredible whiskey gift! This Japanese Style Mountain Whiskey Glass isn’t your typical premium whiskey glass. It’s 3D modelled on the concept of the greatest mountain. It's a symbol of bold ambitions and the relentless pursuit of achieving life's goals. It’s the perfect whiskey gift set for his home bar or glass collection.

    49. Set of Snifters

    This Set of Snifters are classy timeless glasses for his whiskey.  It will quickly become a favorite of any guys man cave or home bar. This set of 4 glasses was hand crafted in the Czech Republic with premium quality, highly durable dishwasher safe authentic crystal. The classic design allows for maximum enjoyment of his favorite spirits.

    48. Whiskey Glass and Stainless Steel Sleeve

    No more warm whiskey for him! Keep his hands warm and his whiskey cold with this Whiskey Glass and Stainless Steel Sleeve. The sleeve is designed to keep his whiskey chilled until the last drop without the taste of a stainless steel cup. The band on top keeps his whiskey glass secure in the insulating sleeve. Let him chill his whiskey not his hands with the double walls that protect his whiskey. 

    47. Hand Blown Whiskey Glass

    He is natural, organic and one-of-a-kind. Select German glass colors are applied and pulled to bring to life the beauty of wood-grain in this Hand Blown Whiskey Glass. Notice how the color of the glass transforms based on light through reflection & refraction!

    46. Libbey Signature Kentucky Whiskey Glasses

    The Libbey Signature Kentucky Whiskey Glasses are crafted with state-of-the-art ClearFire glass composition for superior brilliance and strength. It has slim yet resilient side walls, and ultrathin, beadless rim with excellent chip resistance. The unique specialized shape promotes the rich tradition and proud history of America's only native spirit. 

    45. Whiskey Glasses with 2 Chilled Ice Ball Molds

    These Whiskey Glasses with 2 Chilled Ice Ball Molds will keep his drink as it's meant to be, chilled to perfection. The set includes 2 whiskey old fashion glasses and 2 ice ball molds. It's one gift that will certainly be a conversation starter no matter what the occasion. 


    44. Mesop Studios Crystal Whiskey Glasses

    Compliment your treasured whiskey selections with these Mesop Studios Crystal Whiskey Glasses. The unique geometrical frame and refreshingly modern aesthetic intend to please the eye and enhance the drinking occasion. Designed for uncomplicated comfort, the Isla whiskey glass is smooth to the touch and features a thick tapered frame that rests pleasantly in the hand. This gift will certainly surprise and delight him. 

    43. 6 Vintage Etched Lowball Glasses

    These 6 Vintage Etched Lowball Glasses are a unique size. It can hold up to 5 ounces to the rim, much like a shot glass, but holds much more. It can be used for tequila, whiskey or for measuring liquor for cocktails. Each glass has etched flowers and leaves that circle the glass. It's one gift he is sure to remember you by. 

    42. Honey Bee Whiskey Glasses

    Sit back and enjoy a drink in this Honey Bee Whiskey Glass. These rocks glasses are screen printed with a detailed illustration. Screen printed on an 11 oz (rocks glass). It is made from premium quality glassware, 100% LEAD-FREE. This glass is suitable for any number of cocktail classics. It looks especially classy with an old-fashioned whiskey , scotch, or full-bodied bourbon. 

    41. Spinning Whiskey Glass


    Let his world take a spin with this Spinning Whiskey Glass. This is a Japan style design, where he can find the elements of simple and relax in a small but fabulous liquor glass. The curve base design and the spinning features can let him drink with fun while the design also gives an attractive visual effect to his table.

    40. Whiskey Round Glasses

    These Whiskey Round Glasses are unique cocktail glasses for his home bar.Let him relax and have fun with friends with this glass adorning his man cave. It's one gift he will always treasure and one he will always remember you by. 

    39. Japanese Style Handmade Whiskey Glasses

    It's handmade, elegant and unique. These Japanese Style Handmade Whiskey Glasses can be used as whiskey, water, or cocktail glass. It can hold up to 10 ounces if his favorite drink. It's one gift he will surely use for a long time along with his favorite drinking buddies. 

    38. Hand Blown Double Walled Whiskey Glass

    It's has a unique double-walled glass design. This Hand Blown Double Walled Whiskey Glass comes with heat insulation effect that prevents hot drinks from burning fingers and keeps cold beverages' temperature. Most importantly, double-layer glasses are better to use than regular single-layer glasses. This TKS glass can hold up to 8.4oz/250ML. The capacity is very suitable for whiskey, hot coffee, hot tea, latte, espresso, and even hot and cold drinks.

