Trap Door

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Are you looking for a gift that your friends will get and proudly use (rather than throw it in a closet somewhere)? The Trap Door is the perfect gift for your groomsmen that like to travel. Unlike other travel kits, this gift has a trap down at the bottom where you can neatly put your razors, clippers and other groomsmen grooming needs. There is no need to worry about losing a finger to a razor with this bag. Everything can be stored nicely below while the toothbrush and other larger items can safely be stored in the overhead compartment.

Your groomsmen will use this stylish bag any time they travel, although it might get a little weird when you all show up to a hotel sporting the same bag. With the purchase of the awesome toiletry bag, you will be given an A+ for your groomsmen gift giving! Don’t let your guys use the same old plastic bag to carry your toiletries, get your friends The Trap Door Toiletry Case.


  1. Zippered main compartment, extra bottom storage,
  2. L: Bag: 10.5". Bottom Compartment: 10.5". Side Handles: 5.75"
  3. W: Bag: 5.25". Bottom Compartment: 5.25". Side Handles: .125"
  4. H: Bag: 5.25". Bottom Compartment: 5.25". Side Handles: .125"


The Trap Door Toiletry Case can be personalized with a single initial or three block initials (max 3 characters).