Molten Steel

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In this day and age of men moving away from the Bud Light cans to the craft brew bottles, a groomsman needs to be armed with the suitable machinery to match. As craft brews go, it's not the standard convenience store bottle opener that pairs with these fine IPA's and micro-brews. To enjoy the full experience, it starts with popping the cap in style. As with all finer things, the art itself is in every step of the process. While the beer may technically be the same beer, the ambiance set on your pallet with the elegance of these great openers will set the stage properly. If you have a gent in your group who appreciates the finer aspects of beer, give him a tool that will make every beer endeavor maximized with manliness. 

Made from recycled metal and hand forged when ordered. Yours will have a similar but unique look to it and everyone will vary slightly from the original you see pictured below, making yours truly one of a kind. The Hand Forged Bottle Openers are all waxed to prevent rusting, though never a guarantee, it's always best to dry if it is to get wet. 

You can personalize the Hand Forged Bottle Opener with up to 15 characters.  

Please Note: These are hand-forged bottle openers they can not be rushed 5 days, they can only be rushed 6-8 day shipping.