Putter Throwing Champ Ball Marker

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Have you ever thrown your putter further than you've driven? Embrace your inner Putter Throwing Champ with our ball marker that adds a touch of humor to the greens!

Why Our Putter Throwing Champ - Ball Marker? 🏌️‍♂️

🪁 Vent Some Steam: Sometimes, a bit of putter tossing can be therapeutic. This marker celebrates those moments when you let off some steam.

🚀 Longer Than Your Drive: It's all in good fun, poking humor at those drives that may not be quite as long as your short game frustrations.

🎯 Marking Territory: Golfers have their unique ways to mark their territory. This marker ensures you do it in style and with a chuckle.

🏆 Premium Quality: Crafted from heavy metal with iron/nickel plating, our ball markers are built to last, unlike some putters after a bad hole.

If your putter has experienced flight, it's time to celebrate those memorable moments. Grab the Putter Throwing Champ - Ball Marker and let your fellow golfers share a laugh on the course! 

Trusted Quality

Trusted Quality

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