Bottle Ganger

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Give your groomsman a glass that will make his next pour perfect with a pilsner personalized with one of the coolest people in his life, himself.  Nothing says throwing back the right way more than a glass adorned with the mug of the man himself, piercing his lips with his own mirror image.  The Bottle Ganger is a vessel that brings uniquely to the glass arsenal of your groomsman, one that will never be confused with any other.  If you want to treat your groomsman to a glass with real class, and real personalization, then the Bottle Ganger will not disappoint. 

The Bottle Ganger is a hand-painted caricature on a Pilsner glass.  The glasses are highly durable and hold 23 ounces.  We'll just need a picture of your men after your order as well as any additional details, such as including a body or anything you'd like written on the mug.

Now onto the details. The price gets you 1 glass with a caricature of your groomsmen's face painted on it. You can also have text written on the front or the back of the glass. After you place your order a customer service representative will be in touch with you to get the specifics of your order. The customer service representative will ask for pictures of all the people you want drawn on the glasses, which you can email back to the email address that we provide you. 

The standard turn around time for the Bottle Ganger is 3 weeks. Because we are really busy with Bottle Ganger orders, there is a minimum order requirement of at least 4 Bottle Ganger. We cannot currently accept orders for less than 4 Bottle Ganger's.

NOTE:  All artwork is done by hand, so very authentic and our artists are fantastic. That said, please do not expect perfection on all elements as would be done by a machine. This is art.