    37. Personalized Whiskey Glasses with Monogram 

    Time to just relax and take a break. These Good Whiskey Hunting glasses are perfect for a night with his drinking buddies. This quartet of personalized whiskey glasses is just the thing to take him back to his college days. It comes in a set of 4 personalized 9.75 oz. contemporary whiskey glasses, shaped to the lips for the perfect sip. It can also be custom engraved with initials on each glass.  

    36. Straight Outta Quarantine Whiskey Glass

    It's what everybody wants. Let him express that desire with these Straight Outta Quarantine Whiskey Glass. This 13 oz Double Old Fashion glass makes a wonderful gift for anyone who appreciates top quality products. The glasses include a wonderful collection of popular art. This one is shipped in a white gift box ready to be handed to your man. 

    35. Unique Cigar Smokers Whiskey Glass


    Let him hold everything he needs for the perfect night in one hand. This is what the cigar whiskey glass with will allow him to do. It can hold any stogie with up to 48 gauge and snugly fit into the high quality and stunning whiskey glass. This is one unique gift that your cigar & whiskey lover will appreciate. 


    34. Funny Custom Whiskey Glass

    These custom whiskey glasses are perfect gifts for your whiskey lover. What's better than enjoying a glass of whiskey and a nice cigar? How about enjoying your glass of whiskey with your or your guys face etched right into your whiskey glass. These custom whiskey glasses are the perfect way to put a smile on any guys face. Just send them your favorite pic of your guy or you and your guy and they will take care of the rest, making it one of the best whiskey accessories you can find your guy.

    33. Diamond Whiskey Glass

    diamond whiskey glass

    It will definitely enhance his drinking experience. This Diamond Whiskey Glass is inspired by diamonds. The unique shape allows your drink to aerate as it is poured and swirled inside the glass. Perfect for whiskey, bourbon, scotch, wine and more. It is beautifully positioned at an anti-rocking, spill-proof, 50-degree tilted angle for a unique drinking experience.

    32. Creative Geometric Whiskey Crystal Glass

    It's a beautiful whiskey glass. Even those who prefer old fashioned whiskey glasses will love this Creative Geometric Whiskey Crystal Glass. It will definitely end up as one of his favorites in his whiskey glass collection.  

    31. Baseball Whiskey Glass

    It has a unique baseball design. This baseball whiskey glass has a  heavy bottom and rounded design with stitches and angles inspired by a baseball for a unique viewing experience. It can contain up to 10oz of his favorite drink and has room enough to fit a large 2.25-inch ice cube and yet still ergonomically fit in the palm of his hand. 

    30. Forest Whiskey Glass - Set of 2

    With an illustration of Forest tree Landscape wrapped around it, these Forest Whiskey Glass - Set of 2 is perfect for your whiskey lover friend. It comes with an ink that is safe and permanent and will not fade away. A gift you can be sure he will use for a long time. 

    29. Glass Cigar Holder

    glass cigar holder

    This awesome whiskey glass set has 2 glass cigar holders placed on the side of the glass. It’s a gift that will surely be treasured by your cigar aficionado friends! It has a cigar rest specially designed to keep and hold cigars from falling and slipping. Practical, functional and simply smart.  

    28. Transparent Crystal Whiskey Glass

    Stunning old fashioned crystal glasses are his favorites. This Transparent Crystal Whiskey Glass makes your drink cooler than your average whiskey glasses. It is cleverly designed for those who love a touch of luxury. These glasses are perfect for bourbon or whiskey, drink on the rocks or neat if you prefer. 

    27. Grand Canyon Whiskey Glass

     This Grand Canyon Whiskey Glass is unlike any other whiskey glass currently on the market. It features a unique mountain range design running along the side of the glasses. The mountainside rocks and stone design gently aerates the whiskey by mixing it with air. Swirling around your drink creates a truly enjoyable whiskey tasting experience. 

    26. Greenline Goods Whiskey Glass

    It's a sand etched whiskey tumbler. Each Greenline Goods Whiskey Glass is etched by a skilled artisan and features a hand drawn street grid with map coordinates. Glass sets are carefully packed in an elegant gift box and chosen to make a lasting impression. 

    25. Godinger Dublin Double Old Fashioned Glasses

    This Godinger Dublin Double Old Fashioned Glasses are crafted with quality crystal material. It can hold up to 8 ounces of his favorite drink and comes in a set of 4. Coordinating sizes and styles are also available. 

    24. Whiskey Low Ball Rock Glass

    low ball whiskey glass

    It has a rainbow mix. This Whiskey Low Ball Rock Glass has a beautiful clear band wrapped around the middle. It's one unique stemless wine glass. It's made free hand, without the use of a mold. An amazing gift indeed! 

    23. Glencairn Crystal Whiskey Glasses

    This Glencairn Crystal Whiskey Glasses are made of non-leaded crystal and is hailed as "The Official Whiskey Glass. " It features a tapering mouth which allows ease of drinking. It also has a wide bowl for the fullest appreciation of color. The solid base is also designed to be easy on the hand. 

    22. Riedel Fire Whisky Set

    This Riedel Fire Whisky Set is perfect for complimenting any table setting, from elegant to casual. Fire is distinguished by its dynamic, flame-like decoration, designed by Georg Riedel. These elegant whiskey glasses have a tactile element that makes holding the glasses a pleasure. 

    21. Personalized Whiskey Glasses

    Give him this Personalized Whiskey Glasses that can carry up to 5 ounces of his favorite drink. It has a distinct silver rim hearkening back to 1960s design. These glasses lend an executive style and boldness to drinking. the Borosilicate glass will keep your drink insulated for a lasting flavor. 

    20. Gootus Whiskey Glasses Set of 2

     It's hand-blown from special lead-free Borosilicate glass. These Gootus Whiskey Glasses Set of 2 are lightweight, double-walled and has a unique Rhombic design. The concave rounded rim is  formed to fit the lower lip of the mouth elegantly. It's size and shape are perfected to accommodate a 35ml pour whilst allowing for the addition of water; keeping an optimum amount of liquid in contact with air to allow the aromas to develop.

    19. Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass Set of 2

    This Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass Set of 2 are made from a flexible, lead-free, BPA-free, high purity crystal clear odorless glass, which reflects a whiskey's color and projects its aromatics much like expensive crystal. They are high class and sparkle beautifully in the light. It's the perfect gift for the whiskey aficionado. 

    18. Twist Whiskey Glasses

    These Twist Whiskey Glasses will allow him to treat himself a little better at the end of each day. Packed in an elegant satin-lined padded presentation box, these AMERIGO twisted glasses make a perfect gift for him. The "Lucifer" design is fantastic and modern, elegant and gorgeous. The twisted design makes it even more special.

    17. Heat-resistant Engraved Whiskey Glass

    It's a beautiful whiskey glass. This Heat-resistant Engraved Whiskey Glass is made from crystal glass with dimensions at caliber 6.8 cm and a height of 10 cm. It can carry up to 380 ml of his favorite drink. 

    16. Kollea Whiskey Glasses

    This whiskey gift is an excellent find for one who enjoys quality time while having a perfectly chilled drink. The Kollea Whiskey Glasses comes with an exclusive patented wedge-shaped ice tray that increases the contact surface with whiskey keeping it cooler for a longer time. The ultra-slow melting wedge ice cube will not dilute his whiskey, preserving the taste and the strength of your favorite Scotch, Irish Whiskey or Bourbon. 


    15. Perfect Round Glasses

    The golf ball-inspired design of this Golf Whiskey Glass is designed heavy at the bottom and rounded dimpled. The design gives your favorite drink a dramatic presentation. It can contain up to 10 ounces of his favorite alcoholic drink and comes ready to be handed to your friend or loved one.   

    14. Square Whiskey Glasses

    Enjoy your favorite spirit with these square conversation starter whiskey glasses. This set with its heavy set square bases will feel right at home in any hand. These glasses are dishwasher safe and have a capacity of 10 ounces. Included is a beautiful gift box making this a perfect gift for any whiskey lover in your life.

    13. Poker Pack

    What goes together better than whiskey and poker.....nothing!  This gorgeous poker set  includes a whiskey glass, whiskey stones, a set of premium playing cards, and mini tongs. He will be proudly showing this set off for years to come. Only other thing your guy needs for perfect night is luck!

    12. Unique Whiskey Glasses

    When you are looking for that unique gift for your whiskey lover these glasses are just that. These leaning and tilting whiskey glasses give his favorite spirit a dramatic presentation while being completely stable. Laser etched with a map of the world these lead free glasses are hand blown and would make for a great gift for any whiskey loving man in your life.

    11. Custom Ethced Whiskey Glass with Monogram

    Unique Ice Rock Wedge with Engraved Whiskey Glass

    Top-notch whiskey consumption emphasizes form and function, without compromising flavor or style. The Whiskey Wedge rocks glass keeps all of these desirable qualities in precise balance. These unique whiskey glasses include a specially made ice form, creating a wedge-shaped slab of ice that rests perfectly in the glass. This slab of ice melts much more slowly than traditional small cubes, meaning he can take his time, and leisurely enjoy his favorite spirits without them getting watered down. 

    10. Bullet Stones & Whiskey Glasses

    Firefighter Set w/ Bullet Stones & Whiskey Glasses

    Our firefighter gift is engraved with the name and number of your choice so you can personalize it for your husband, dad, or any firefighter in your life. Each box measures 6.5" x 6.5" x 1.5", comes with 6 bullet stones, tongs, and bag. Bullet stones are 2" long. Each square rocks glass measures 3.75" x 3.5" and holds up to 10 ounces.

    9. Custom Engraved Bourbon Glasses with Last Name Etched

    These classic engraved whiskey glasses will be your guys best gift. Personalized with the name or initial of your choice  these custom whiskey glasses will be displayed proudly for years to come. Would make a great gift for any whiskey lover in your life.

    8. Stainless Steel Whiskey Glasses

    These Stainless Steel Whiskey Glasses features Snüte double-walled design that won’t sweat so his hands will stay warm and dry. It comes with insulated stainless-steel glasses that keep his whiskey at just the right temperature. It's sleek and modern design is classy and appropriate for formal entertaining while also being versatile. Crafted from high-quality, food-grade stainless steel, this whiskey gift is shatter-proof and rust-resistant making it ideal for hiking, fishing, camping, boating, and other outdoor activities. 

    7. Whiskey Glass with Cigar Holder

    Practically let him hold everything in his hand. This is what the classic whiskey glass with a cigar holder will allow him to do. It can hold any stogie with up to 48 gauge and snugly fit into the high quality liquor glass. This is one unique gift that your cigar lover will appreciate. 

    6. Custom Whiskey Glasses With Last Name and Initial Etched

    Practically let him hold everything in his hand. This is what the Personalized Bulletproof Whiskey Glasses will allow him to do. This whiskey glass can hold up to 8 ounces of his favorite drink. This is one unique gift that can be easily personalized with his monogram. 

    5. Whiskey Nosing Glass

    Just the way he likes it, this Whiskey Nosing Glass is the perfect company for his favorite scotch, whiskey or bourbon. The NOS'R features BevGuard technology to prevent dilution while ensuring he never misses a note. It has 20x better temperature retention than a normal glass bringing his favorite whiskey to the next level. It is made from high quality, food-grade stainless steel that's shatter-proof and rust-resistant, so it's effortless to bring it along during his camping trips or beach vacations.   

    4. Fashionable Four 

    These glasses, also called snifters are designed for one thing alone: drinking whiskey like a pro. Repeat after me, "swirl, sniff, then sip." Each glass, in the set of four, is 3 1/2 inches x 3 2/3 inches with a 2" mouth and holds about 9.75 ozs. Each glass can be personally engraved with a single initial. 

    3. Personalized Whiskey Glass Set

    Whiskey Lovers dream, crack open this man case to find great snacks and a fully engraved decanter. This perfect gift set comes with ice ball makers, whiskey low ball glass, engraver your own decanter and bar snacks. While the monogrammed decanter looks super classy when flanked by its matching pair of personalized rocks tumblers, whiskey should be appraised by taste as well as presentation. 

    2. Whiskey Glass Gift Set

    Whiskey Glass Set

    No, he won’t have to deal with melting ice cubes and having his drink diluted. These high-quality steel whiskey stones will keep his drink cold so he can enjoy it in its full flavor. These beautifully designed whiskey glasses will be sure to impress your whiskey guy.

    1. Ultimate Personalized Whiskey Glass Set

    The Ultimate Man Pack is a perfectly presented personalized whiskey glass, slate coaster, and whiskey stones gift set.  The best part of it all, you can engrave it all.  So even if that zombie happens to break in, your man will go out in the drinking style.  It's a groomsmen gift that will last a lifetime.  

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